Types Of Heels: 25 Different Heel Types For Every Woman

Did you know that there are different types of heels? There should be a dictionary for heels.

Every heel has its own typical name, interesting right? Every young woman out there cannot deny her affection for heels. Want to know the name of that type of shoe you heart so much? Or get a chance to decide which you love best? Then keep reading.

You will have to agree with our speculation that when you think of something that can instantly make your outfit more glamorous, what comes to mind is heels and if you are no fan of heels then you should know there is so much to choose from and with that in mind, you should as well find the perfect heels that suit your fashion taste in this post.

Heels spice up your outlook, no matter what you wear on heels, it is absolutely beautiful and now let’s give you the names of these heels so you know which to look for exactly if and when you’re in the market for one.

Which type of heels is the most comfortable?

Wearing heels and being comfortable with it no matter how long you have to stay on your feet is vital for a lot of ladies, some heels take time to get used to while some come with balanced pumps to make them comfortable for you, and here are 4 of those.

1. Wedge

This is the best pick even for summer, it’s well balanced and comfortable, will keep your weight balanced and supported throughout, and even more perfect if you are wearing heels for the first time.

2. Ankle Boot

The ankle boot is another form of the heel that keeps your feet balanced and comfortable, it’s also a heel you can trust during cold weather.

3. Platform Heels

Platform heels are also another perfect choice, the platform rests at the bottom of the shoe and blends in without altering the look but elevates your entire feet and not just the heels which make it an even more comfortable choice of heels.

4. Thick (Cone) Heels

Cone heels obviously give you more support than thin heels, it’s very comfortable almost like a wedge, just make sure to go for the thick and sturdier ones.

25 Different Types Of Heels

If you have a phobia of high heels, you should find one you can get comfortable with and stay balanced, and also for those who love it tall and slinky, here are the different types of heels for you to choose from. We grouped these type of heels into three different categories:

  • High Heels
  • Medium Heels
  • Low Heels

Types of High Heels

These are for the heel professionals as they are really high and can achieve the best intimidating posture a lady desires.

1. High Strappy Heels

Strappy Heels
Source: Boutique

Strappy heels can instantly spice up any occasion, it is fun and quite classy. These are very similar to stilettoes but with straps to help you stay comfortable and protect your hosiery.

2. Ankle Strap Heels

different types of heels

If you are not really into stilettos heels, this is a good substitute as the straps on the ankle can help hold it firmly and keep from swinging too much,  you could get one as tall as stilettos if you are good with it, and also if you are conscious of your legs, then ankle strap is your quick bet.

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3. Cork Heels

Cork Heels
Cork High Heels

This is made of cork as the name states and this has made the heel perfect for those who love high heels but want to keep it balanced. This one is perfect if you are against stilettos and the materials are cushioned.

4. Ribbon Lace Up Heels

Ribbon Lace up Heels
Source: Dumpingjr.com

Ribbon lace-up heels are very similar to the ankle strap as they provide hold to the ankle and are made most times with ribbons. They have lace straps and they could be longer or in form of buckles.

5. Corset Heels

Corset Heels
Source: Pinterest

This is another heel type you can’t help but love. The corset heels are definitely fancy and glamorous for all kinds of occasions and the corsets make it quite comfortable and easy for beginners to rock.

6. Espadrille Heels

Espadrille Heels
Source: Pinterest

The espadrille heel has gained popularity this year and we must say, it’s worthy of all the attention. If you are comfortable in higher heeld and have a thing for wedges then this gives you a combination of both.

7. Stilettos

Image: @idia.aisien // Instagram

This is the founder of all heels. Beginners, you do not want to start with this, heels experts can’t help but have these in their shoe rack, these particular heels can be 4 to 6 inches tall and mostly for petite and average heights, they love how it can make them taller, it is not just a stiletto though if it is not tall and slinky.

8. Pumps

Images: @sergiolevantesi// Instagram

Pumps are simply high heels and pumps are the closest to stilettos and the only difference is their front is flat to the floor.

9. Platform Heels

different types of heels
Images: @mindy_jinx// Instagram

These are called platform heels because the shoe under the sole is thick, they are very comfortable as the thick sole helps the foot balance well in it.

10. Cut Out Heels

cut out types of heels
Image: Lily Lulu Fashion

These are becoming more trendy and fashionable these days, mostly for those who like it bold and daring, it is 3 to 4 inches high, really looks cut out but absolutely gorgeous.

11. Fashion Heels

Image: @realmercyaigbe// Instagram

Fashion heels have their heels designed by different designers, you can get one fashioned according to the designers you wear.

Types Of Medium Heels

Anyone can actually go for medium heels, they’re not too high and not too low.

12. Peep Toes

types of heels
Truffle collections

This is not called peep toes for anything as it really has the toes peeping out, very comfy and easy to slay in, but as comfy as peep toe is, won’t recommend it for learners and if going to be worn should not be too tall tho.

13. Wedge Heels

Images: @deehotties_wedges // Instagram

Learners can start with this, wedges are comfortable and balanced. Wedges are in different heights, depending on how tall you want them but no matter the height, you can guarantee it is balanced.

14. Cone Heels

cone heels
Image: Ash Footwear

Cone heels are exactly what they are called, cone, this heels has a funny look to them but really fashionable and with the nice outfit, it is good to go. Cone heels have very thick heels and pretty balanced as well.

15. Kitten Heels

kitten heels

These are very short and have pointed heels, very comfortable, kitten heels are the best to go for if you do not like your heels too tall.

types of heels
Image: @olarsgrace // Instagram

This heel has straps, only at the back but keeps your leg tucked in firmly and if you do not like your heels with too much pump, slingback heels are good options.

Types Of Low/Balanced Heels

These are the best heels beginners can start with, you can go for the low ones or the ones that are well balanced with thick soles.

17. Chunky Heels

types of heels
Image: @cocoa.fashionistas // Instagram

Chunky heels are like stilettoes but have a bulky heel, easy to walk with, and gives as much class as the stilettoes.

18.  High Heeled Boots/Ankle Boots

Image: @laveeempire// Instagram
Ankle boots, Image: istock

You might want to scrape the open leg heels for the high-heeled boots during cold weather and not just that but it is really sexy and bold, and the same goes for the ankle boots as well, very comfy.

19. Spool Heels

Spool heels have thick heels but look more like double heels as they are not too thick and with a cutting edge as well

20. Gladiator Heels

Image: @thecovechic// Instagram

These heels are so sexy, basically suited for short dresses. They can be high though but the robes tied around the leg keeps it firmly in place and easily adjusted to.

21. Mules

Image: @luisatoledooficial// Instagram

Mules are that heels that come out looking high at the top, although you could have an open or closed mule the height of the heel can vary too.

22. Wedge Sandals

Image: @nicollette.vuzet// Instagram

There are wedge heels that can be a little bit intimidating for learners but wedge sandals are the best option as they are not only low and balanced but worn like a sandal as well.

23. Oxford Cone Heel

Source: Pinterest

Oxford heels are sharp-looking shoes perfect for casual and smart outfits. They are great staple shoes for comfort.

24. Cuban Heels

Cuban heels
Source: Women heels

This is another really interesting balanced heel for any formal events. These heels are low with solid-like block heels.

25. Flared Strappy Heel

Flared Strappy Heels
Image: Lulus // Instagram

These heels draw inspiration from the bell-bottom heels and ladies find it perfect for pairing with skirts and penciled trousers. They are flared out wide at the bottom which makes them really comfortable.

How do I stop falling in heels?

Often times wearing comfortable and sturdier heels might not be able to keep you from falling in those heels especially if you are a beginner in heels wearing.

Here are 5 tips on how you can stop falling in heels.

1. Start With Good Posture

A good posture is a foundation to maintain heels hence why it’s important to stand in your heels with the right posture, make sure your body is relaxed, your arms loose, and stays on your sides.

2. Make Sure Your Heels Fit

Go for heels that fit your foot perfectly, not too large to avoid wobbling and not too small to avoid pinching your toes which could both be uncomfortable. Fitted heels will also help to maintain and support your posture.

3. Scrape Your Heels Bottom

It’s vital to make sure the bottom of your heels is flat to the ground and not so pointy that you could lose your balance if it comes in contact with an object on the floor. You can scrap the bottom with sandpaper to keep it flattened and smooth.

4. Straighten Your Core And Look Straight Ahead

Having a straight core will make it easy to carry those heels gracefully and even run in them, always look straight ahead to avoid hitting your foot on crates or curbs that might be in your path.

5. Maintain Your Natural Step

There is no reason to change your natural step as it might be uncomfortable walking in a step you are not used to. It’s natural to walk in flat shoes by placing your weight from heels to toes on it hence you can take the same approach while wearing heels too.

Fashion won’t be complete if you do not mention heels, this might not be all on the heels dictionary as fashionistas keep creating new ones every day but these are the best type of heels every lady should have.

We’re open to feedback, Did we miss anything? Talk to us using the comment form below 🙂

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