12 Different Ways To Style Your Natural Hair At Home

Having natural hair can be beautiful but the real challenge comes in when you have to style it.

There are many times you wake up in the morning and it is so confusing what to do with your hair to avoid looking rough and unkempt.

In Africa, Hairstyling can be an issue since African’s are not so endowed in the hair department’s like the white’s and this has caused many to stick to wigs but the beautiful thing about African hair is how dark and natural it is and should not be denied.

We have thoroughly gathered some at home way’s to style your natural hair at home without visiting the salon.

12 Natural Hair Styles You Can Try At Home

We combed Instagram and found eight different ways to style your natural hair at home.

1. Cinnamon Roll Updo

natural hairstyle
Source: Vick Vanlian

This looks like a very interesting style and it is especially if you know how to weave your hair yourself in a neat way, an extension would need to be added to make it look big and last long.

2. Low Bun With Strand

natural hirstyle
Source: Pinterest

Another hairstyle that won’t take forever and can be done easily yourself is this style above, you need only your hair to make this unless you want it full and thick at the edge.

3. Mohawk

natural hair
Source: Kamdora

Your natural hair does not have to be boring at all, it can be easily straightened out and styled like the one above but avoid too much heat while straightening it to prevent breakage. Mohawk is a naturally beautiful style when done neatly.

4. Frohawk

Source: Adesua Etomi

Very similar to mohawk but in this case, it is styled to the front hence the name frohawk, it is a really beautiful style loved by a lot of women with natural hair and it tends to last longer too if you are good at maintaining it.

5. Braid Hair Bun

How to style your natural hair
Image:@naturalafrohairexpo // Instagram

This might look difficult but it is not, all you need is a woven attachment, then add it to the tip of your hair and hold it with a band and roll and you have yourself a braided bun. Style as you desire

6. Roll  Up  Style

natural hair
Source: Youtube

Is your hair too natural to be plaited or even well relaxed? Then styling it like this should not be hard, you can also use a plastic hairband for this, to gently roll it in.

7. Tuck In Braid

natural hair
Source: Essence

This style could be a rock at any occasion, just needs to braid some hair at the front base and tuck in firmly across and comb out the rest of the hair at the back nicely.

8. Long Hair Up Do

updo style

Do you have this massive hair that you just can’t control? You might really find this style a perfect fit for your hair.

9. Double Braided Bun

natural low bun
Source: weatafricanbaby

Are you good at braiding? All you have to do is split your hair in two and have them braided and you can always do one braid around and tuck it in.

10. Natural Hair Style

natural hair style
Source: Pinterest

If your hair is a mass of natural with no relaxer and you are just growing it out, just curl it out a little if you want and can style it with a band or a scarf or even without it.

11. Double Bun

How to style natural hair
Image: @ thehaircenter // Instagram

This double bun would be done in a matter of minutes, you don’t need long hair to archive this, just have your hair parted in two and tie with a band. You can also leave the edge unrolled.

12. Afro Style Packing

How to style natural hair
Image: @popuporganicug.store_ // Instagram

Team natural, you might want to add a little bit of afro to your look. After tying the hair with a ban, you should draw out the end of the hair gently to give afro look.

Often times wigs can be a bore, you might have to style your hair the way it is then. Your hair is part of your beauty so should be embraced, be it natural or relaxed, you can find a way to rock it.

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