15 3a Hair Style Ideas — Cause You’re Looking

3a Hair Style Ideas

Wondering what hairstyles are protective for 3a hair texture? 3a hair type is made or well defined and springy curls, these curls come with S-shaped pattern and 3a hair type are not as fragile as they look which is why protective hairstyles are important to keep the edge.

The circumference of 3a natural hair type is the size of a piece of sidewalk chalk and they do have a fine to medium texture, it also has a lightweight feel which makes it susceptible to breakage and why you have to avoid hairstyles that are too tight.

3a hair type consists of loose spiral curls and this is more common for those with much drier hair texture, 3a hair type requires lot’s of care and this is where the choice of hairstyles comes in. You can easily style your natural hair at home with the right hairstyle to inspire you.

Your natural hair is pretty versatile when it comes to the choice of hairstyles, 3a hair type is not a common hair type but there are several hairstyles to help you keep yours healthy.

15 3a Hair Style Ideas You Will Love

If you suspect you have 3a hair type and haven’t found your mate in that department, you shouldn’t worry about that as most people do have several curl types on their head and if you are thinking of hairstyles to show off your curls, below are amazing hairstyles worth rocking.

1. Messy Fringe Curls To Give You A Casual Look

3a hairstyles ideas
Source: hairika_st.pihair

3a hair type hairstyles does not have to be dramatic, here is a hairstyle you can wear to any occasion and rock for as long as you want, a bang is trendy hairstyle and most fitting for 3a hair types. This can be trimmed at home yourself if you can’t find that perfect stylist.

2. Sleek Ponytail For Any Event

3a hairstyles ideas
Source: Pinterest

A ponytail can never go wrong on any kind of hair texture and even more gorgeous on curl hair, this is a very cool hairstyle for any kind of event and can be paired nicely with any outfit.

3. Half Up Half Down Curly Hair Updo

3a hairstyle idea
Source: Pinterest

3a hair type comes with fine curls and texture you want to make can be done at home yourself and be sure you show it off as much as you can and one of the most common curly hair hairstyles is a half-up half-down updo, you can add a Bantu knot to make this hairstyle even more splendid.

4. Ponytail Braid To Pair With A Shimmery Makeup

3a hairstyle ideas
Source: blessed queen

One of the most amazing hairstyles for curly hair in a ponytail braid, this is a classic hairstyle for practically any kind of events and with less manipulation on your hair and scalp.

5. 3a Mohawk Afro To Keep Your Curls Tucked In

3a hairstyle ideas
Source: Naturally Curly

There are times you want to keep those curls from getting in your face while you work, above is the perfect mohawk for your curly hair.

6. Twisted Braid For A Calm Look

3a hairstyle ideas
Source: afroasiancurly

Twisted braid is an exciting hairstyle for 3a hair type, this is a protective hairstyle if you are transitioning to natural hair, protects your hair and scalp from damages.

7. Messy Curls For An Indoor Look

3a hairstyle ideas
Source: Byridie

3a curls can be a bit tough to detangle and when this happens, above is just the right hairstyle you can rock casually while you go about your business for the day. This can also be styled washing it, this helps to properly detangle your hair.

8. Half Parting Style For An Evening Event

3a hairstyle ideas
Source: Bydie

One of the most amazing things about curls is that you do not have to be dramatic about it before getting great styles, a centre or side parting on curly hair requires low maintenance.

9. High Ponytail Keeps It Simple For Weddings

3a hairstyle ideas
Source: hairstyleidea

A high ponytail can never go wrong on curls.

10. Curly Baby Bangs To Give You A Unique Party Makeover

3a hairstyle ideas
Source: natural hair

Show off your gorgeous curls with baby bangs and this requires less trimming compared to 4c natural hair.

11.  Messy Curls With Split Bangs Can’t Go Wrong

3a hairstyle ideas
Source: briefly.co.za

Keep your curls healthy and fanciful with this interesting hairstyle.

12. Fashionable Bun To Keep Your 3a Curls Looking Classy

3a hairstyle ideas
Source: chic hairstyle

Another classic hairstyle y0ou are sure to want with your 3a curls is a bun, just as fancy as a ponytail and you can keep your curl from getting in your face when you are the bridesmaid at a wedding.

13. Medium Bun With Bangs To Pair With Any Makeup

3a hairstyle ideas
Source: Pinterest

Most 3a curls are not as defined as other hair types which is why less manipulation is needed to keep it healthy, above is an interesting hairstyle for any kind of hair type as it is low maintenance and your curls can grow longer and finer.

14. High Bun With Split Bangs To Bring Out Your Bold Makeup

3a hairstyle ideas
Source: sonia Luna

Here is 3a hairstyle to try at home and spend less on your hair, this helps to identify your curls as you can easily figure the pattern from the split bang, add more interesting look by using a fancy hairband to hold your bun in place.

15. The banging curls you should be getting

3a hairstyle ideas
Source: ThriveNaija

3a curls are beautiful and can be ore so depending on your choice of hairstyle, half up half down hairstyle is really classic and easy to make, you can style this at home yourself in few minutes.

Every curly girl needs a bit of help to identify her curls and determining your curl type will help you care for it properly, 3a curls hair needs care and less manipulation just every other hair type, it can be a bit difficult to manage 3a curls strands and to get your curls to look it’s absolute best which is why these hairstyles above have been selected, maintaining this styled curls above are easy and keep your hair healthy as well.

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