9 Bambam Gram Styles That Are So On Point

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When it comes to female celebrities and fashion, they do know how to impress their fans, with a different fabric to create simple, dramatic and amazing styles that are worth setting trends with and speaking of trends….

Bamike Olawunmi popularly known as bambam is one of the best female Nigerian celebrities in the fashion world with a trendsetting goal and she has class to add to it, the former big brother roommate has wowed her followers on Instagram with her choice of design these last couple of days.

Bambam styles are simply worth taking a peg or two from and if you are a designer with a keen eye for fashion, you might find these styles worthy of a 2019 fashion catalog.

9 Bambam Styles That Got People Talking

Choosing a favorite from these styles might be a little bit complicated as we found them all enchanting, below are the 9 most talks about the style of Bammybestowed on Instagram.

1. Off Shoulder Layer Dress

Bamike olawunmi stylish styles
Image: @bambam // Instagram

We do not think many can stylishly pull an outfit like that off and still look this classy and glamorous, it’s simple but yet distinct and amazing. Her flawless skin and beauty also did some justice to the beautiful design and we think her designer deserves some kudos too.

2. V-Neck Short Ball Gown

Bamike olawunmi styles
Image: @bambam // Instagram

If you planning to attend a ball and couldn’t come up with a style that suits it, you might want to take a second look at this, it’s elegant and elaborate enough to suit all kinds of occasion. The style would definitely get some noteworthy attention.

3. Turtle Neck With Half Sleeve Long Gown

Bamike Olawunmi
Image: @bambam // Instagram

An elegant and exotic style is a rare combination in style yet it can be found in this simple and unique gown, it’s simply stunning and we love the glitters on that fabric.

4. Simple Gown With Kimono Jacket

bamike olawunmi styles
Image: @bambam // Instagram

A sweet stylish style that gives you and your designer no stress at all, this style can be termed the homegirl outfit, casual and yet fancy.

5. A Majestic Kimono Outfit

Bamike olawunmi styles
Image: @bambam // Instagram

She does look majestic with this elegant style and her hair did compliment her look too, totally adorable and fitting, this is a style that would definitely make a model out of anyone.

6. One  Hand  Sleeve  GownBamike

This is a style a lot can relate with, it’s easy to recreate and did trend on Instagram for some time, other fashion enthusiasts did find a way to make it even more interesting.

7. Net Gown With Flower Design

bamike styles
Image: @bammybestowed // Instagram

This might be called dramatic and elaborate which would be perfect for a glamorous party or cocktail event, the style would surely stand out and the attention might be never-ending.

8. Blazer Jumpsuit With Rings

bamike olawunmi styles
Image: @bammybestowed // Instagram

This jumpsuit should be getting a second and third consideration in your wardrobe, this is another way to make a jumpsuit stand out, it’s elegant and suitable for elaborate event.

9. A Dramatic Gown With Deep Split And V-neckline

Bamike olawunmi stylish styles
Image: @bammybestowed // Instagram

Glamorous might be an understatement for this style, the gorgeous Bambam did know how to make a style stand out with her graceful shape and classic beauty, the glitters makes the design more fascinating and that is needed in every ladies wardrobe.

You can be sure Bambam did not win her followers with just her beauty alone, her taste in fashion must have done some of that too, we couldn’t pick a favorite as we love them all but we are guessing you found a favorite, leave us a comment in the box below and ensure to follow us on Instagram @thrivenaija for more updates on celebrities and fashion.

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