How to Raise Money For Scholarships Abroad

How can you get funding to study abroad after getting a scholarship? It doesn’t matter if you are on a fully funded or partial scholarship, you will be needing funds to finance some basic needs and requirements processes as well. So, if you have been given a scholarship abroad, then next will be figuring out how to raise funds for traveling.

There are so many reasons you might want to study abroad however you have to first plan how you can study on a budget, live on a budget, and most importantly, know how much the cost of living is over there.

Millions of people all over the world want a chance to travel abroad for either study or work. However, if you do have a scholarship, it’s a good enough reason to travel, but how do you travel for free or raise money for it?

An average graduating student loan can be as high as $28000 so to avoid getting into any further debts, a scholarship is highly advised however you will still need some money to secure your scholarship, travel out of the country, and in a case where its partial scholarship, you need to raise money to cover the rest.

Common Expenses to Expect From Studying Abroad

Scholarship or no scholarship, some expenses are going to come into play when you decide to go study abroad. Before we talk about how you can raise money to go study abroad, here are some of the expenses you should look toward preparing for as an average international college student.

  1. Tuition- If you are on a fully funded scholarship, then you don’t have to worry about this
  2. Airfare
  3. Housing
  4. Transportation
  5. travel insurance
  6. Food
  7. Basic school essentials like stationary and personal essentials as well.
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How to Raise Money For Scholarship Abroad

The scholarship is not free, this might sound surprising to some, but it’s the truth. However, scholarships put less strain on finances, and now the money you should be sorting for has been reduced.

The cost of living and traveling expenses can easily add up and lead you to consider forfeiting your scholarship, but we have listed ways you can raise money for scholarships abroad.

1. Apply For Travel Scholarship

There are never too many scholarships, right? You should consider applying for a travel scholarship as well, this will cover the transportation expenses and quickly help cut down on your budget.

There are lots of scholarship options for students who are looking to travel, so you shouldn’t have issues applying. Travel scholarships are a great way to study abroad. Here are some of the largest study abroad scholarships.

  1. The Fulbright Program – Awards close to 2000 grants to students looking to study abroad every year
  2. The International Volunteer HQ Scholarship– Offers scholarships to volunteers, a $1000 travel voucher, and travel insurance
  3. Boren Awards Scholarship – This program, provides up to $25,000 to US undergraduates student to study abroad in any area of the world.

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2. Start an Online Fundraiser

Everyone has a compelling story true to their experiences to tell. You can use this to start an online fundraiser for raising money.

List all the expenses you are fun raising for so people can understand your goal and family and friends can help contribute towards it.

They are lots of crowdfunding sites that can help raise funds however most are not available for Countries like Nigeria, Russia, Cuba, North Korea, and Pakistan. However, you can source funds by sharing your fundraising story on social media with family, friends, and well-wishers.

3. Get a Part Time Job

One very simple way you can raise money to study abroad on a scholarship is to get a part-time job when you get there or before going.

Holding down a job when you get there can help you sort out some essential basic needs and having a side hustle before going can also help you raise some money for traveling and expenses.

4. Cut Your Current Expenses

To study abroad on a partial or fully funded, the first step will be to cut down on your expenses. People are known to start buying impulsively and conveniently things you want to take along however it will be best to budget down. Some apps can help budget or cut down on your finances.

5. Have a Garage Sale

Might be the time you organize some events while cleaning out your closet and living room. A garage sale lets you get rid of clutters while also saving some money for your schooling abroad. You can ask your friends and family if they have anything they can contribute hence you can raise enough for the traveling expenses.

Wrapping Up

Many awards do not cover the full cost of studying abroad, and it can come with extra funds to take care of as well.

Studying abroad on scholarship is no longer for elite students alone, it is becoming the norm and with some hard work and diligence, almost any student can find a way to fund studying abroad.

Lastly, we highly recommend that you have a defined goal for specific expenses, and specify how much your scholarship covers and how much it doesn’t. An unrealistic high goal can discourage donors.


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