19 Beautiful Winter Balayage Styles (2023)

Beautiful Winter Balayage Style

Balayage roots can be traced back to 1970s France and with the new styles being introduced, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Balayage styles are fast becoming the biggest hair highlight trend, and it’s the perfect low-maintenance hairstyle you can go for.

Winter is fast approaching so undoubtedly, you need a hair color that protects your hair from damage while adding volume to it. Balayage is a technique, that is meant to subtly highlight and lighten your hair while visually adding volume and enhancing the hair’s texture.

A balayage hair color is beautiful and when it comes to rocking it for winter, there are plenty of unexpected styles to go for. If you are unsure where to start regarding the best balayage winter styles, we have asked our top stylists and gotten amazing balayage styles that can help refresh your look.

19 Beautiful Winter Balayage Styles (2023)

Winter is the season of contrasts, it’s the chance to choose the color that shows off the season. This is also one of the reasons Balayage quickly gained recognition. You need it to refresh your look and welcome the coldest days of the year. So, if you are willing to test this palette, here are 19 beautiful; winter balayage styles for 2023.

1. Cowboy Copper Balayage

Cowboy Copper Balayage
Image: @danielmbeauty // Instagram

This is one of the most stylish balayage highlights. This style gives you a bold, classy color that makes the cold winter much more tolerable and even friendly to your hair. Copper balayage is one of the most popular worldwide, it features a combination of warm and lightened tones. This can be rocked during the summer months as well.

2. Gold Brown Balayage

Gold Brown Balayage
Image: @hairgoalsbyaditi // Instagram

Warm gold balayage helps create a classy high and full volume that fits any face type. This highlight evokes warmth and sophistication. Also, it gives a bit of an edge compared to the main gold highlight. You can add more color for intensity.

3. Natural Chocolate Balayage

Natural Chocolate Balayage
Image: @gabenaples_hairstylist // Instagram

Here is another balayage style that gives you an edge. If you have dark hair then you won’t have to change much of your hair color, just a subtle highlight with loads of cuteness. This is an excellent base when you are experimenting with balayage.

4. Ash Brown Gloss Hairmanicure

Ash Brown Gloss Hairmanicure
Image: @liekuang’s // Instagram

This is very similar to the natural chocolate balayage, but not the same. This style looks attractive and also offers you a natural choice if you don’t want something too light and bright.

5. Champagne Blonde

Champagne Blonde
Image: @elixierph // Instagram

This balayage style gives you an unmistakable cinnamon glow. Also, it is another fashionable winter color you should give a try. This highlight gives you bouncy waves, and you can add some bangs.

6. Rose Quartz Balayage Style

Rose Quartz Balayage Style
Image: @gabenaples_hairstylist // Instagram

This color keeps the brightness of your hair in while also giving you a warmer reflection. It is truly sophisticated and there is a rich undertone to it as well which makes it perfect for layered hairstyles.

7. Sun Kissed Strand Highlight

Sun Kissed Strand Highlight

The sun-kissed highlight is another cool winter hair color. It gives you a fresh look and also happens to be a style you can find everywhere during the new year. You can go for the smooth, lighter shade for something calm.

8. Mid-Length Layered Chocolate Deluxe Balayage

Mid-Length Layered Chocolate Deluxe Balayage
Image: @gabenaples_hairstylist // Instagram

This is one hairstyle you would love to get winter started with. The complete highlight is fascinating and perfect for any hair type.

9. Copper Balayage

Copper Balayage
Image: @naplesbalayage // Instagram

Copper balayage is described as artful and fascinating. This highlight emphasizes the cooler and the light shade together. It is a good choice of balayage if you want something that is low maintenance and gorgeous.

10. Beautiful Red Balayage

Layered Red Balayage
Image: @beautifinder // Instagram

You can’t go wrong with red and when it comes to winter balayage style, it will turn heads. It is no doubt the perfect autumn color to wear. This highlight is beautiful and gives you that cheerful girl-next-door vibe.

11. Balayage And Layered Cut

Balayage And Layered Cut
Image: @redkensalon // Instagram

If you are trying the balayage style for the first time, and you don’t want something too bright, go for this simple and classy style. The layered cut has always been trusted to make your balayage style pop, so they pair nicely.

12. Honey Copper Balayage

Honey Copper Balayage
Image: @beautyybyjm_ // Instagram

With this style, you can easily decide if blonde suits you or not. This is quite bold, but not dramatic. Honey balayage gives you the perfect wave making it a perfect hairstyle for your dinner date.

13. Shaggy Lob With Purple Highlight

Shaggy Lob With Purple Highlight
Image: @gabenaples_hairstylist // Instagram

The best winter balayage can also be achieved with two tones. This is a style worth considering if you have dark hair and just want to give it some color and texture.

14. Coffee Brown Waves

Coffee Brown Waves
Image: @oliviashairx // Instagram

Want to accentuate your hair color without making so many changes? This is a great choice of balayage style, it is lightened in a way to intensify light reflection on it. But also cool enough to work for any skin tone.

15. Auburn Balayage

Auburn Balayage
Image: @gabenaples // Instagram

Next on the list is this super fine highlight. You can’t go wrong with the auburn hairstyle, it intensifies the pattern of the hair and the undertone might not be bright, but it adds some enticing glitz to the whole hair.

16. Brunette Balayage Style

Brunette Balayage Style
Image: @shadesqspecialist // Instagram

If you are looking to create a soft brunette gradient, this highlight is an excellent choice. The ends of the hair maintain the same texture and color as the root, but it gives a completely refreshed look.

17. Silver Grey Balayage Ombre Hair

Silver Grey Balayage Ombre Hair

If there is a chance that high contrasts are not your cup of tea, then you can try this look. Silver hairs are not going anywhere, and they are close to being natural. All you need is a professional colorist to make it blend perfectly.

18. Caramel Beige Style

Caramel Beige Style
Image: @mertayyildizogl // Instagram

Caramel Beige is another lovely highlight that is beloved by many ladies looking for a trendy balayage style. The color combination creates an amazing dimension and this is not just a winter balayage style, but one you will love to rock all season.

19. Pumpkin Spice Balayage

Pumpkin Spice Balayage
Image: @gabenaples_hairstylist // Instagram

Since fall and winter are fast approaching, there is every reason to combine the two-tone and create something that creates a high contrast between the two. This is one of the most popular coloring approaches and, just as the name indicates, it seems to melt between fall colors and winter colors.

Balayage is a French hair coloring technique that has been around for a while, but 2023 happens to be flooded with more creative styles for this hair highlight. The modern effect introduces subtle transitions that can be done to any hair tone. So, whether you are blonde, brunette, red, or unnatural colors, there is the go-to balayage style for you this winter.


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