9 Simple Tips to Make Your Nails Super Strong and Clean

DAAAAAAAMN, Where she got those nails is all your friends will be saying!

It’s very important to have a clean and shiny nail, mostly for women. Nails deal with the type of dresses/clothes she wants to put on.

Did you know that using nail polish always is harmful? if no, I think you should stop it for some time and try out this simple home remedy.

Here are some natural easy and simple ways to make your nails beautiful clean, strong, and shiny. So let’s get started, shall we?

1. Soak your hand in a lukewarm water

hand in water
Image: Scotwork

This is a very simple way of taking care of your fingernails. Its simple fast and easy.

All you just have to do is to soak your nails in the lukewarm water for about 2-3 minutes, use a natural soap to massage it, then scrub your nails with an old toothbrush (its not compulsory its an old toothbrush) but using an old toothbrush will make it suitable than using a normal scrubbing brush.

Then rinse it well for a better result. You can continue this every day for a fast outcome.

2. Try Petroleum jelly

Most people think petroleum jelly is only used for the skin, but no it’s not.  Petroleum jelly also helps a lot to shine and clean the nails so as to make it beautiful.

Take some petroleum jelly and massage your nails after every hand wash. Try this always and see how amazing your fingernails would look.

3. Use Lemon juice

Lemon juice is a very helpful agent in making your nails clean and shiny.

All you just have to do is to soak your hands in the lemon juice for some time, add vinegar and lukewarm water to it, then scrub your nails with an old toothbrush.

This way it will help your nails clean, shiny, and strong.

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