9 Simple Ways to Beat The Summer Heat

how to beat the summer heat

You aren’t crazy to think women experience heat differently from men.

This has been argued about several times, and at the end of the day, we can all agree women experience temperature more sensitively than our male counterparts.

Because of this, it’s only natural that we look at ways you can tackle the sweltering heat and keep cool this summer.

1. What Are You Wearing?

One of the best ways you can beat the heat is by dressing suitably. Yes, fashion matters but should you really be wearing all black when it’s 40 C outside?

The obvious answer is no, which is why you need to be more careful about what you wear. You should wear clothing made from breathable fabrics. Cotton is the best breathable fabric out there as it has large holes, letting air flow in and cool you. Thankfully, cotton is easily accessible and makes up a good chunk of clothing on the market.

Not only should you find something that’s made from a breathable fabric, but the way the piece is designed should be very loose. This will not let it cling to your skin, causing you to sweat.

Some of the best examples of this are bohemian dresses and skirts.

2. Get A Hat

how to beat the summer heat

Hats are a killer fashion statement that would amp up any outfit. The thing is, not only do they look great, but hats keep you cool too.

A hat will shield you from the sun’s harmful rays, helping you stay as cool as possible. This is true in general, but during the summer, the sun is extra harsh.

Of course, this would work best if the hat is on the larger side. It would also work well if the hat was made from a light material as this won’t weigh your head down, making you sweat. Such a material would be straw.
If you think about it, straw hats and bohemian dresses always look great together.

3. Let’s Talk Makeup

Your make up routine needs to be considered if you’re planning on staying cool. Don’t go for full glam, instead, make sure you go for a light application. For example, you could apply a concealer instead of applying a foundation.

A soft, natural look will keep you cool as you won’t sweat as much. What’s more, if you still decide to wear a lot of makeup, especially foundation, you’ll see it cake up which doesn’t look good.

4. Deodorant

Ladies, there’s nothing more we despise than smelling bad. Unfortunately, the summer leaves us smelling our worse.

Because of this, deodorant is a must when beating the heat. No, it won’t keep you cool but it does something else. The heat would cause you to sweat, making you smell rather unpleasant. The deodorant masks any odor you may have, letting you go about your daily activities without an issue.

If the deodorant has antiperspirant qualities, you’ve hit the jackpot. You’ll not have sweat patches all over you which can certainly ruin an outfit and your whole look.

5. Stay At Home?

You don’t have to go out when it’s warm. Being out and about brings you into direct contact with summer’s wrath so you could just relax at home.  You could line the windows with thick curtains as this prevents heat from entering your home. Of course, this won’t leave you as cool as having an air conditioner.

Don’t worry too much about the price as portable air conditioners, According to this list on BudgetReport.com, they aren’t that expensive.

6. Stay Hydrated

One of the best ways to tackle the heat is by drinking a lot of water. In the summer, you’re going to get very dehydrated as the moment you start sweating, you lose water from your body.  Being dehydrated is horrible when it’s so hot out. Not only does it make you sick, but it also makes the heat more unbearable than it should be.

In terms of how you could stay hydrated, water is best but there are options out there as well. Coconut water is a great way to stay hydrated as it’s full of many antioxidants and electrolytes.

As you can imagine, these drinks would keep you the coolest if they’re chilled.

Now: You could make staying hydrated into a festivity, inviting your girlfriends over, having chilled lemonade or mocktails- it’ll be a blast.

7. Don’t Go Out For Drinks

Going out to drink with your girlfriends is fun, but it isn’t something you should do when it’s scorching outside. Alcohol is not the best as it’s one of the quickest ways to get dehydrated.

The level of dehydration you’re feeling can be amplified by the intense heat. You’re basically asking for trouble as alcohol can make you feel even thirstier and increase your dehydration. So avoid alcohol in warm weather. Stick to water and juices instead.

8. Watch What You Eat

To stay as cool as possible, you really have to watch what you eat. It’s important that you don’t eat anything that’s full of protein.

Yes, you’ll need protein for your workouts but skip as much of it as possible during summer. As you know, protein is key to metabolic reactions (which is why it helps you put on muscle).

Although great, the fact that it fuels metabolic reactions is bad. Metabolic reactions produce heat which will warm you up on the inside. This not only makes you feel hot, but you’ll start to feel feverish which is a combo you certainly don’t want.

Also, stay away from anything full of sugar. It needs to be cut out. Sugar is not the best as it causes you to feel dehydrated. As we discussed above, this isn’t good when it’s so hot outside.  Skipping through the many lifestyle magazines, you’re bound to see light, healthy salads. They’ll keep you cool this summer as leaves are full of water.

9. Say Good-bye To Caffeine

While on the topic of watching what you eat, coffee should not be drunk either.

Coffee is full of caffeine which leaves you with excess adrenaline. It’ll help you be more focused, but at the end of the day, your blood vessels will be restricted.

The narrowing of your blood vessels makes it hard for you to get rid of heat as the blood can’t flow to the surface of your skin properly. Coffee isn’t the only thing that has caffeine. Some drinks have way more caffeine than coffee does.

Ladies, we just ran through our favorite tips. With them by your side, you’ll never have to worry about the summer again. All in all, following them will keep you the most prepared!

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