How to Choose The Right Shoe For Your Outfit

how to choose the right shoes

Are you a lover of all kinds of footwear? And you can’t seem to understand how to combine them with your outfits? Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and when it comes to shoes we can say they are almost every girl’s diamond.

The idea of owning the largest shoe and bag rack sounds appealing to every lady but let’s just be a little conservative here and give you some scope on how you can pick the perfect footwear for that outfit. You do not even need the largest shoe rack for these.

Finding the right footwear to compliment your outfit can be a little tricky right? The first step we recommend is to have a pair of all footwears to make combining easy.

Now let’s get down to the main business of showing you how it’s done.

1. Professional Outfits (Wedges, Heels)

foowtwears for the right outfit
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You are in formal attire and you might want to be on comfortable footwear, you do not want to have to talk to a client or your boss and at the same time worrying you are putting on the wrong footwear.

Do not wear heels that might be too high as that can be really intimidating, if you are no fans of heels, then wear a nice wedge, wedges come in different height, get a well-polished wedge in your desired height make sure the color suits your outfit and you are good to go.

2. Short Dress/Skirt (Gladiators, Sneakers)

foowtwears for the right outfit
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Worried about putting on clumsy footwear on a short dress or short skirt for heel lovers you are good to go and if you love sneakers perfect as well, also some fancy sandals will surely look good on it. Get the right color, a well-poised heel, sneakers can be black or white, and you are ready to party.

3. Long Dress/Skirt (Heels, Wedges, Fancy Sandals)

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It’s a long dress and no rules says you can’t rock those long heels with it, go as long as you can and if its fancy sandals you love, get a nice pair and rock them with it, most long dresses covers your footwear so you do not have to worry about it sticking out but for extra height go with heels. Wedges are also a nice option.

4. Gym Outfits (Sneakers, Gym Boot, Tennis Shoes)

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Nice tennis shoe, boots(not large boot) or sneakers will get you grooving smoothly which working out, you should make sure any gym shoes you pick are not pinching your legs as you will not want to end up with sore feet at the end.

5. Jean And T-shirt (Sandals, Ballerina Slippers, Sneakers)

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Going for just casual top and jean then you are free to rock whatever footwears suit you with it, even heels have no rules against it, spice it up with sneakers if you want and if you find polished slippers as well, the main trick is to combine it well.

6. Palazzo Pant/Bootcuts (Heels/Wedges or Ankle Boots)

footwear to wear with the right outfit
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Just like long skirts and gowns, it is very easy for your footwear to be covered up unless they are short palazzo’s. You can spice them up with heels, wedges for those who don’t wear heels and wedge, a nice pair of sandals will do just fine.

7. Track Suits (Tennis Shoes, Heels)

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Some styles do not need too many speculations, just get a smart tennis shoe or heels and you could not have worn those tracksuits better.

When in confusion and doubt though on which footwear suit which outfits, remember a nice pair of heels or wedge is the answer as this footwears are not so choosy and will gladly match any outfit.

Shoes are sorted, another major cause of concern is your bags then you should read how to choose the right bag for the right occasion.

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