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21. Flare Sleeve Mini Ankara Gown

Image: @chiloxfashion// Instagram

This is another off-shoulder flare goodness, just in case you are looking for a thanksgiving look to the church, this is your go-to gown and don’t also forget to put on your shade of happiness.

22. Spaghetti Strap Short Gown

Image: @jb_women_// Instagram

This is yet another classy thanksgiving look, super stylish, and elegant enough to fit in for any other beautiful occasion.

23. Ruffled Sleeve Jacket Gown With Belt

Image: @distinct_sew_9ja-// Instagram

I got to give it to this to style, this is class at its peak. This style gives you that bossy chic look that every lady will love to have.

24. Long Sleeve Penciled Gown

Image: ankarastyles4-// Instagram

This simple but stylish outfit is a must-have for every lady.

25. Ankara Kimono Short Gown

Image: asoebiguru// Instagram

This simple Ankara kimono gown can be switched up stylishly with a pair of sneakers and a crossbody bag to bring out the chic part of the outfit.

26. Offshoulder Onesided Layers Gown

Image: @naijasdailyfashion_// Instagram

Style is definitely more than what we wear but also the accessories we march it with matters a lot. This outfit can be anything you want it to be depending on how you style it.

27. Long Puffsleeve Pencil Wrap Gown

Image: @feddy_fashion_stores// Instagram

Show up looking elegantly beautiful in this simple stylish wrap gown.

28. Bell Sleeve Joined Kimono with A-line Ankara Gown

Image: @hifedesigns_// Instagram

This a very adorable and beautiful style.

29. Simple A-line Gown

Image: @feddy_fashion_stores// Instagram

Simple classy and also very elegant.

30. Mini A-line Flare Sleeve Gown

Image: @alphyz_stitches-// Instagram

This is yet another mini shade of awesomeness.

31. Three-Step Sleeve Mini Gown

Image: @voj_couture_// Instagram

I love the fact that this Ankara is a bit simple but the sleeve gave it some fitness and also the way she styled it with her heels added some class to it.

32. One-sided Offshoulder Flare Gown with Belt

Image: @chiloxfashion_// Instagram

This is another thanksgiving worthy look, very simple classy and churchy.

33. Simple Three-Step Flare Gown

Image: @wumsy_clothingsnapparel// Instagram

Who says looking simple is not fashionable enough, you can look simple and still slay in this mini three layers gown , it is just the right amount of dose you need to slay.

34. Shoulder cut Mini Ball Gown

Ankara short gown styles

Look simple and hot at the same time in this mini flare goodness.

35. Bishopneck Shouldercut A-line Gown

Image: @relle_collections// Instagram

Beautiful shade of a simple elegant A-line gown.

36. Offshoulder Smoked Penciled Gown


Simple off-shoulder goodness for a beautiful wedding outing.

37. Casual Ankara Mini Gown

Ankara styles

This is how you step out looking casual and chic all at the same time.

38. Shoulder Cut Tiny Strap Short Gown

Coolbs Dresses

I love the beautiful stylish cut at the edge of this dress it’s just simply amazing.

39. Raglan Sleeve Penciled Pleated Edges


Short Ankara gown styles are going places I hope we are ready for it because we haven’t seen anything yet. The ever-gorgeous Adunni Ade sure knows how to give us hot in Ankara styles.

40. Mini Wrap Puffsleeve Ankara Gown


I love the fact that it is a wrap gown with a puff sleeve it is not very common because we feel it is too simple but this nothing less than beautiful.

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