10 African Countries With The Most Beautiful Beaches

Beaches. Everyone’s favorite place to go. For relaxation, for fun, for surfing, for swimming, to marvel at how vast the seas are, to play with friends and family, to gather seashells, and lots more.

What is not to love about beaches? Beaches are absolutely wondrous beauties. And if you are thinking of spending time with yourself, your friends, or your family at the beach, Africa is a good destination to find really good beaches.

In this article, we will be listing 10 African countries and describing the beautiful beaches these countries house. Africa has a good number of beaches that are world-class.

Who said we did not? So, below are the best countries in Africa with the best beaches.

1. Namibia

Namibia beach
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Namibia makes our list of best African countries to travel to for its beaches. Why? Namibia has the Skeleton Coast. The five most popular beaches in Namibia are Sandwich Harbor, Cape Cross, Walvis Bay, Solitude Beach, and Skeleton Coast which is the Northern part of the Atlantic coast of Namibia.

The Skeleton Coast is one utterly beautiful beach that we must recommend to you. The beach and the coast are so beautiful. You get to see lots of seals at this beach. And the Seals are cute. And you also get to see a lot of shipwrecks and marine birds that live on/in these shipwrecks. The beach is often covered in fog.

The fog is caused as a result of the meeting of warm and cold air coming from the Namib Desert and the Atlantic Ocean respectively. Another location in Namibia to check out is Swakopmund beach.

This beach is the epitome of all the adventures that you could ever ask for. What kind of beach play and adventure can you not take part in at Swakopmund Beach? You can go Kayaking, quad biking, you can surf, or fishing!

2. Mozambique

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Mozambique might not be a popular African beach destination in your head, but it is worth the visit. The Bazaruto beach in Mozambique is one of a kind. This tropical island beach is a top recommendation in Mozambique from us.

The beach has clear turquoise water, and very tall and elegant palm trees that beautify the beach even more. Beira is in Sofala province the second-largest city in Mozambique and it’s where to go for some of the best beaches in Mozambique.

The majority of the beaches in Mozambique have an amazing local vibe and are often stocked with fresh fruits, vegetables, and fantastic refreshments generally.

You can also participate in many endless diving opportunities at the beach. The Tofo beach in Mozambique is another coast worth mentioning. The beach runs for a stretch of 8 km and is located in Tofo, Mozambique. The water is clear and breathtaking, you can fish and dive at the beach too.

3. Madagascar

Image Via Canva.

Madagascar has the Ifaty beach in its possession, and luckily, thanks to tourism, you can enjoy this beach with the locals too. The Ifaty beach has a long white stretch of soft beach sand, there are lots of palm trees that provide shade from the sun, and more.

The most popular destination for beaches in Madagascar is Nosy Be. This is a large island on the coast of Madagascar, there are tons of stunning beaches to visit and you can always spot a rare Omura Whale when it’s peak whale season.

You can take a ride in a canoe and you could even arrive at the beach during the period of July or August when you could sight whales. In addition, Madagascar is known to be a relatively cheap destination.

4. Mauritius


Mauritius is another African country with beautiful beaches. This island nation is known for its lagoons, reefs, and definitely beaches. The part of Mauritius with the best beaches are Deer Island Beaches, Belle Mare, Mont Choisy, and the Grand Belle Mare.

One beach in Mauritius that we must mention is the Belle Mare beach. This beach is the perfect place to watch the sunset. The beach is very quiet and has very fine white sand. Located on the east coast of Mauritius, this beach is a quiet place to relax away from the lousiness of the world.

Tamarin Beach is located in the Tamarin Village of Mauritius and is surrounded by hills it is said to have the most beautiful beach which makes it popular not just with tourists but the locals as well.

Another interesting aspect of it is that it has remained unspoiled, it has kept its natural picturesque intact and hasn’t become commercialized.

5. Malawi

Image Via Canva.

Malawi has Chitimba beach. Chitimba beach is a long stretch of beach that looks very peaceful and serene. The water of the beach is freshwater and the beach itself is located inside green hills and tall forest trees. This beach can be called a paradise on its own. You could hike to its surrounding hills besides playing on the beach.

Chitimba beach is not the only great beach in Malawi, you should also consider visiting Mangochi Lake and Beach. The beach is perfect for simple sunbathing and enjoying some beach laid-back time as well.

Mangochi District is also a point of transit and it has roads leading to all areas of Malawi. The waters of Lake Malawi are also clear enough for snorkeling and diving.

6. Tanzania

zanzibar, tanzania

Tanzania is another African country with impressive beaches. You should see the Nungwi beach located in Zanzibar, Tanzania. This beach is one of the many beautiful beaches in the area. You can watch the sunset perfectly on this beach and also watch as dhows with white sails leave the beach’s shores into the sea. This beach is a very photo-worthy one. We assure you.

Another photo-worthy beach you should ensure to check out in Tanzania is the Paje beach which is also in Zanzibar and it also offers you a good selection of beach bars, water sports activivties and restaurants.

Mafia Island is another charming place you can find stunning beaches in Tanzania. This island is situated just off the East Coast of Dar es Salaam and the beach is wonderful for soaking up the sun and enjoying some peace and tranquility.

7. Kenya

turtle beach
Turtle beach. Watamu, Kenya. Image via Canva.

Kenya is another African country that houses gorgeous beaches on its land. For example, Watamu beach in Kenya is a very sleek and smooth white beach right there in Kenya.

The waters of the beach are shallow and turquoise. The beach also forms part of a reserve park in Kenya called Malindi Marine Reserve Park.

This beach in Eastern African Kenya is perfect for snorkeling and diving. Also, lots of turtles breed there. The Diani beach is another one in Kenya we cannot afford to not mention. Diani beach is as long as 20 km and has lots of palm trees at its fringe. This beach is a great place to kitesurf.

8. South Africa

south africa
Image Via Canva.

South Africa is another country we can not leave out of this list. The Uvongo beach in South Africa has a waterfall nearby it. The beach also has a shallow lagoon that extends from it where your children can play safely in.

You can also hire a paddle to row you to the bottom of the waterfall.

The Coffee bay in South Africa is another fantastic option in South Africa for you. There are so many nice beaches on the island and while the Uyongo beach and Coffee bay stand out, you should not hesitate to try other nice beaches like the Boulders beach in Cape Town or the Umhlanga beach in Durban.

9. Egypt

Image via Canva.

Egypt, no doubt, has beautiful beaches too. However, there is one we must mention. The Sharm el-Sheikh beach. This beach is Egypt’s resort capital. It has clear waters that are perfect for you to sunbathe in. It has good shade to shield from the sun, and it is a gateway to the Red Sea.

In addition, Egypt is a country that is popular for windsurfing and other water adventures hence it’s not surprising that they have really cool beaches. The Hurghada town in Giftun Island also hosts some of the best resort and sandy beaches in Egypt.

To help narrow down your list of the best beaches in Egypt, the famous ones to surely check out include; Naama bay, Soma Bay, Marsa Alam, Fjord Bay Taba, Ras Um Sid, Nuweiba, and El Gouna.

10. Seychelles

Image Via Canva.

Seychelles has clean, serene, and gorgeous beaches that you cannot afford to miss. The Anse Soleil beach is also a bay in southwest Mahe in Seychelles.

This particular beach is so quiet and romantic! This Anse Soleil beach is also a perfect place from which you can watch the sunset. Also, right on the beach, there are cafes. These cafes serve some of the best kinds of seafood to their guests.

Another beach in Seychelles that you should experience is the Anse Source d’Argent beach located in La Digue, Seychelles. This beach is in every way beautiful. Did you know that this beach is popularly deemed the most photographed beach in the world? Well, it is!

The Anse Source d’Argent beach is in every way worth your flight down to Seychelles.

We promise you that. The beach features a beautiful walking trail, a white sandy beach, and unbelievably turquoise-colored water. What’s not to adore? Seychelles is definitely our top African pick.

Wrapping Up

Africa is the world’s second largest and also second most popular continent hence it’s not surprising that it does house some of the best countries to visit. There is not going to be a claim that African countries have the best beaches but we have to admit it has some of them. Lastly, the irresistible natural drama African beaches have is considered unmatched.


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