CelebsThatRockE4: The Most Beautiful Celeb Styles From Last Week

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We must admit how enamored we are by celebrity styles, they have a fascinating way of showing off styles off and on Instagram and interestingly these styles might be worth taking a peg or two from, these styles rate from weddings, casual outings, friends handout and they are impeccable designs.

Our weekly roundup consists of celebrities you absolutely love for not just their beautiful face but styles as well.

Every new day comes with new styles and the fastest way to get informed of these styles is from these amazing celebrities, their designers sure deserve some accolades.

Trendiest Styles Your Celebrities Wore Over The Weekend

If you are looking for inspiration on styles these weekend then you are reading the right post, here are 15 styles your favorites celebrities wowed us with over the weekend and Instagram hasn’t stopped talking about it.

1. Ini idima Okojie

thrive naija celebrity style
Image: @inidimaokojie // Instagram

The beautiful actress always has an aura that speaks trendsetter and fashionista, her styles are simple but yet unique and over the weekend, this style has been much appreciated and loved by almost all her Instagram followers.

2. Mo Abudu

Celebrity styles
Image: @moabudu // Instagram

This beautiful entrepreneur knows her styles and has a way of impressing us with amazing wedding styles you can totally copy, her styles are in trend and quite classy.

3. Ink Eze

celebrity style
Image: ink Eze // Instagram

Ink Eze styles do come as no surprise as she is a style mogul herself, she knows her styles and does not hesitate to strut it with her beautiful figure and also do not hesitate to notice her styles are perfect for owambe.

4. Mimi Orjiekwe

Image: mimorjiekweng

Mimi Orijekwe has styles and does pull if off with charisma and confident, and interesting style for a red carpet of more formal party

5. Berverly Naya

Celebrity styles
Image: beverlynaya // Instagram

Beverly Naya is one gorgeous babe we love her style, she usally combines modern with ancient and still manage to make it look fabulous.

6. Linda Osifo

Celebrity styles
Image: lindosifo // Instagram

We would have to choose this as a favorite, simply fascinating and a style lots of fashionistas can relate with, we can say it’s simple but we love the jumpsuit style and net design that comes with it.

7. Nkiru Umeh

celebrity styles
Image: angelnikky // Instagram

Nkiru Umeh is one fashionista you can’t get bored of her styles, she makes the best party styles and can give you an idea on the styles you want for a weekend wedding or even a casual occasion.

Celebrities styles keep getting better practically every week so trust us to bring the best of their styles for you, for more fascinating styles follow us on Instagram @thrivenaija.

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