13 Best Waffle Iron For Making Amazing Waffles in 2019

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We don’t think waffle making can be a complete success without the right waffle iron to make it, choosing the right waffle iron can be a little bit tacky, the reason is that some waffle iron out there do not come with the right temperature setting and you either get burnt waffle or undercooked waffle when you use it. So trust us to do some research and bring you the best waffle iron in 2019.

These are waffle irons that will not only make your waffles look good but you can be rest assured they are easy to use, some of those waffle iron mentioned below might come with a price that is not on your budget but still affordable and worth it. You can even make other foods like brownies, bacon, pizza, and even cinnamon roll.

Time to make your waffles look even more fantastic and tasty but before you do that you might want to know why these waffle irons are the best to buy.

What To Consider Before Buying A Waffle Iron

Firstly waffles would not be waffles without a waffle iron. If you are planning to buy a waffle iron you need to be extra careful and if you are buying for the first time then they are many questions you need answers to before making that big leap because whether you like it or not the kind of waffle iron you buy will determine the kind of waffles you will produce.

You can take a deep breathe and relax as we have those mind bugging questions covered.

Should I Buy  An Electric Waffle Iron Or Go With The Old Fashioned One?

You might be surprised why we are comparing, after all, it’s 2019 and you want to be modernized with your waffles, that is absolutely understandable.

We found out a lot of people are going for the old fashion waffle iron because they believe they do not make waffles stick out and mess things up and also importantly they believe old fashion waffle iron does not have harmful and sticky surfaces, these might be true but these old fashioned waffle irons are not safe and burn waffles fast due to not having the right temperature setting.

It is advisable to go with the electric ones as it is easy to use, can be used to produce any texture of waffles you want, comes with instructions that are clear, some of the electric waffle irons also come with a handle so you do not have to get your hands burnt from lifting the waffle iron when hot. It is also the most popular and convenient type of waffle iron to use.

What Type Of Waffles Do You Like Or Make Often?

You might need to answer this question before buying your waffle iron. How is the question related to buying waffle iron? This is because one waffle iron can’t have all the features of waffles, which mean if you like your waffle thin and fat then you might go for a classic waffle iron and if you like it fluffy and deep enough to hold toppings then you might be in for a Belgian style waffle iron.

Waffle Iron Temperature Settings

As stated earlier and very very important to note, you should buy a waffle iron you can control the temperature, you need a waffle iron will the right temperature to avoid getting the wrong degree of waffle texture.

A higher temperature will produce a lighter and crispier waffle but a low one will give you a soft waffle but you can go with a waffle iron that comes with various temperature setting so you have different options.

Waffle Iron Indicator Lights

If you are new to waffles or do not know how long they take to cook then the indicator light will be really helpful, the new electric model comes with two indicator lights, one that tells you when the appliance has heated up enough and the other tells you when the waffles are done.

The right waffle maker will keep you from standing around it or checking on it every second to ensure it is cooked properly.

These are questions that are valid and deserves to be well reviewed, now that those have been sorted, then you can take the bold step in buying the waffle iron you need for your waffles and here are the best waffle iron in 2019 from Amazon, you can select from.

13 Best Waffle Iron In 2019 From Amazon

These waffle iron from Amazon are highly reviewed and has all the qualities you need your waffle iron to have.

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1. Hamilton Beach Waffle Iron

Hamilton Beach Removable Grid Belgian Waffle Maker

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Hamilton beach is a very versatile and easy to use waffle iron, you can be sure your waffles will turn out just the way you want them but Hamilton beach waffle iron is in a square shape so it means puffy square waffles, very simple to use and easy to clean. You can enjoy your weekend waffles with no worries of a mess as it is portable and you are getting two waffles that are soft and crunchy at ones.

2. Cuisinart Belgian Waffle Iron

Cuisinart 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker

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Cuisinart Belgian waffle iron is perfect if you are not planning to make just waffles with it but other meal like brownies, bacon or pizza with it. Convenient to use as well and in just minutes you will be enjoying a wonderful crispy waffle. Recommended if you are a beginner in the use of waffle maker.

3. Secura GR Waffle Iron

Secura Upgrade Automatic 360 Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker

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You can create an amazing deep pocket waffle with Secura waffle iron and it does not end there, it is an automatic 360 Belgian waffle maker as well, your waffles come out crispy and soft on the outside but fluffy on the inside. Easy to clean and also dishwasher permitted.

4. Marvel Avengers Waffle Iron

Avengers Waffle Maker

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Marvel Avengers waffle iron not only come in your favorite movie theme but very fast waffle maker and also easy to use comes with an instructions manual that is easy to understand and also a nonsticky waffle plate to ensure your waffles do not merge and become messy. Comes with light indicator and an easy to use cord wrap.

5. Cuisinart WAF Double Belgian Waffle Iron

Double Belgian Waffle Maker

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This is a double Cuisinart and whatever the Cuisinart Belgian waffle iron have, then you know this has double of it and very easy to operate, all the instructions are written clearly, you also get a double nonsticky plate to make your waffle making even more enjoyable.

6. Presto Ceramic Belgian Waffle Iron

Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

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Presto ceramic is the best to go for if you are planning to serve family and friends, comes in 7-inch diameter with four easy to cut sections. You are getting round waffle if you plan to use it but very convenient and easy to use. Has a digital countdown timer.

8. Black+Decker Waffle Maker

Belgian Waffle iron

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This looks beautiful but the look is not all there is to it, it provides a crisp and fluffy waffle and the control levels are easy to understand as well. Has an extended handle that makes it easy to open and not get your hand burnt while it is hot, waffle slides out easily due to the nonsticky plate in it.

9. Krups Belgian Waffle Maker

Belgian Waffle Maker, Waffle Maker

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Krups Belgian waffle can be trusted to give you a beautiful light and fluffy waffle on the inside and crispy on the outside. Comes with 5 adjustable brownie levels and a convenient handle for carrying.

10. Dash No Mess Waffle Iron

DASH No Mess Belgian Waffle Maker

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Everyone wants a waffle maker that gives you no cleaning stress at all and the Dash no mess waffle iron provides that, there is no single split while making your waffle and even the waffle plates remain spotless after making your waffle. Very easy and simple to use.

11. Heart Waffle Maker

Heart Waffle Maker

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You get heart-shaped waffle just like the name has stated, also easy to use as every other electrical waffle iron, can even stand upright to enable easy storage. Considered as the best mother’s day gift due to its heart-shaped waffle and also because it meets all the requirement of a modern-day waffle maker. Has six adjustable brownies control.

12. Euro Cuisine Waffle Maker

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This is one of the best easy to store waffle iron, you can easily fit it into your kitchen cupboard, nonsticky place and eco-friendly. Euro cuisine waffle maker comes with a setting that lets you control the setting and get the exact waffle you want in terms of size and texture.

13. Belgian Waffle Maker

Belgian Waffle Maker

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The perfect Belgian waffle for making true and original waffles even comes with a light indicator that says baking and another when it is done, easy to use and store in your cupboard when not in use. You get round thick Belgian waffle with this waffle maker in just 3 minutes, perfect time waffle right? Very easy to clean and also the temperature setting is simple to operate.


We are sure you enjoyed shopping for those waffles iron and we are counting on how much you will enjoy making waffles with them as well, you can check out these wonderful toppings to even make it more delicious and yummy.

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