29 Beautiful Owambe Outfits Ideas (July Edition)

owambe outfit ideas july

The most stunning styles this 2019 deserves some accolades, and we’re doing justice to just that here at ThriveNaija.com.

We’re resuming our monthly owambe outfit ideas and this is the July edition. The styles featured in this edition are totally hot and making waves on Instagram and as the fashion babe that you are, you do not want to miss out on them.

Does an important occasion mean an expensive aso ebi or lace fabric perhaps? That requires a jaw-dropping style to complete it, we have made collections of some styles that you would find irresistible, they are the latest and prettiest styles that are seen everywhere at Nigerian parties.

You want to look chic and step out in style or more interestingly turn heads at the occasion, without further ado, let’s get started on these beautiful owambe styles we have compiled just for you.

Parties are even more fun when you are putting a style that draws attention like a magnet and here are 29 outfits to get you grooving at parties.

1. Mercy Aigbe’s Owambe Outfit

Latest owambe edition
Image: @ realmercyaigbe// Instagram

Unique is an understatement for this outfit, we are so in love with it and we are sure you can’t help but find it fascinating too. Mercy Aigbe is a beautiful actress that could be trusted to give us the best in owambe styles.

2. Simple Long Sleeves Gown With Drape And Gele

Owambe Styles Edition
Image: @ asoebistyles// Instagram

Owambe styles keep getting interesting and exotic is what we think of this style, a traditional wedding would compliment these outfit.

3. Fringe Sleeve Gown

July Owambe Edition
Image: @ asoebistyles// Instagram

July edition is obviously lit as these styles are beyond hot, all you need to pull this style off is a beautiful smile and you would be the center of attention.

4. Off Shoulder With Attached Cape

July Owambe Styles
Image: @ asoebibella// Instagram

This is highly recommended if you love a style that looks effortless but still pulls the right attention.

5. Simple Stylish Gown With Long Waist Drapes

July Owambe Outfits
Image: @ asoebibella// Instagram

We do not think this style could have looked more stunning but without those drapes and it would be more gorgeous.

6. Owambe Style With Island Princess Theme

July Owambe Outfit Idea
Image: @ asoebistyles// Instagram

This is one style you can be sure would have people asking you, what inspired you and you can be sure they would get you, best-dressed wedding guest.

7. Full Body Fringe Design

July owambe styles
Image: @ asoebistyles// Instagram

If you do not mind your fabric being laced with fringes to give you some alluring design then you really should try this style.

8. Flower Sleeve In Body Sleek Skirt And Blouse

July Owambe Edition
Image: @ chidinma// Instagram

Looks like a gown but a closer look reveals it’s a skirt and a gown and Chidinma makes this style look beautiful.

9. Long Sleeves With Flower Bud Design

July Owambe Edition
Image: @ asoebistyles// Instagram

Classy and graceful, another style trending for owambe ideas.

10. Sleeveless Gown With Split

July Owambe Styles
Image: @ owambestyles // Instagram

This is simple yet enchanting, another fabulous style to grace an occasion with.

11. Net Long Sleeves And Dramatic Gown

July owambe edition
Image: @ owambestyle// Instagram

This is also another style you must have as it’s perfect for a formal traditional wedding.

12. Simple Flattering Gown With Side Curve Designs

July owambe edition 2019
Image: @ owambeoutfit // Instagram

Who wouldn’t love to step out in a classy way with this beautiful style, beyond stunning is still an understatement for this owambe design.

13. Waist Belt Blouse And A Puffy Sleeve

July owambe edition 2019
Image: @ asoebibella// Instagram

We have decided to leave the description of this particular style to you as no beautiful words can qualify it.

14. Tub Gown With Folded Layers

July owambe edition 2019
Image: @ owambestyles// Instagram

This is probably one of the simplest owambe styles that you can rock effortlessly.

15. Short Attached Sleeve With Dramatic Large Layer

July Owambe Edition 2019
Image: @asoebistyles// Instagram

A look you can recreate and still love the result is the style above, it gives a beautiful edge to look and you can pull off a bold daring look with it.

16. Buttercup Design And Pearl Outfit

July owambe outfit 2019
Image: @owambe styles // Instagram

This is one of those styles that do not need lots of makeups to make it noticeable, its beauty would speak for itself. Perfect for the reception and weddings.

17. Round Buttoned Up Collar Long Gown With Feathers

July 2019 sty;le owambe
Image: @owambe style// Instagram

How can a wedding be boring when you are wearing a dress as superb and adorable as this? All you need is a good tailor to recreate this.

18. Buba And Sokoto With Agbada

July 2019 owambe styles
Image: @wanablis_online// Instagram

Who says a woman can’t wear agbada just like a man and it looks even more beautiful when worn by a woman.

19. A Cute Gown With Thick Furs

July 2019 owa,mbe styles
Image: @ skenteleblog // Instagram

An interesting choice if you are the bride’s sister and if you need have to hit the dance floor then ditch the thick furs.

20. Double Styles

July 2019 Owambe Styles
Image: @ asoebi_bella// Instagram

Whichever one of these styles you go with, you would still be the special guests at the owambe.

21. Different Sleeves With Simple Gown And Split

July 2019 Owambe styles
Image: @ asoebi_bella// Instagram

The three styles are too good to ignore and would make nice bridesmaid styles.

22. Gold Material Design On Long Wavy Gown

July Owambe styles
Image: @ asoebibella// Instagram

This is adorable and if you ever doubt a family wedding before then we hoped this style gave you some inspiration.

23. A Raglan Sleeve Hand Gown

July Owambe Style
Image: @ owambestyle// Instagram

Thought you have seen all kinds of sleeves but this beats imagination, simple but interesting idea of a sleeve.

24. Iro And Buba With Fringes

July Owambe Edition
Image: @ kialaphotography// Instagram

Fringes are really interesting styles to add to a fabric, makes it look classy and also one of the latest ways to make owambe style beautiful.

25. One Hand Sleeve With Side Rose And Net

July Owambe Styles
Image: @stevechuksphotography// Instagram

The calm look she wore even makes us decide this style is worth being in this post, the style is beautiful and owambe worthy.

26. Body Wrap Owambe Ankara Style

July owambe outfits
Image: @ layp_mi_// Instagram

Another owambe style you do not want to miss this season of fashion, you would find it suits a cool calm event with no drama.

27. Toke Makinwa Unique Owambe Style

July Owambe Edition
Image: @ tokemakinwa// Instagram

The beautiful radio presenter is a fashion icon that we do not mind coping, her styles are a real trendsetter for owambe.

28. Stylish Owambe Design

July owambe styles
Image: @owambestyle// Instagram

This is everything you want in style and glamour, it’s a combination of ancient and modern style, really fascinating and well incorporated to suit all event.

29. Quater Gown With Dramatic Designs

July Owambe ideas
Image: @ asoebibella// Instagram

This puts a cap on all style classy and modern, a style that gets you grooving and feeling your self, it’s simple and yet fancy which we think makes it perfect for owambe.

These styles are definitely hot and stunning and hopefully, it inspired your next owambe style. Fashion keeps getting better and more owambe styles are being created so ensure you follow us on Instagram @thrivenaija to get more style inspiration.

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