Toke Makinwa Is Our WCW This Week (Here’s Why)

Toke makinwa is not just another random radio presenter, she is also a tv host, vlogger and also known for her book ”unbecoming” which got a lot of publicity when she published it.

Toke Makinwa is known as a woman of diverse talent and beauty as well. We are sure she doesn’t even need an introduction, she has definitely made a fantastic impression on many.

Regardless of the words of critics, Toke has remained an independent personality and an enigma to be reckoned with.

She has enlightened women all over the world to turn their challenges into successes, to never back down no matter how tough it gets and to never give up, to use their stories to empower others as touching lives is one of her goals.

Here are some of the reasons we can’t help but love her. P.S: You should too.

1. Her Style Is Always On Point

Toke makinwa our wcw

She is a lady that definitely knows how to slay in style and class. Make-up? check, dress? check shoes? double check and her hair? definitely triple check.

2. Her Vlog

Toke makinwa vlog

If you have ever listened to Toke on the radio or probably watch her vlog then you will know how she always gives interesting advice on relationship and life tips. Toke is not just a pretty face, she is tough, intelligent and those accents you hear when she talks is just hilarious

3. Her Personality

toke makinwa personalty

This woman is a tough one, despite all she has going on in her life, she still manages to keep a well-organized personality, Toke is a rare public figure who did not hesitate to share what she is going thru and also encourages other people. We just can’t help but love her.

4. Those Goddess Shape

Toke's shape

Those shapes are definitely worth calling attention to. She has got the goddess of all time physic and knows how to rock it well. She moves gracefully like the woman of virtue that she is.

toke makinwa

toke makinwa our wcw toke makinwa our wcw

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