CelebsThatRockE5: The Most Beautiful Celeb Styles From Last Week

thrivenaija celeb styles

Female celebrities never cease to impress us with different styles every week and we never hesitate to bring those styles to you so you can take a peg or two from it, every celebrity regardless of their arear of entertainment always strive to make the best of every occasion hence why they always try to dress in the best and trendiest styles, most of them can be referred to as trendsetters.

You can rest assured you won’t be bored with the styles we have carefully selected, pretty different from our last week selection, this is hotter and prior to their follows on Instagram reaction, we can say fascinating.

Only the most beautiful styles from beautiful celebrities did grace this post so do have a great time checking them out.

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1. Bonang Matheba

Thrivenaija celebrity styles
Image: @bonang matheba // Instagram

Bonang Matheba did have a way with yellow dresses and here is no exception, the lace print gown is indeed beautiful and her skin also did bring some lights to them and she has always been known as the queen of fashion with her tastes in designs.

2. Toke Makinwa

Thrivenaija celebrity styles
Image: @toke makinwa // Instagram

Toke Makinwa did impress us with a style like that, it’s really fascinating and looks effortless which makes it even more interesting, a button-up shirt in the most dramatic fashion we have ever seen, really beautiful and she is sure to kickstart a trend with a style like that.

3. Juliet Ibrahim

Thrive naija celebrity styles
Image: @ julietibrahim // Instagram

This beautiful diver did launch a book just the week before we are not just praising her style but saying congratulations to her, she did some justice to that culture gown, perfect wear for a red carpet or glamorous event.

4. Kelly Rowland

Thrive naija celebrity styles
Image: @kellyrowland // Instagram

The beautiful actress did look all beautiful and shiny in that barbie dress and we can’t help but love the simple look, a look that can be easily recreated for a fancy dinner or casual outing with friends.

5. Adunni Ade

weekend celebrity styles
Image: @iamadunniade // Instagram

We must admit Adunni Ade did make that red dress look absolutely gorgeous, not everyone could pull off a red dress and make it this stunning, red did look good on her skin and we love the subtle slit added to the style to give it some sexy look.

6. Lind Osifo

weekly celebrity style
Image: @lindaosifo // Instagram

This is one outfit we are sure is going to set a trend, not for its beauty but how simple and effortless the look is, not overly dramatic and could work its magic at practically all occasion, the beautiful actress made it even more stunning with her flawless beauty.

7. Ayo Adesanya

Weekly Celebrity Styles
Image: @ayo Adesanya// Instagram

Ayo Adesanya did look fabulous in that outfit, we love the dramatic layer and it did add some flare and class to her look, the dress was courtesy of her birthday and we do wish her a belated happy birthday with lots of love.

8. Dakore Egbuson

Weekly celebrity styles
Image: @dakoreea // Instagram

Dakore Egbuson has always been a lover of fashion, she is good at making modern and ancient come alive in a classy and beautiful way. She did wear that trouser well and if you ever need a superb office outfit, this is not bad at all.

We hope you had fun perusing what your favorite celebrities wore over the week, fashion keeps getting better hence why these celebrities always have new styles to show off every week. For more celebrity styles and fashion gist, ensure to follow us on Instagram @thrivenaija to keep you updated.

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