[TOP 10] Affordable UK Schools For International Students

Studying in the UK is almost every intending international student’s dream.

The UK holds some of the most prestigious universities in the world and it is no surprise that getting a degree (undergraduate or postgraduate degree) from universities in the UK is in very high demand. The social and educational experience is worth it.

However, we are quite aware that universities in the UK are not inexpensive; most of these schools’ tuition fees and the cost of living can be very pricey and overwhelming. But there are exceptions, as some are less expensive than others.

Note that, the fact these universities are affordable doesn’t mean they are not respectable and competitive institutions. This post has put together a comprehensive list of universities that are cheap and affordable. Let’s get you started without further ado.

Cheapest Universities In The Uk For International Students

Schooling in the UK can be very appealing until you know how much it will cost. London universities are one of the most expensive as the cost of living is really high. But do not be discouraged as universities all over the UK offer affordable tuition fees and accommodation.

1. University Of Chester

  • International Foundation program – £9,250 (per year)
  • Undergraduate tuition fee – £12,950 (per year)
  • Postgraduate program – £13,450 (per year)
  • MBA program – £13,750.
University Of Chester

The University of Chester was established in the year 1839, it was initially a teachers’ training college before it became a public university. It encourages and is very welcoming to international students, with over 5 campuses in and out of Chester.

The University of Chester renders a vast number of undergraduate, postgraduate, and foundation programs with very affordable tuition fees.

2. Liverpool Hope University

  • Undergraduate tuition fee per year – £12,500
  • Postgraduate programme – £12,500
  • International MBA – £13,500 
  • MRES – £12,850. 

Liverpool Hope university should be one of the universities to consider especially for international students. The environment is very welcoming and the learning experience is top-notch as it is a gold-standard university in the UK.

The university comprises two campuses, which are Hope park and Creative campus, all in the city of Liverpool. There are a ton of reasons why Liverpool hope university should be your top choice, It is one of the most affordable universities in the Uk and also offer lots of social and cultural opportunities.

3. Leeds Trinity University

  • Undergraduate degree – £12,000 (per year)
  • MBA – – £12,500 (per year)
  • PGCE – £12,500 (per year).
Leeds Trinity University

Leed trinity university is a very reputable university, it was founded in 1933 in the large city of Leeds.

LTU may be small in size, and it uses this to the advantage of students as the learning process is more interactive and interesting. It also offers financial aid and scholarship to international students.

4. University Of Cumbria

  • Standard undergraduate tuition fee per year – £13,250
  • Postgraduate tuition fees – £13,250
  • Pre-Registration Health degrees – £16,000 (per year).

The University of Cumbria was established in the year 2007 in Carlisle, England. It is recognized as one of the best schools for international students as it extends an open hand to all countries around the world.

This institution supports international students, and the environment is safe, welcoming, and friendly.

5. Buckinghamshire New University

  • Undergraduate program – £10,500
  • MBA – £11,000.

Buckinghamshire New University is located in High Wycombe, England, and was established in 1893 as the School Of Science and Art and was later renamed in 2007.

Buckinghamshire New University

BNU is very popular for teaching outstanding courses like Air Transport with Commercial Pilot Training and Policing.

The university encourages international students to interact and share problems and solutions. Free airport collection and campus tour is provided for international students to help them feel safe and at home.

6. Plymouth Marjon University

  • Undergraduate foundation program – £12500
  • Postgraduate (per year) – £15,000
  • MBA – £15,000
  • PGCE – £12,500.

Plymouth Marjon university is a very student-friendly institution, it is very spacious and airy. This prestigious school provides international students good learning environment. It motivates its student to do better academically and socially.

If you are in search of a respectable university in the UK to further your education, you should consider Plymouth Marjon university.

7. University Of Greenwich

  • Undergraduate program – £15,100 (per year)
  • Undergraduate part-time (per year) – £3,777 (per year)
  • Postgraduate tuition fees – £16,000 (per year)
  • HNDs, HNCs, and Foundation degrees – £6,165 (per year).

The University of Greenwich was initially called Woolwich Polytechnic in 1980 until it was renamed in 1992. It consists of 3 campuses, whereby two campuses are in London and the other in kent. The University of Greenwich is very recognized and well-known for its students’ outstanding performance.

Due to this fact, the university of Greenwich has been awarded a silver rating by the UK government’s Teaching Excellence.

University Of Bolton

8. University Of Bolton

  • Undergraduate program – £9,750 – £12,950 (per year)
  • MBA – £14,450 (per year)
  • Academic Performance Scholarship – £5,000.

Bolton university is one of the most affordable institutions in the Uk. It was founded in 1824 as the Bolton Mechanic institute and became Bolton University in 2005.

The institution is very considerate and welcoming to international students, it also offers some financial support to international students with outstanding academic performance.

9. University Of Suffolk

  • Undergraduate program – £12,996 – £14,598 per year
  • Postgraduate research program – £13,464 – £15,282
  • Suffolk Executive Master of Business Administration (SEMBA): £16,497 
  • MSc – £13,995.

The University of Suffolk is very welcoming to international students. It was established in 2007 and since then has been a home of students from all over the world.

Courses like Social sciences, Arts, Business Administration, Humanities, Technology, Health, and Sciences are offered in this very reputable university.

10. University of the Highlands and Islands

  • Undergraduate program per year – £12,000 -13,200.

This very outstanding university was founded in 2007 but later started its own degree in 2016. It encourages international students to apply as it allows for easy application.

However, the tuition fees may vary depending on the course you intend to study.


A wide range of universities in the UK offer affordable tuition fees for international students. Some of these universities even offer financial aid based on needs and academic performance.

You have a better shot at these universities mentioned in this article As they all have a good reputation and can fit into your budget. Good luck!


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