15 Unique Owambe Outfit Ideas (August Edition)

owambe outfit ideas august edition

Are you ready for our owambe style ideas August edition? This month we decided to keep things simple and served strictly simple and unique owambe outfit styles that wowed us, read on.

Owambe has always been held in high esteem, and one of the best ways to make these parties noteworthy is to wear an elegant aso-ebi design that makes the party more memorable and might even get you on the list of the best-dressed guest which can be flattering.

An important occasion often means purchasing expensive aso ebi which in turn means you have to sew it into a beautiful elegant style you can always re-wear and love.

Our past owambe edition always contains a massive list of latest styles and here we bring you our August edition which has even more stunning designs from our previous ones.

Thrive Naija’s Unique Owambe Styles (August Edition)

Unique is an understatement for these styles we have carefully gathered and also lots’ celebrities find them worth recreating. Choosing a favorite has become almost impossible as they are all trendsetting styles hence we leave the decision to your keen fashion eye.

1. Petal Side Slit Gown

owambe august edition
Image: @ceec_official // Instagram

Cee c has often been regarded as an interesting fashion icon, her taste in styles are top-notch and this particular style above was worn for a traditional wedding, it can even be recreated with a different design and all you need is the right tailor for that.

2. Low Neckline With Wrap Waistline And Front Split

owambe style edition
Image: @kehindebankole // Instagram

Another enigmatic and beautiful design worn by Kehinde Bankole who is also a fashion icon and celebrity, her styles are also worth taking note of, this is a simple yet alluring style you can trust to make you center of attention at that owambe.

3. Net Neckline On A Body Drap Gown

owambe august edition
Image: @asebibella // Instagram

We are totally in awe at how simple yet adorable this style is, pretty rare but you can also find something more eye-catching to add to it.

4. Sleeve Cross Blouse And Flare Skirt

owambe august edition
Image: @asoebibella // Instagram

Nothing makes you feel good than appearing in a skirt and blouse that makes you comfortable and at the same time fashionable, the style above is highly termed classy and trendy.

5. Line Sleeve Neckline Gown With Feathers

owame edition
Image: @owambeuk // Instagram

This might be different from regular everyday owambe style as it’s the latest style and found to be really interesting, the design is stunning.

6. Stylish Puff Sleeve Gown

owambe styles
Image: @cowambestyles // Instagram

If you would like a style that is not overly dramatic but still makes you stand out in glam, the style above would do just fine, it’s elegant which makes it even more perfect for a simple wedding.

7. Ruffled Blouse And Skirt

owambe styles
Image: @antolecky // Instagram

Skirt and blouse are always easy to fall on for an elaborate owambe and getting the right style that suits might be tricky but not with the style above, it can be worn for practically all occasions.

8. Long Sleeves With Front Bow And Edge Layered Gown

owambe styles
Image: @queenola2 // Instagram

This design might convince you to finally give lace fabric a chance, it’s suiting to the fabric and looks really stylish, the style even looks more exotic being worn by Queen Olaitan, who has a keen eye for designs.

9. Blended Skin Net With Stylish Waist Wrap Gown

owambe styles
Image: @sharonooja // Instagram

There seems to be no end to how blended skin net can be used, looks really invisible in the style above, Sharon Ooja did wear the outfit well too, being a fashion enthusiast herself.

10. Dramatic Pleated Dress With Layer Cape

owambe styles
Image: @bellanaijaweddings // Instagram

Another jaw-dropping style for an elaborate event, the style is highly recommended if you plan to stand out at a family wedding, a true owambe style if you permit us to say.

11. Bond Net Sleeve Tub Dress With Split

owambe styles
Image: @nigeriaweddings // Instagram

Right from fashion hat down to the split is absolutely stunning, the style is a perfect chic design and would surely be in trend for a very long time, it’s worth having among your owambe outfits.

12. Frill Sleeves With Fringes

owambe styles
Image: @nigeriaweddings // Instagram

A glamorous owambe needs no stressful style these days, this style did fascinate a lot of people on Instagram, not for its simplicity we guess but for the way it passes as conservative and elegant at the same time.

13. Pleated Gown With Attached Cape

owambe styles
Image: @nigeraiweddings // Instagram

This style have always been worn without the cape attached to it, but recently designers decided to heighten it and we must say the addition of the cape makes the style more adorable and worth adding to your party outfits.

14. Mini Gown With Side Drape

owambe styles
Image: @asoebi_styles // Instagram

This is not just another mini gown, it has all it takes to pass for an elaborate owambe, can be easily termed unique and practical, also another decent way you can sew a mini gown and still garner all the right attention.

15. One Hand Bell Sleeves Gown With Net Drape

owambe styles
Image: @nina_ivy // Instagram

Looking for a style that is trendy and would remain so for a long time? You should go fo this unique style above if the answer is yes, Nina Ivy did make it even more elegant, perfect for a traditional wedding, without the frills and design, the style would still be found fashionable.

We hope you did found a favorite or found all fascinating just as we did, every owambe means new style so you can as well go for all the style at a different interval, styles can only get better each day and some of these styles above would definitely be in trend for a long time.

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