5 Foods That Are Bad For Your Eyes

Most of us are aware of the foods that are good and healthy for the eyes but are we aware of the ones that are not so good to the eyes? Do we know that some foods that we include in our everyday diet might cause damages to our vision?

Our eyes are known to be very vascular and easily irritated, the vessel that supplies blood to the eyes is so small that any fatty deposits can lead to a blocked vein.

Always keep in mind to maintain a healthy diet, This helps to keep blood vessels healthy because what we consume sometimes affects the effectiveness of our eyesight.

More so when it comes to our eyes, we shouldn’t be careless because the eyes are very well-known as the glory of the body, when the eyes get to malfunction we usually link it to aging, some genetic problems or being inherited from our past generations but what we fail to realize is that what we eat plays a major role in deciding how healthy our eyes get to function.

We did some research and compiled a list the foods that we should do our best to ignore or basically just find a more beneficial substitute for them if we really care about our eye health, the following foods are bad for the eye.

1. Margarine and Vegetable oil

butter, margarine

We know you are saying how do we forgo that, it’s important, they might be an integral part of cooking but not essential so it should be minimized or substituted for red oil and margarine can be replaced with avocado oil, coconut oil or olive oil.

Margarine and vegetable oil undergo a lot of processing when being made thereby manipulating the integrity which gives an unhealthy end result.

They end up having too many fats that can increase your cholesterol level which will easily store as oxides in our body. Oxides, therefore, can cause mutation in cells so for the benefit of your eyes kindly reduce your consumption of these.

2. Processed Foods

Processed which includes red meats, plantain chips, gala, fatty dairy products are high in saturated fats.

These store-bought foods contain a lot of saturated fats which can be harmful to our eyes and health in general.

Because they can cause plaque buildup on the vessels surrounding the eyes and stop the flow of blood in the eyes which can lead to macular degeneration so it’s advisable to cut down your intake of processed foods.

3. Sugar


To most of you, this might come as a surprise because sugar is not a food but it’s important to add it to this list.

Majority of us are lovers of sugar but we are sorry to let you know it is not too good for the eyes.

Take a big cut from your sugar intake and you are your way to a healthy and lasting Vision.

4. Packaged Drinks

The weather we have here might make this sound a little difficult because when it gets hot we usually just get a cold drink to help subsidize it and sometimes it serves as a way to quench hunger before we get to a portion of real food but its no way for good eyesight.

These drinks are trouble to your eyes, avoid or minimize processed drinks and just stick to water or tea.

5. Fried Foods

foods that are bad for your eyes

We have talked about how dangerous oil is for your eyes so you can imagine using those oils to fry, not only does this oil choke the arteries but with time leads to high blood pressure which is dangerous to the eyes as well.

It is instead advisable to boil or cook them but if you can not stay away from fries then just get a deep fryer and reduce frying to a minimum.

6. Carbohydrates

Lastly, let’s think about everything we consume that is white. Foods like pasta, tortillas, rice and white bread have no real nutritional benefit.

They are basically carbohydrates that give us a sugar rush, only to crash later. These foods are mostly processed and bleached they add no value to the eyes rather breaks down the eye macula.

For a clear and healthy vision let us do our best to avoid eating a lot of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and make sure to check out our post on 7 foods that are healthy and helps maintain good eyesight.

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