15 Best Waffle Mix For When You Need A Quick Waffle Fix

belgian waffles using the best waffle mix

Ever wondered if there are ways you can make your waffles faster and with lesser risks of ruining it in terms of mixing too much or fewer ingredients and what not?

A waffle mix might be your answer and this post is all you need to identify the best waffle mix on the planet.

Mixing waffle ingredients from the scratch might be a little stressful and getting the right quantity to use can be frustrating as well. There are also possibilities that the waffles might turn out too sweet, not sweet enough or even worst not well mixed.

One of the importance of making waffles is the mixing as it has to be the right measure of quality ingredients, sweetness, and texture to turn out well.

Waffles are just too versatile and fragile and require maximum care when making so we think if you are planning to make those perfectly well-mixed waffles then you should try using a waffle mix and you can relax as we have compiled the best waffle mix to help you fix a quick and easy waffle.

On a scale of 1-10, these mixers are getting 9, they not only get the work done on time but saves you from getting your hands messed up with the waffle ingredient mixture.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Waffle Mix?

Here are more detailed reasons why you should use a waffle mix for your waffles.

  • To get the work done on time, you do not want to spend the whole day making those waffles as you can get tired during the process, you can end spending hours trying to get the right quantity and also wondering which ingredient you prefer.
  • Waffle mix comes with a natural smoothness, sweetness, and texture all the ingredients to make that possible is already in it. Just pour it  in a bowl, add water, batter, and pour into your waffle iron
  • Very convenient contains calcium and iron which are beneficial to the body.
  • Good for you if you have a budget, as buying the ingredients one after the other might cause you more money but with waffle mix, you can be sure all cost have been incurred and you will still maintain a budget.

Making the best waffles can be intimidating and we bet if you are having guests, who have come to taste and attest to the making of your delicious waffles then you want the best waffle’s to be made. Now you are aware of why you need a waffle mix so the more fun part is choosing the right waffle mix that your waffles deserve to have.

15 Best Waffle Mix to Buy On Amazon

Here are 15 amazing, and healthy waffle mix, that we have compiled from Amazon, that not only give you a fast waffle but will give you the exact taste you want. You can be rest assured Amazon offers the best in quantity and quality, we also go further by picking out the best for you.

1. Lodi Unbaked Belgian Waffle Mix

Lodi Unbaked, Gluten Free, High Protein Belgian Waffle Mix

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Belgian waffles are termed almost perfect and to get an almost perfect waffle, you should use this almost perfect Lodi unbaked, it is high in protein as well, so you are getting more healthiness from it. It is all natural ingredients and gluten-free as well, high in fiber, cholesterol free and an amazing taste. Will surely serve as a delightful family and friends breakfast or dessert.

2. Maple Grove Farms All Natural Belgian Waffle Mix

Maple Grove Farms All Natural Belgian Waffle Mix

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We have already recognized how good Belgian waffles so we are sure no need for introductions, all natural and gluten-free as well, very crispy and easy to make. You need very little water and oil to get it done has an amazing taste as well. Simple to use and not messy as it easily thickens to give you the texture you want.

3. Premium Falafel Waffle Mix

premium waffle mix

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Probably called premium because of its high-quality taste, waffle simple to make and also like the maple grove waffle mix, it requires a small amount of water and absorbs a small amount of oil. It is made of dehydrated vegetables and well suited for vegetarians, has an amazing aroma as well and you might not just be able to get enough of it.

4. Krusteaz, Light And Crispy Belgian Waffle Mix

Light & Crispy Belgian Waffle Mix

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From the name mentioned above, then you can be sure this is going to be a fantasy waffle, light and crispy and absolutely delicious. The krusteaz Belgian waffle is all natural and nice aroma as well, contains little quantity of sugar, also recommended if you want to make traditional waffles.

5. Farmer Brothers Waffle Mix

Farmer Brothers Waffle Mix

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Farmer brothers waffle mix has zero cholesterol and if you like your waffles big and fluffy then you should go for farmer brothers waffle mix. This waffle mix is also used by some restaurant as is quality and comes out big and smooth as well.

6. Aunt Jemima Complete Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix

Aunt Jemima Complete Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix

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One of the most recommended waffle mix apart from the Belgian waffle mix is Aunt Jemima’s best waffle mix, if you like quantity, quality and superb taste, this is the best option.  You can use Aunt Jemima for your pancakes as well and it will turn out just as nice too. Has a unique buttermilk taste, low fat and a good source of calcium and iron. All you need to water and little oil to cook and enjoy.

7. Bob’s Red Mill Pancake & Waffle Mix

Bob's Red Mill Pancake & Waffle Mix

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Bob’s Red mill pancake and waffle mix is a good source of fiber, source of protein and low cholesterol. You do get to use it for just those waffles but pancake, simple to make and also used by a lot of restaurants, well know for its quality and also like every other waffle mix, it requires little water.

8. Golden Barrel Waffle Mix

Golden Barrel Pancake & Waffle Mix

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Golden barrel waffle mix is called old fashion because of the mixture but it still makes a very delicious and fluffy waffle, makes a good pancake as well and more interestingly it comes out crispier and firmer with some added dairy milk or coconut milk.

9. Classique Belgian Waffle

Classique Belgian Waffle Mix

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Note that Belgian waffles are not just popular but also very different and unique as well. Classique Belgian waffle like all Belgian waffles is natural, easy to make and fantastic taste as well, comes with a complete mix and you do not need to add anything to it except if you want more sugar in it. Classique Belgian waffle has pure vanilla, healthy pecans and walnut added to it.

10. Homestead Gristmill Waffle Mix

Non-GMO Pecan Waffle Mix

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Contains healthy pecan and serves as the best family breakfast waffle, simple to make as all other waffles, comes with a special homestead recipe which comes with nutritional grains which were grown with any form of chemicals or peroxides.

11. Kentucky Kernel Malted Waffle Mix

Malted Waffle Mix

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Have you tried waffles with malt taste? If not then we say you are missing out, you should give Kentucky kernel a go as you might just find the perfect taste in those malted waffles. Made from real malted milk powder and has a fabulous aroma and also served in lots of soul food restaurants.

12. Francine Waffle Mix

Francine Waffle Mix

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Simple yet you are going to love its highly sophisticated taste, a French waffle recipe you should try to confirm its taste and also comes out soft and smooth. Natural and 1 bag gives you 10 waffles in all so you can store the batches to be eaten later.

13. Sondey Waffle Mix

Sondey waffle mix

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Here is one German waffle mix you should definitely try, not for just its taste but very good to the body and contains very little sugar except you want to add more yourself, easy to make and does not take strength or time to mix the mold, fluffy and smooth but firm.

14. Bruce’s Sweet Potatoe Waffle And Pancake Mix

Bruce's Sweet Potato Pancake & Waffle Mix

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The addition of sweet potato in your waffle mix might not be such a bad idea or taste at all, you just have to buy it and taste it as the taste cannot be explained. Delicious? Yes and some added beautiful taste you will surely love and might even decide to have waffles as lunch and dinner.

15. Super Lean Waffle And Pancake Mix Keto Friendly

Super Lean Waffle & Pancake Mix Keto Friendly

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This waffle and pancake mix is keto friendly and not just that but also free sugar-free, low in cholesterol as well, you should know you will be eating a keto friendly waffle that enhances your health and also gives you a nice taste as well. The main benefit of this Super lean waffle and pancake mix is, it is high in protein and also you do not have to worry about gaining pounds with these waffles.

What Should You Look For In A Waffle Mix?

Am sure you already agree with us that waffle mix not just makes waffle making easy but can also make waffles more enjoyable but if you are buying those waffle mix then you should take note of some these things mentioned below so you are sure you got the right one you want.

  • Check the ingredients contained in it, before buying, this is actually very vital as not all waffle mix comes with all the right ingredients, for instance, a low carb waffle mix might not contain sugar and you want sugar in your waffle.
  • Another vital thing to check is the quality, you can go online to check the reviews on it as you do not want to purchase waffles that have a weird taste.
  • You should also check its durability, you might want to make batches of waffles to store later, make sure the waffle mixer you buy can last a while.
  • Look for healthier and low calories ones.

These are all waffle mixes that are healthy and also offers a delicious taste as well, each of the waffles has it’s own taste and recipe and they might come out in different sizes as some waffle mix swell and some do not but you can be sure they are all wonderful quantity and all you need is to choose the one that fits your budget and taste as well.

Without doubts, waffles are irresistible, everyone has a different preference in taste when it comes to waffles and we will like to know you like your waffles and also the toppings you love with them.

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