13 Fashion & Styling Tips to Look Expensive on A Low Budget

fashion styling tips

4. The Rule of 3’s

Rule of 3's/Styling tips
Image: Instagram

The rule of 3’s has to do with your pieces combination, when you wear your cashmere top and ankle length pants, you should consider wearing a blazer on this 2-piece as it gives the look a more elevated look. Hats, faux fur, scarfs, and turbans could also do the trick.

5. Go Brandless

Go bramdless/Styling tips
Image: Style Caster

Well, maybe not totally brandless. It’ll surprise you to find really good pieces that are quite affordable just because they aren’t branded. Check around for such items and they would you do you a great favor on your mula :).

6. Master your favorite designer and get yourself a tailor

Get yourself a tailor/Styling tips
Image: WOGM

Are you a Gucci freak, a Prada fanatic or you are in love with that latest D&G collection? Well, get yourself a tailor. Become convenient with the designs, study them and replicate what you love. Simple.

7. Match your shoe to your bag

Matching shoes and bag/Styling tips
Image: Chicamastyle//Instagram

This is some old school trend that looks totally classic. Matching your shoes to your bag gives you an automatically elevated look. The elegance that comes from this style never ever goes out of fashion. To make this perfect, let the matching colors be a detail from whatever you might be wearing.


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