How to Handle Natural Hair Shrinkage, Split Ends, Detangling, And Breakage Like A Boss

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A Guide to Natural Hair Length Retention by

For most naturally curly people, length retention, volume, and density are the major reasons we do so much for our hair. We love long, full, healthy hair. I mean, we spend a lot of money, expend time and energy not just to make our natural hair look good, but also because this crown of afro is a baby and should be treated as such and so it’s only fair that our hard work shows fine results.

But the bane of a naturalista’s hairxistence? Shrinkage, detangling, split ends, and breakage. All these work together to frustrate you. That’s why some people think natural hair doesn’t grow because the number one show of growth is the length.

In this piece, we will discuss how to tackle these issues without losing your mind, angrily getting a cut, or relaxing your hair.

In this book, our editors poured out everything they know about managing your hair and protecting it from the four worst things that happen to natural hair:

  • Natural hair shrinkage
  • Breakage
  • Split-Ends
  • Detangling.

We’re excited about this one and can’t wait for you to see what’s inside.

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A guide to natural hair retention
A guide to natural hair retention
A guide to natural hair retention
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