7 Myths About Weight Loss You Must Know

weight loss
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Weight loss this, weight loss that’, a lot is being said about weight loss everywhere.

From diet to exercise, there are a lot of misconception and myths about losing weight. Most of the time, we do not pay attention to whether your weight loss habits would cause a long term or short term weight loss effect.

Losing weight can be a rigorous process, there are myths that even make it harder to carry out. Here are 7 of them that you need to be conscious or cautious of.

1. Fat causes Fat

Sounds logical, but it really isn’t like that, there’s body fat (the one stored up in your body) and there is dietary fat (the one you consume). Consuming dietary fat doesn’t directly convert into body fat.

There are studies that have shown that high fat and low carb diets actually cause weight loss. There is really nothing fattening about dietary fat unless you’re consuming a high carb and fat diet, then, you might get fat.

So it’s a big myth that fat causes fat.

2. Thin people are healthy, obese people are not

excess body fat

This is so not true!

It is true that being obese predisposes one to several chronic illnesses such as Type 2 Diabetes, heart conditions, increased risk for some types of cancer, and so on, but there are several thin individuals battling with the same illnesses.

The major issue is where the fat is being stored, if it’s in the abdominal region where there are fat around the organs then there is a cause to worry.

There are a substantial amount of weighty people that are very healthy which means that being fat isn’t a factor to define unhealthy.

3. All calories are equal

A calorie is a unit of energy derived from food and all calories aren’t equal.

All calories have the same energy content, but they do have different effects on the body depending on the source (the i.e protein-calorie effect is different from carbohydrate calorie effect, etc).

Calories from whole, unprocessed food are more filling than refined, processed products. When next you’re counting calories, put in mind the calorie source.

4. There are magical foods that cause weight loss

It is not true that there are specific foods that cause weight loss rapidly.

The best bet is to consume high fiber foods as they fill you better while attaining low kilojoules, which in turn leads to low energy consumption which may help in losing weight.

Examples of such foods are vegetables, wholegrain bread, and cereals, and legumes also tend to be low in fat.

5. Healthier foods are more expensive

healthy foods

It is rational to think so, but this isn’t always the case.

You could start replacing certain ingredients to healthier ones while cooking your basic meals. You could also try stir-fries, they are amazing and are packed up with healthy ingredients.

6. Supplements help you to lose weight

Studies have shown that supplements have little or no effect on weight loss, only a few brands have succeeded in helping their clients lose a few kgs over months.

The other method of action while using supplements is by the Placebo effect. This works by the belief that the recipient has towards the supplement, the supplements most of the time are of no value.

7. Losing weight is about willpower and not biology

weight loss myths

This may be true to some individuals and not all.

What happens to individuals with obesity running in their family?

If it’s in the genes, there is little the individual can do about losing weight even if the individual has willpower taller than the empire state building. It should also be noted that losing weight isn’t an easy process.

Weight loss management has been trending for more than a decade now, and it could be a rigorous process for those involved in it, adding untrue facts to the process can be daunting.

Victoria Shosanya
Victoria (RN) writes on health, nutrition, and lifestyle. Model and Former colon hydro-therapist. When she's not writing or reading, she's cooking, painting, or posing as a model on some very hot photoshoot. She's versatile. Get in touch: [email protected]