45 Cute Ankara Styles For Teens

Cute Ankara Styles For Teens

Whether you are a fashion designer who loves to make creative styles or simply a mother who would like to make amazing styles for her teenager then you will love the compilation of the latest Ankara styles in this article.

Ankara clothing is one of the biggest fashion trends for both males and females and there is no limit to how creative you can get with Ankara fabric.

It can be a bit hard to pull off the perfect styles for teenagers as they are pretty selective however designers have found a way to create amazing styles they can’t help but love, and these styles also inspire creating your style.

Teenagers are not going to be out of the 2024 ongoing latest Ankara styles. So, we have rounded up 40 cute Ankara styles for teens.

45 Cute Ankara Styles For Teenagers

Whether you are on the lookout for long, short gowns or a fabulous jumpsuit, there are many styles to pick from when it comes to Ankara prints. Your Ankara fashion archive will never be boring with the right inspiration. Here are 45 cute and trending Ankara styles for teens.

1. Ankara Ruffled Crop Top

Ankara Ruffled Crop Top
Image: @stitchesbyutti // Instagram

Ankara crop top designs such as this are circulating in trend and the design is not only for teenagers but also adults as well. There are many ways this can be styled, and also you can choose to go for a longer full-shoulder sleeve.

2. V-neck and Cap Sleeve Gown

 V-neck and Cap Sleeve Gown
Image: @atelierdiama // Instagram

This simple Ankara style is fitting for weddings and casual traditional parties. The v-neck design is not only cute and merges well with the cap sleeve, but it also sets a comfortable balance for the gown.

3. Mini Peplum Ankara Dress

Mini Peplum Ankara Dress
Image: @stitchesbyutti // Insatgram

The Peplum mini Ankara dress style is another gorgeous trendy outfit for teenagers, it also leaves room for creativity, and you can do a mother-daughter outfit vibe with it.

4. Short Sleeve Ankara Jumpsuit

Short Sleeve Ankara Jumpsuit
Image: @rinmclothing // Instagram

A jumpsuit is always a good choice for girls of any age range, it is simple and modest.

5. Mix and Match Ankara

Mix and Match Ankara
Image: @renicks_fashion_academy // Instagram

To get your daughter to attend that wedding in style, here is an ideal style that would not only look great on her but also an excellent style to know what her personal taste in fashion is.

6. The Classy Bridget Style

The Classy Bridget Style
Image: @bxfrox // Instagram

The bridge style can be described as the ideal stylish style for both teens and adults. The style is quite elegant but also simple enough to be recreated for occasions such as weddings or any traditional occasion. Your girl can go with any sleeve of her choice.

7. Emerald Fit And Flare Ankara Dress

Emerald Ankara Dress
Image; @the_ladymaker // Instagram

Everyone loves a fashionable outfit and that does not exclude your teenage daughter. Here is another lovely Ankara dress you can make for her, and also it looks comfortable. You can get this outfit as a ready-to-wear one.

8. Jumpsuit Ankara Style

Jumpsuit Anakara Style
Image: @sofia_elisa_diego // Instagram

Another awesome style you can rock with your daughter is this gorgeous romper suit. This is a sassy style your girl will surely love.

9. Wrap Flare Ankara Dress

Wrap Flare Ankara Dress
Image: @wearfrika // Instagram

This is a popular outfit idea, and it really looks comfortable and fashionable for all occasions.

10. Straight Pencil Gown With Cap Sleeve

Straight Pencil Gown With Cap Sleeve
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

This is a simple yet stylish gown idea every lady should add to their closet.

11. Mini Straight With Raglan Sleeve

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Image: @ankara.styles // Instagram

Teenagers Ankara fashion archive is just as interesting as that of the ladies. An exquisite style like this is currently in trend, and it’s not only ideal for teenagers but ladies and kids as well. You just have to get creative with it.

12. Simple Flare Sleeve Gown

Simple ankara dress
Image: @ankara_and_asoebi_styles // Instagram

Here is another classy style your baby girl and teenagers as well will surely love. They seem to love short gowns, so why not make it conservative with a design like this? This is cool for attending a wedding.

13. Cute Mini Ankara Style With Open Sides

Cute Ankara styles
Image: @ankara_and_asoebi_styles_ // Instagram

Mini gowns are everywhere, but if you want something that stands out, then here is one that can work. You can have this rock at any traditional event.

14. Cute Layered Ankara Dress

Cute Layered Ankara Dress
Source: Profil

A simple Ankara gown with layers and a net styling can’t go wrong either.

15. Ankara Gown With Cap Sleeve

 Ankara Gown With Cap Sleeve
Source: Ankaradesign

This is a style a teenager of any age will love to rock. The design is made to be reserved and cool for practically any party. If you are good with heels then feel free and if you are more into sneakers, you would also find this style very comfortable.

16. Boogie Ankara Gown With Star Tie

Boogie Ankara Gown With Star Tie
Image: @ankarasignature // Instagram

Have your baby girl looking all glamorous and ready to party in this boogie Ankara gown. This can be replicated for a small bride look.

17. Off Shoulder Short Gown

Off Shoulder Short Gown
Image: @ankara_asoebi // Instagram

We agree off-shoulder has been around for a while and it’s time you also have it made for that weekend owambe coming up.

18. Ankara Short

Ankara Short
Source: Tuko

Anakra shorts are perfect if you don’t have much fabric at hand. You can pair this with a jacket or kimono.

19. Emerald Sassy Ankara Gown

Emerald Sassy Ankara Gown
Image: @therealjinin // Instagram

Teenagers are always up for sassy and fun outfits which is one of the reasons we have selected this outfit.

20. V Ankara Tub Dress

V Ankara Tub Dress
Image: @ankarafashiongallery // Instagram

If you are looking for something more conservative but want a tub mini gown, then add net kimono to it.

21. Pencil Ankara Gown With Falling Shoulder

Pencil Ankara Gown With Falling Should
Image: @ankaradesigns // Instagram

Here is another outfit on the list that can’t go wrong. This is simple yet fancy and ideal for attending weddings or dinners.

22. Strapless Ankara Gown

Strapless Ankara Gown
Source: Stylevore

This is a gorgeous style and you are going to love how convenient it is. It is a style that allows you to stand out as a guest at a wedding. It’s perfect for teenagers and adults as well.

23. Tub Ankara Jumpsuit

 Tub Ankara Jumpsuit
Image: @zaineey’s blog // Instagram

Ankara styles are not just beautiful but you can get creative with them and come out with just the most fascinating style you can’t help but love. Tub Ankara jumpsuits are not only lovely but quite simple and can easily be paired with a jacket for a formal look.

24. High And low Sleeveless Ankara Style

High And low Sleeveless Ankara Style
Image: @alice // Instagram

The high and low Ankara style is perfect for all ages. It is great if you want a simple style but can’t make up your mind about how fancy you want. This can also be designed with sides high and low but to make it very comfortable for teenagers, the front and back are best recommended.

25. Trendy Ankara Playsuit

Trendy Ankara Playsuit
Source: Afrocosmopolitan

Playsuit is another Ankara style for teenagers we are in love with. This is a style that tends to stand out a lot and it can be worn to parties or casually at home.

26. Long Sleeve Ankara With Layers

 Long Sleeve Ankara With Layers
Image: @styledby_bosede // Instagram

Here is another fascinating Ankara style, it is perfect for weddings and suitable for all teenagers.

27. Ankara Shirt

Ankara Shirt
Image: @lovely_ladies_on_ankara_styles_ // Instagram

Ankara shirts have recently been introduced and we must admit it looks glamorous on teenagers of any age. It just needs a skirt or denim to complete the look.

28. Ankara Long Flay Gown

Source: Flipboard

We all love a long dramatic gown and what better way to rock in than with Ankara fabric!

29. Ankara Off-Shoulder With Belt Waist

Ankara Gown With Belt
Source: AfroCosmopolitan

Ankara styles need not be elaborate to be perfect. This is fancy with sneakers and if you are good with heels then you can have it paired with them instead.

30. Peplum Ankara Top

Peplum Ankara
Image: @brigsblog // Instagram

We all love a good Ankara top. A peplum top is the new trendy way to wear your Ankara top, and it’s classy.

31. Stylish Ankara Gown For Teenagers

 Stylish Ankara Gown For Teenagers
Source: Pinterest

Here is another stylish Ankara style you would want to have in your closet. It’s perfect for church.

32. Short Raglan Sleeve Ankara Gown

Short Raglan Sleeve Anakara Gown
Image: @afrocentric // Instagram

This is a fascinating ankara style and the sleeve makes all the difference in this Ankara style.

33. Ankara Crop Top Design

Ankara Crop Top Design
Image: @ankarastyles // Instagram

This is another cool top for teens. It pairs nicely with denim trousers or a skirt.

34. Ankara Straight Gown Design

 Ankara Straight Gown Design
Image: @Ankaraladies // Instagram

If you are bored with the normal straight gown design then here is another dimension you might want to take your Ankara style.

35. Long Ankara Boubou Style

Long Ankara Boubou Style
Image: @ankaracollections // Instagram

Boubou Ankara style is that astonishing style that can never be boring and it’s very comfortable as well.

36. Ankara Shorts And Blouse For Teens

Ankara Shorts And Blouse For Teens
Source: Pinterest

We are in love with this look, it’s not just stylish, but easy to make for any shape and figure.

37. Midi Ankara Gown Style

Midi Ankara Gown Style
Image: @lovely_ladies_on_ankara // Instagram

This is a style that allows you to go all out with your Ankara style. This is quite exotic but to make it less so, all you need to do is to keep it simple with a low split.

38. Ankara Jumpsuit For Teenagers

Anakara Jumpsuit For Teenagers
Image: @theladyvodkha // Instagram

Jumpsuits are pretty easy to style for teenagers and this is because it’s conservative and there are so many styles to choose from.

39. Latest Top Ankara Design For Teenagers

 Latest Top For Teenagers
Source: Fashion Style

Here is another stylish Ankara top for teenagers.

40. Ankara Patched Pocket Shirt And Short

Ankara Patched Pocket Shirt And Short
Image: @ankarastyles_ // Instagram

This is simply stunning and perfect if you love your Ankara styles to stand out. The shorts look amazing with the baggy top.

41. Simple Ankara Short Gown

Simple Ankara Short Gown
Image: @helenstyles // Instagram

Here is another simple cute gown that allows you to keep things cool and classy.

42. Ankara Butterfly Dress

 Ankara Butterfly Dress
Source: Opera News

The butterfly Ankara style has been around for a while and recently teenagers are finding it suitable for casual occasions.

43. Ankara Sleeveless Jumpsuit With Pockets

Ankara Sleeveless Jumpsuit With Pockets
Source: Pinterest

Long sleeve jumpsuits can become boring sometimes and if that happens, a strapless jumpsuit can help save the occasion.

44. Ankara Gown With Layered Sleeve

Ankara Gown With Layered Sleeve
Image: @_poshbydebb_ // Instagram

These sleeves are worth setting enviable trends. This might be in trend but rocking with a short flay gown is something that stands out.

45. Crop Top And Skirt For Teenagers

Ankara Crop Top And Skirt For Teenagers
Source: Afrikrea

Ankara crop top and skirt give liberty to a little funkiness. This style is tailored to give an elegant and fancy look. It is the perfect style to go for if you want to keep things stylish and less dramatic.

In Conclusion

When it comes to Ankara styles, everyone likes having a personal enviable style that starts and is no exception with teenagers either. Teenagers are known to go fancy styles and the most fascinating thing about Ankara styles is that there are so many ways it can be styled, and there are very limited ways it can go wrong.

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