10 Warning Signs of Fibroid That You Shouldn’t Ignore

1. Pain During Intercourse

If the fibroid is extremely large it can cause extreme pain for a woman during intercourse. Also, a woman may experience sharp pain when the fibroids grow around the vaginal tract or the cervix (an opening that connects the vagina and uterus)

Due to its large size, the fibroid may exert pressure on the cervix during intercourse and may cause irritation and pain as well as mild bleeding.

A sharp pain may also be felt when assuming certain positions.

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine reports that the majority premenopausal women between the ages of 35 to 49 reported a positive association of fibroids with pain during intercourse.

According to the study, fundal fibroids, a type of fibroid that appears at the top of the uterus were strongly associated with intercourse-pain than other kinds of fibroids

If you experience acute pain during intercourse, consult your physician for examination.

2. Non-Menstrual Pelvic Pain

Non-menstrual pelvic pain simply means experiencing pain in the pelvic region outside your menstrual cycle. This could be an indication of a fibroid growth, as large fibroids exert pressure on and around the pelvic region.

In some cases, fibroids grow very close to the pelvis, and in such cases, their location and not their size is what exerts pressure and causes sharp pain.

A 2003 study published in Fertility and Sterility reports that out of 15% of patients who reported uterine fibroids, 2.6% reported non-menstrual pelvic pain.

In this case, if you notice sharp pain around and in your pelvic region for no just reason, especially when you are not menstruating, consult a gynecologist.

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