13 Fashion & Styling Tips to Look Expensive on A Low Budget

fashion styling tips

Want to look inexpensively expensive? Ooshey we got you!

No sane person wants to move around naked and we all want to be put on some form of clothing and of course look our best.

You do not have to break the bank, whether you like buying more clothes at lower prices or to by just one once in a while for the price of fifteen clothes, we still got you.

Trends come and go, how do you need to look all expensive at all times and season? That’s why we are here with 13 fashion and styling tips to make you look expensive on a tiny budget. Let’s get started!

1. Have an eagle eye

To look inexpensively expensive, you have to have an eagle eye. What am I talking about?

You have to have an eye for luxury-looking high-quality pieces, you need to be able to pay attention to details, let your perfectionist side be awakened.

Done that?

Then we can start! Mind you, you could spend a lot of money on a clothing item and still might not look well put together if you lack on this attribute.

2. Keep it simple

Styling Tips
Image: the_real_chi // Instagram

Simplicity reduces the heaviness of life, fashion is a part of your life. A style is an expression of yourself through how you dress.

Keep it simple. The more simple you dress, the more elevated you’ll look. Too much of everything everywhere gives a cheap look. a good approach to this is going monochromatic. You can bet on this one, it gives a totally classic look.

3. Do Minimalist Fashion

Minimalist/Styling tips
Image: Instagram

Having a minimalist approach towards style and fashion doesn’t mean boring and also doesn’t mean you have to be constrained to pale and neutral colors.

This concept means that you should approach your closet with an intentional intent, let your choice of clothes fit your lifestyle, let it express you with an aim of owning high-quality pieces that you love and will last for years. Own fewer clothes that serve a purpose with quality and not so many that look shabby.

For example, if you have 3,000 Naira for a wristwatch, instead of buying 3 wristwatches that look not all put together, buy one that looks classic and expensive. Less is more.

Imagine you open your closet and you see a couple of clothes and pieces that you definitely love, first off, no matter what you pick, it would make you feel confident and amazing.

You would feel less confused about what to wear each time and you would be familiar with what you love and what you don’t. This is a great step toward achieving that inexpensively expensive-looking wardrobe.

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