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Constipated? 11 Best Remedies (Foods) For Constipation

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Constipation is a common problem that affects approximately 20 percent of the world’s population (1).

It is mostly caused by a decrease in the movement of food through the digestive system.

Consumption of a low-fiber food, old age, and physical inactivity are major causes of constipation.

However, there are some natural home remedies but incorporating a few regularity-boosting foods into your diet can be safe and effective alternative.

Keep reading as we share 11 best remedies to fight against constipation 🙂

1. Pears

They are a number of ways that pears can help alleviate constipation.

Being a fiber-rich fruit, it can help you reduce this problem (2).

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11 Best Remedies (Foods) For Constipation

Also, being rich in sorbitol, a sugar alcohol that acts as an osmotic agent to draw water into the intestine and stimulate bowel movement (3).

What’s more, pear contains fructose, a type of fruit sugar that can only be absorbed in limited amounts.

This is partly due to the way in which fructose is metabolized in your body. The liver metabolizes a large amount of fructose but at a more slower rate (4).

However, some people may have fructose malabsorption, a condition that affects the body’s ability to absorb fructose.

Just like sorbitol, unabsorbed fructose also acts as a natural laxative by drawing water into the intestines (4).

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