What to Wear to a Wedding: 10 Outfit Ideas That Will Inspire You

Thinking of what to wear to a wedding can be time-consuming and confusing, weddings are reasons to pull a complete makeover but a makeover won’t be complete without the perfect dress.

Weddings are always very beautiful and colorful, everyone wants to look beautiful and appropriate, to pull attention at weddings usually seem impossible because every guest present is donned in their best attire.

When you are an important guest at a wedding, the decision of what to wear might be a little bit tough but that can be easily fixed with any of the amazing dress we have compiled below.

All you need is to show it to your designer so they can start working on them as soon as possible and if you’re a designer looking for more style ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

All you need to stun that a wedding is one of the perfect outfits below.

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10 Must Wear Outfits To Wedding

Fashion has gotten more interesting in 2019 so you need something that’s more in trend when thinking of what to wear to a wedding and here’s what your favorite celebrities are rocking to weddings in 2019.

1. Straight Lace Up Gown

what to wear to wedding
Image: asoebibella // Instagram

Sometimes all you need to pull off that wedding look is a nice, not too stressful gown, nothing dramatic but will still give you the allure and glam you want. This gown can also be worn to red carpet, reunion or even a glamorous cocktail party.

2. Agbada

what to wear to a wedding
Image: @asoebibella // Instagram

Perfect for a wedding, agbada is not made for the men alone and if you want to stun every other guest at the wedding then this might be it. Might be dramatic but the beautiful wow reaction is worth every drama it pulls.

3. Off Shoulder With Flaps

what to wear to a wedding
Image: @asoebibella // Instagram

We think what to wear to weddings should be comfy and easy to dance in this might be a perfect bet, the gown is free at the bottom and the waistline is flexible and with the flap off the shoulder to make it even more fascinating, making the perfect dress to wear to a wedding.

4. Iro And Buba Dress

What to wear to a wedding
Image: @asoebibella // Instagram

Iro and buba has been as old as time itself but now trendier and even more beautiful, easy to wear and does not even have to be plain iro and buba, a simple way of recreating fashion.

5. Long Gown With Net Cape

what to wear to a wedding
Image: @asoebifabricsphere // Instagram

A cape won’t look that bad on a long gown and this style above proves that it is simple but with the net infused to it, makes it more perfect to wear to a wedding.

6. Tub Gown With A Bow

what to wear to a wedding
Image: @asoebifabricsphere // Instagram

Amazing and different, the bow at the front makes all the difference in comparison to another wedding dress, should probably get a top position among the best 2019 dress to wear to a wedding.

7. Double Layers Ankara Dress

what to wear to a wedding
Image: @wemasepetu // Instagram

With a dress like this, you can easily be the bane of attention at a wedding, it is classy and perfectly in trend.

8. Stunning Dress With Layers

what to wear to a wedding
Image: bellanaijaweddings // Instagram

The stunning red dress will suit a nice beach wedding or just a colorful wedding,  the layers added to the splendor. Any color will definitely look gorgeous with this style.

9. The Butterfly Outfit

what to wear to a wedding
Image: bellanaijaweddings // Instagram

The butterfly guy will suit practically any glamourous events, and in a case of something simple but fantastic to wear to a wedding, this is one of the best choices. Not too overly dramatic and for a nice calm wedding, you can easily pull this off.

10. Pant Trouser On English

If you are contemplating on what to wear to a wedding that is not traditional, the outfit above will do just fine. It’s unique and definitely stands out. The outfit is impeccable and perfect for a foreign wedding as well.

What to wear to a wedding should be easily fixed with any of the styles recommended above. Any of the styles can also be spiced up, you introduce your new style to it and make it even more fabulous for a wedding.

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