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Beginning of a new week means fresh new look from your favorite celebrities via #CelebsThatRock and trust us to always bring those looks we find noteworthy to you, are you wondering what celebrity made the list this week? Check out the previous episode.

Well you should be prepared to be blown with some of this celebrity looks featured for this week, and as always we have celebrities from all over Africa and more interestingly each style and look comes with a beautiful face and amazing shape to strut it.

If you are a fashion enthusiast and can’t help but take a peek at your favourite celebrities to know what look they are putting in trend, then you will surely find a celebrity that rock delivering those beautiful look to you.

15 Outstanding Looks From Last Week

This week, there was an even called La mode, and lots of out celebrities did turn up with interesting styles and we did ensure to gather those outstanding styles for you to take a peg or two from and also inspire your look for the coming week.

1. Nancy.E.Isime


Image: @nancyisimeofficial // Instagram

For a Tv host, Nancy Isime does have impeccable taste in fashion and all of her fans on and off Instagram can’t stop talking about her outstanding and interesting her styles are, we love what she did which does jumpsuit and if you ever need a one-piece outfit that stands out, this might just inspire you.

2. Cynthia Nwadiora


Image: @ceec // Instagram

Ceec is a fascinating fashion enthusiast that you can’t help but find very adorable, her looks are totally rocking it and we might have given her the best dressed for the La mode event but there are still more looks to check out.

3. Toke Makinwa


Image: @tokemakinwa // Instagram

Every week, Toke makinwa has inspired us with her look, she always has something interesting and simple to offer us every week and we can’t help but love everything she has to offer if you ever want a unique bold and daring look then you should definitely check out Toke Makinwa.

4. Sharon Ooja

Image: @sharonooja // Instagram

Stylish and simple is the right word for what our favorite actress Sharon Ooja is rocking and we must admit, she is making such a wave with it.

5. Beverly Osu


Image: @beverly_osu // Instagram

Looking for one of the perfect sundresses to get jaws dropping then you need to take a second look at this superb style above.

6. Bonang Matheba


Image: @bonang_m // Instagram

Bonang matheba is one beautiful fashion mogul who struts her style with pride and confidence, she is bold and beautiful and those looks of her’s are just too adorable to go wrong.

7. Selorm Galley


Image: @selleygalley // Instagram

For a simple style that screams elegant and alluring, Selleygalley is the go top girl, she has got the perfect look to make that style worth it.

8. Mami Gyamfua


Image: @mam i_gyamfua // Instagram

If you are looking for a Ghanian lady who has got the right shape and looks to pull off any style and design then you need to consider the beautiful Mami Gyamfua, sister to Serwaa Ahmihere and just like her sister she has a beautiful face to impress us too.

9. Mercy Aigbe


Image: @mercyaigbe // Instagram

Mercy Aibge Gentry is one of the few Nigerian Actress with style and class, her styles are always a representation of her culture and what’s in trend.

10. Chic Ama


Image: @chicamastyle // Instagram

If you are not following chica Ama on Instagram yet then we implore you to do so, it’s classy, trendy and perfect for setting all kinds of wears into motion.

11. Julitha Kabete


Image: @julitha.kabete // Instagram

One fashion mogul we are always going to be enamored of is Julitha kabete, her styles might look simple but her look is top-notch.

12. Blue Mbombo


Image: @blue_mbombo // Instagram

Now that is a pretty rare design but still elegant enough to have heads turning, thats a design everyone wouldn’t mind to have tucked in their closw

13. Lerato KgamanyaneCelebthatrock

Image: @lerato_kgamanyane // Instagram

Check out the new trend of street style from the stunning fashion blogger, her styles are usually stylish and streetwise and you can’t help but find something to love about it.

14. Tinnah Empire


Image: @tiannahsempire // Instagram

One of the best places to go for all kinds of styles is tiannahsempie, her styles are unique and if you ever need a designer, she also the best to go to and we admit, her styles are lovable.

15. Thuli Phongolo


Image: @thuliphongolo // Instagram

If you are looking for pointers on formal outfits, you really need to look out for Thuli Phongolo. She is the type you could say she struts her styles with confidence and glam.

Every beautiful style requires a beautiful lady to pull off the amazing look and we must say, these celebrities have the right look to make it work, so we are guessing you do have a favorite, do share what style you find outstanding enough with us in the comment box and follow us on Instagram @thrivenaija to get a peek of what celebrity will be gracing our next week celebthatrock post.

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