17 Chain Belt Outfit Ideas to Try Now

chain belt outfit ideas

Nothing to wear or you are probably bored with your usual flowing gowns? Then we think it’s time to spice up your outfits and what better way to try than going for chain belt outfits, creativity keeps getting better in the fashion world, and trust us at thrivenaija to bring you the trendiest outfit ideas.

The 2000s styles are back with a unique styling you want to be part of, it’s quite refreshing to create something new and modern with chain belts.

Here are 17 cool chic ways to rock chain belts and stand out with a difference, go bold with colors, and remember a chain belt is one of the best ways to break up a tonal look

17 Chain Belt Outfit Ideas to Try Now

1. With A Mini Gown To Look Classic

Staying sleek requires keeping it simple sometimes, kylie Jenner did make that outfit look even more glamorous and dashing, all you need is a simple mini gown to pair with a smooth chain belt and you are good to go, this can go with sneakers or heels.

2. Paired With A Shirt Dress For An Evening Date

chain belt outfit
Source: Allthingsslim

Fashion can only get better especially when it comes to how to style gowns with chain belts, most ladies wouldn’t like a free shirt dress hence why there is a chain belt so you can tuck it in conveniently.

3. Jean On Jean For A Top Notch Look

Chain Belt Outfit Ideas to Try Now 1.
Source: Elle

Jean on jeans is quite an interesting style and currently in trend and all you need to spice it up, even more, is gold chain belts at the waist and you are good for practically any kind of occasion.

4. Drap Over Shorts With Blazer To Look Casual And Formal

chain belt
Source: little black boots

Nothing beats looking all casual and formal at the same time, this can simple be for a dinner date or a casual party but the chain belt would be making all the difference.

5. Keep Your Blazer Looking Stylish With A Love Chain Belt

chain belt
Source: vanessazambito

Seek out a simple facinating style that you can easily pull off like a balzer on a simple floral gown, the belt can be used on the gown alone as well.

6. Up Your Fashion Game By Pairing A Chain Belt With Large T-Shirt And Three Quater Trouser

chain belts
Source: xofrancesca

Another interesting way you can wear a chain belt is to casually add it to a shirt and trouser and you did be setting a new trend.

7. Wear Over An A-line Gown For The Market

Chain belt outfit idea
Source: New Designers

reativity should not be limited, chain belt doesn’t have to be dramatic, just enough to make you comfortable and set a new trend in the fashion world.

8. Wear With An Office Trouser To Get You Ready For Winter

chain belt outfit idea
Source: Madhademish

Office trousers can be boring with nothing nice to pair it with but that would definitely change the boring look and spice it up with glamour.

9. Tiny Roll Chain Belt On Jumpsuit To Make A Difference

chain belt outfit ideas
Source: briannajoyy

Just like you do not want your office trouser to look boring, the same applies to a plain one-piece jumpsuit, a chain belt will stand out in it and make all the difference for you.

10. Straight Chain Belt On Boot Cut For The Office

chain belt outfit ideas
Image: @lilrl_nyc_// Instagram

Another elegant way to make your office outfit less boring.

11. Match It With A Mini Shirt Dress For A Wedding Look

chain belt outfit ideas
Source: stylezxuniversity

Attending a wedding with a simple mini shirt dress, then it’s vital to add something that stands it out to it and the perfect go for is a sleek chain belt, you can easily go for sneakers or heels with this outfit.

12. Round-Up Your Formal Suit With A Medi Chain

chain belt outfit ideas
Image: @rachelliwein // Instagram

Above is how to look fabulous to a formal party with less drama, it’s classic and elaborate.

13. Brighten Up The Christmas Spirit With This Gorgeous Outfit

chain belt outfit ideas
Source: ingridivarson

To make your winter outfit look more fascinating, add a pair of maxi belt chain to it, this look has been listed as the top outfit ideas for chain belt.

14. Pair Chain Belt Over A Raglan Mini Gown For A Party Look

chain belt outfit ideas
Source: delilahmari

Keep it light with a raglan gown but fascinating with a belt chain.

15. Go With A Street Style And A Hip Belt

chain belt outfit ideas
Source: cult.classic.babe

Nothing can go wrong when a chain belt is being paired with a street style, in fact, this look has always been considered comfortable and the height of fashion.

16. Keep It Feminine With A Sweater And Chain Belt On Your Side Split Skirt

chain belt outfit ideas
Image: @layersofchic // Instagram

A penciled split skirt is one of the most timeless silhouettes in fashion and there are many ways to wear it, one of which includes a sweater top and robe chain belt to make it even more stylish.

17. Oversized Shirt With Long Chain Belt For A Casual Date

chain belt outfit ideas
Source: Pinterest

Belts are classified according to outfits, but chain belts are usually paired over any kind of outfits, the shirt dress is one of the most favored ones and this is due to how elegant it tends to make it look especially an oversized shirt dress like the one above.

A chain belt is a style that can only get better with different outfits to wear it with, there are lots’ of chain belts you can experiment with or go for practically anyone you find fashionable as the most interesting thing about belt chain is that you can always find an outfit to go with it.

Which of these chain belt outfit ideas do you find most fascinating? Leave us your answer in the comment section and follow us on Instagram @thrivenaija for more fashion tips.

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