35 Curvy Girl Outfit Ideas You’ll Love

Curvy Girl Outfit Ideas

Being a curvy girl can be so much fun and cute when you have the right outfit to show off those curves. Your sense of fashion can become inherently more unique when you have the right guide and outfits to inspire you hence why we have compiled the latest curvy girl outfit ideas you are going to love below.

Latest Curvy Girl Outfit Ideas You’ll Love

Being fashionable with your look will make you the talk of the day. This outfit can be worn in both formal and casual wear. There are some unique tips you can consider to add to your wardrobe collections. Curvy women can now slay elegantly when going out and are greatly looked up to in the fashion industry. It doesn’t matter if you want your style simple or fancy; you can put on any of these outfits.

1. Black 2 In 1 Maxi Dress

Black 2 In 1 Maxi Dress
Image: @corazon_kwamboka // Instagram

Gowns are the go-to lit outfits for curvy girls and you can even make it more fascinating by going for a stunning cute one such as this. Choose maxi gowns for comfort and also it is perfect for highlighting your beautiful shape.

2. Flare Skirt With Long Sleep Bodycon Top

Flare Skirt With Long Sleep Bodycon Top
Image: @joselyn_dumas // Instagram

Joselyn Dumas is that curvy princess we can’t stop taking fashion inspo from. Her styles are unique and obviously, the choice of skirt and bodycon perfectly flaunts the figure, and it’s a really interesting combination.

3. Denim and Corset Top

Denim and Corset Top
Image: @nickiminaj // Instagram

Get style with the latest iconic cowgirl outfit in town. This might look simple but there is no doubt it’s the standard look every curvy girl needs in their closet.

4. Split Mini Skirt Top

Split Mini Skirt Top
Image: @thedoctorbae // Instagram

Now this is an outfit we call ”sensational. Split mini skirts are ideal for all occasions and you can easily style them with any blouse. Also, mini skirts are great on curves.

5. Knit Ribbed Sets

Knit Ribbed Sets
Image: @gabifresh // Instagram

Gabi Fresh has a new trend for knit outfits. If you are looking for some spring outfit ideas, this knit set will inspire you.

6. Blazer Gown

Blazer Gown
Image: @iniedo // Instagram

Blazer gowns are outspoken outfits, so it is not surprising that they fall effortlessly on those gorgeous curves.

7. Leather Pants and Shirt

Leather Pants and Shirt
Image: @neneleakes // Instagram

Leather pants are not only slaying on the runway, they are fascinating and keep those curves fit and sexy.

8. Denim Paired With Leather Jacket

Denim Paired With Leather Jacket
Image: @limsahar // Instagram

This is one of our favorite fits for curvy girls, it plays with proportion and helps flaunt their voluptuous silhouettes with confidence.

9. Mini Slip Dress

Mini Slip Dress
Image: @mancbailey // Instagram

While it’s tempting to hide those beautiful curves behind a maxi gown, mini slip dresses are perfect for highlighting those amazing features and you will be surprised how comfy they are.

10. Sleeveless Jumpsuit

Sleeveless Jumpsuit
Image: @beberexha // Instagram

Jumpsuits will always be the curvy girl’s magic outfit. This specific sleeveless jumpsuit surely sets a balance that is adorable and perfect for any occasion.

11. Skinny Jeans With Shirts

Skinny Jeans With Shirts

Jeans are a very versatile wear and for women, these are a major essential to have in your wardrobe. Try out skinny jeans for curvy women to elongate your curves well enough and look classy, use a fitted shirt with knee-high boots during winter to have that curvy cowgirl look to complete the look beautifully.

12. Silk Slip Dress Curvy Outfit


Silk is a long-time favorite for ladies. This style is very loose and comfortable for women to rock when going for a simple fancy date look this is a great choice when leaning towards a classy and simple look. Opt for a heel to get that bossy look when going out. A slip dress is a lightweight material and it is very soothing for the skin this is a fabric to certainly add to your collection.

13. Leather Pants And Sheer Blouse


The use of leather is now more prominent than ever in the fashion world. This is a delightful fabric for ladies to rock. The quality of the material is top-notch, and it can be worked in different colours aside from black. Try out these blue leather pants and sheer blouses to change your style.

14. Wide Leg Joggers And Off- Shoulder


Joggers are commonly worn as tight-leg trousers, but have you tried wearing a wide-leg jogger for a change? This is very fashionable and very ideal to be rocked out by women. it’s not too bad to show off some skin with that collarbone moment with your off-shoulder top tucked in neatly to get the best outcome from your look as a stylish woman.

15. Denim On Denim


The fascinating ways in which denim is being used are outstanding and something to look out for. This combination can be done with skirts or trousers with any denim jacket or shorts. make use of different denim pieces to show off that fashionista aspect of you with the right accessories.

16. Two Piece Floral Shorts And Crop Top


Saying you can’t wear a short as a curvy woman is something to disregard with all your might. try rocking a floral print to give that spring or summer moment, and come put in your clothes. The use of crops and shorts is a very casual look and can likewise be worn to the beach for a very delightful look. Wearing colors is a good thing it is a feeling of fun and happiness.

17. Matching Sets


Matching sets are a very beautiful means of switching up your sense of style for women. Using two sets of clothes prevents the stress of looking for matching fits and it is very easy to put together for a busy day. Fashion lovers constantly need to know the trends to allow them to fit into trends.

18. Jean Dungarees

[email protected]//Instagram

Dungarees, also known as jumpsuits, are made with jeans. This is a very well-put-together look that will be jaw-dropping. Every lady deserves to put on this fashionable style. Try wearing blue jeans, and this will also draw attention. As shown, try to zip down to expose your inner for a more chic appearance.

19. Black Maxi Dress


Owning a black dress is always necessary for a lazy day of picking out an outfit. They are easy to compliment with accessories, jewelry pieces, blazers, jackets, and so on. This is a very easy-to-work-with dress, and hence, you are advised to wear your own. Even with a maxi dress, your curves are still enhanced in the outfits you’ll like.

20. Short Denim Dress


Short dresses are meant for curvy ladies, and if you have them, flaunt them well enough. A micro-short dress is a simple outfit but stands out when worn. If you’re yet to own a denim dress you should consider purchasing one. This very compelling style will blend well with any occasion you like.

21. Corset Short Dress


Corset wear is to give a slim waistline at the waist, and this is the definition of owning perfect wear. A white short corset dress is simply a stylish style to go for. It can fit into an all-white theme party and be rocked for wedding parties. Have fun with your body regardless of whether being curvy or not for every lady.

22. Joggers And Bodysuits


Start off with sexy and conservative wear. This look is as modest as possible when going out and not too extravagant with your dress. Any color of joggers is perfect, but black is very comfortable to pair with any other bodysuit color. For a casual day, throw on a jogger with tops like bodysuits.

23. Long Slit Gown Style


Slit wear can also be rocked comfortably by curvy women. your curves do not stop you from looking as sexy as possible. With this long floral print wear, you can look sexy, especially with the right prints. Slits can be as long as possible based on choices. you’re also able to find more clothes for fancy occasions with long slit wear like this.

24. Skirts And Top


Skirts are not such a bad idea, although, some women do not enjoy putting on skirts, however, it is advisable to be able to explore your style with changes from time to time. Any top can be used with skirts but with the use of crop tops, it is more fascinating. To bypass the process of pairing colors and materials together, try out a two-piece set.

25. Turtleneck Body con Gown


Turtleneck wear is a major wear for the winter season and this is a base of winter wear. Wear a turtle neck gown that will define your body well enough and stand out gorgeously. Who said that curvy girls can’t also wear bodycon dresses then you must be wrong. This is a notable way to rock gowns nowadays.

26. Wide Leg Pants And Crop Top


Wearing wide-leg pants needs to be a trend nowadays. This is an essential thing that makes it stand out from other pant types. The wide leg gives more aesthetics to the look. wearing different types of clothes is major stuff for a fashion-intrigued person. A crop top is a woman’s best friend and with wide-leg pants, we are in love with your look.

27. Graphics Sweatshirts And Shorts


Either shorts or a tall woman with curves you need to wear clothes that will bring you out like a graphic sweatshirt. With shirts, so much drama can be inclined like fishnets, and tights and rocked with knee-high boots to complete well. Confidence is one of the sexiest things women need to have, wears like this help build up confidence. Try it out and you’re never going to regret it.

28. Leather Jumpsuit


If you can’t remember the last time you wore a jumpsuit you might want to rethink. A leather jumpsuit is very classy and different for curvy women. With this all-black jumpsuit, you’ll understand the beauty that the color and material add to your appearance when stepping into an occasion.

29. Checkered Skirt And Body Con Top


Every woman should own a checkered skirt. It is comfortable, attractive, and outstanding. It works with any body type, regardless of how curvy. Since the skirt is made of varying colors, wear a plain top to pair this attire together and blend in.

30. Off- Shoulder Gown Style


Even curvy girls can get into a black off-shoulder dress. This top with some feathers up front is very cute. The feathers are trendy and can help create attention to your upper side as well. Off-shoulder is recently getting more attention in the fashion industry than ever and needs to be worn better.

31. Classy High Waisted Skinny Jeans, High Neck Tops And Jacket


High-neck tops, as it implies, are often made to reach the neckline, which is more in trend now than ever. High-waisted jeans are best for curvy women and with a jacket, this is perfect to rock. For curvy girls, just because it is skinny jeans doesn’t automatically make it only for thin girls.

32. Pleated Skirt And Velvet Top


Velvet is a nice high-end material for ladies’ wear. the combination of a pleated skirt and top is something to dazzle over for an outfit. The key to wearing this is to ensure your cloth are tucked in neatly and paired with white sneakers.

33. Ripped Flare Jeans And Top


If you don’t really own flare jeans as a modern lady then you’re not ready to upgrade your fashion sense. Flare is a very elegant and simple piece. You can likewise have ripped jeans as curvy women for streetwear outfits for occasions that might involve wearing those types of clothes. For summer it is a combination you might want to try out.

34. Lace Midi Skirts With Blouse


Lace has a lot of detailing to it, only a curvy girl can put on a midi lace skirt and look beautiful. With crop tops, the key is to ensure the skirt is high-waisted to be able to fit well with the lace skirt. Wearing a monochrome look with this is also in trend and something you can try out as a lady.

35. Mini Skirt With Shirts


Don’t you love how this mini skirt sits pretty on her body? This is the goal of every lady when dressing up. Being curvy is not a crime to wear very short clothes, so long as you’re confident. Finessing is a major lookout for women, and with this denim skirt and shirt, slay your way away.


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