Lemons are rarely consumed as a stand-alone fruit due to their intense, sour flavor, but they are extremely popular when used in smaller quantities and in combination with herbs and spices.

Scientifically lemon (Citrus limon) belongs to the family of Rutaceae, in the genus, Citrus (which also includes orange, pomelo, tangerine, and grapefruit). It is the smallest among citrus fruits, nevertheless, holds more health benefiting nutrients than other larger citrus family fruits such as oranges, yuzu, pomelo (Citrus maxima), etc.

Lemon juice, especially, has several health benefits associated with it. It is well known as a useful treatment for kidney stones, reducing strokes and lowering body temperature. As a refreshing drink, lemonade helps you to stay calm and cool.

The health benefits of lemon include;

  • treatment of throat infections
  • stops indigestion
  • cures constipation
  • help soothe dental problems
  • fights against fever
  • help with internal bleeding
  • fights rheumatism
  • home remedy for burns
  • fights obesity
  • cures respiratory disorders
  • used against cholera
  • fights high blood pressure
  •  it also benefits hair and skin care

Known for its therapeutic property for generations, lemons help to boost the immune system, cleanse the gastrointestinal tract, and it is considered a blood purifier.

Lemonade is made from lemon by mixing lemon juice and water.

Many people also use lemon as a washing agent, because of its ability to remove stains.

Lemons are loaded with healthy benefits, and nourishing elements, particularly, they’re a great source of vitamin C.

One cup of fresh lemon juice provides 187 percent of your daily recommended serving of vitamin C (1).

Lemon juice also offers up a healthy serving of potassiummagnesium, B6, vitamin A, vitamin E, folate, niacin thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, copper, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, iron, copper and protein (2).

7 Health Benefits of Lemon

Consuming fruits and vegetables of all kinds has long been associated with a reduced risk of many lifestyle-related health conditions.

Below are some of the possible benefits of consuming lemons and the research to back up the theory.

1. Relieves Indigestion and Constipation

Lemon juice is acidic in nature and is similar to the gastric juices found in the stomach; this triggers the liver into producing bile and other digestive enzymes, which helps keep food moving through your body and gastrointestinal tract smoothly.

Lemon water also helps relieve indigestion or ease an upset stomach.

The acids found in lemon juice also causes your body to adsorb nutrients more slowly (3). This drawn-out absorption means insulin levels remain steady and you get more nutrients out of the foods you consume. Better nutrient absorption means less bloating.

2. Acts as a mild diuretic

Lemon water benefits the enzyme functions in your body, stimulating the liver and flushing out toxins.

Because it’s a mild diuretic, you might find yourself using the bathroom more often, helping the urinary tract get rid of any unwanted waste products. All of this helps detox body & skin.

3. Acts as a blood purifier and a cleansing agent

Lemon also acts as a blood purifier and a cleansing agent, so a good drink after lunch or dinner is fresh lemon soda. The recipe is lemon juice, cold water, soda, salts (common salt) and sugar/honey for sweetness. Drink this whenever you have a heavy lunch or dinner.

3. Fantastic For Skin Care

Lemon juice which is rich in antioxidant vitamin C, when eaten in its natural form or applied topically, can help to fight skin damage caused by the sun and pollution, reduce wrinkles, and improve overall skin texture (4).

Vitamin C plays a vital role in the formation of collagen, the support system of the skin.

It acts as an anti-aging remedy and can remove wrinkles and blackheads.

It is also good for acne and eczema. That is why most cosmetics industry incorporates lemon juice into their products.

5. Reduces High Blood Pressure

Drinking lemon juice is helpful for people suffering from heart problems because it contains potassium.

It controls high blood pressure, dizziness, and nausea because it provides a calming sensation to both the mind and body.

Additionally, just the scent of a lemon has been found to reduce stress levels and improve moods (5).

6. Aids Weight Loss

Regularly sipping on lemon water can help you lose some few pounds. That’s because lemons contain pectin, a type of fiber commonly found in fruits.

Pectin helps you feel full longer; that satiety feeling means you’ll consume less food throughout the day (6).

Did you also know that when you’re even mildly dehydrated, you are more prone to things like headaches and fatigue (7). Chugging down lemon water helps your body stay hydrated and feeling happy.

benefits of lemon for the body

7. Boost Immune System

Foods that have high vitamin C quotient and other antioxidants can help the immune system battle germs that cause cold and flu (8).

Maintaining a healthy diet high in fruits and vegetables is especially important during the winter months when physical activity levels tend to drop (9).

Word of Caution

While lemon water is one of the safest drinks you can ingest, the acids in lemon can eat away at your tooth enamel.

Lemon juice has a very low PH, about 2.0. In some sensitive people, its sour, acidic juice may sometimes elicit burning sensation if come in contact with mouth, tongue, and lip ulcers.

Also, if taken in large amounts, it may exacerbate acid-peptic disease and stomach ulcer conditions.

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