Maximum Age Limits For Studying In Canada

Maximum Age Limits For Studying In Canada

Is there an age limit for studying in Canada? This is the common question people concerned about the age factor would ask. Studying in Canada is a principal wish for many students living outside Canada.

Canada has become one of the top countries anybody would love to study in, it embraces diversity, and welcomes and encourages international students through the superb education sector.

A lot of reputable and highly recognized universities are in Canada.

To be on the safer side, many aspiring international students of Canada would prefer to be sure that their age is not a minus for them. It can be quite intimidating to apply for a student visa in Canada but it is totally worth it.

This post contains all the information about the requirements for a study visa and the age limit for studying in Canada.

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Are There Minimum Age Limits For Studying Canada?

The minimum age for applying for a student visa in Canada is 18 years.

Students less than the age of 18 are considered minors and the parent of such child will have to provide proof that the child has support and guidance until they come to age in the country.

Intending international students of Canada below 18 years would need to apply for a study permit as this ensures that they get access to social services and that remain in school even after they are adults.

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Maximum Age Limit For Studying In Canada

When considering applying for a student visa in Canada, you do not have to worry if there is a maximum age limit as there are none.

You only have to prove to the Canadian immigration official that you are genuine and that you would return after you have completed your course of study.

However, there may be age restrictions at the university level, you might want to make sure your preferred university has no issues with your current age. If they don’t, you should find an institute of learning that accepts students within your age gap.

Student Visa Requirements For Canada

There are basic requirements for applying for a student visa in Canada, and in many cases, age is never a limiting factor. The following are documents that are necessary when applying for a student visa;

1. Valid Passport

This is the first step to getting a student visa. A valid passport is very necessary and is of very great importance. The validity of your passport should cover your stay in Canada. If for instance, you are applying for a 3-year course in 2022, your passport should still be valid till 2025.

2. Passport Size Photographs

This is only applicable to those going through offline applications, you need to have at least two passport-size photographs that clearly capture your face. This photograph must not be more than 4 MB and it must not be older than 6 months. Ensure to write your name and date of birth on the back of the passport photographs.

3. Acceptance Letter From The DLI

You need to have proof of acceptance from your school of choice. Your designated institute of learning must be recognized by the immigration office of Canada.

4. Proof Of Funds

Very importantly, you must have at least CAD 10,000 every year of stay, this is to prove that you can fend for yourself while studying in Canada.

5. English Language Proficiency Test

This only applies to international students that come from countries that do not have the English language as their first language. It is very important that your test score is more than average to prove that you would not have any difficulty learning and communicating while studying.

to confirm your admission to your designated learning institute, your test result from TOEFL, GMAT, IELTS and other recognized exams must be submitted.

6. Statement Of Purpose

This is optional but it is highly recommended to increase your chances of being granted a student visa. You will have to write an essay about the purpose of your travel and the reason why you choose the institution.


There are no age limits for applying for a student visa in Canada, however, it may be a different case at the university level.

This is why it is best to be sure that your preferred universities are not age-restrictive.

Other requirements for applying for a student visa have been listed in this article.


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