5 Reasons Why Natural Hair is Better Than Relaxed Hair

reasons why natural hair is better

There is so much talk about how great natural hair is and most do wonder what makes it so different to relaxed hair, there has been ongoing debate on whether you should go natural or leave it relaxed but frankly, if you like having your hair straight and sleek then you should definitely keep it relaxed but if you do not mind having defined curls then natural hair is for you.

You can keep your hair healthy regardless of the texture you choose.

You can decide to go natural or have it relaxed but either way, you did have to love and care for your hair, most go for natural hair in order to keep your scalp healthy and prevent hair from damages.

Having straight hair does not require much effort but natural hair needs more care to stay healthy but why do most ladies choose natural over relaxed? Below are 5 reasons why natural hair is better than relaxed hair.

Reasons Why Natural Hair is Better Than Relaxed Hair

How do you like to wear your hair often? Straight or with curls? Whichever one you find suitable however here are a couple of reasons why you might want to go stay natural.

1. Natural Hair Is Healthier

After years of research, it has been discovered that natural hair is healthier than relaxed hair, getting relaxers is repetitive, you have to keep using it to keep your hair soft and straight however this can cause damages to your hair, natural hair is not chemically processed,  which means there is no way it can become damaged.

Relaxed hair is easier to manage but a bit complicated to care for which seems to limit how healthy it can be however natural hair only requires to be properly moisturized to stay strong.

2. Natural Hair Is Cheaper

Curled hairstyle
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Natural hair might not be easy to maintain but it’s quite cheap as you can easily find the products for treating it since it’s natural, then it means natural ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil can be used to care for it and this is all inexpensive products however relaxed hair requires more of organic and chemical products to keep it healthy.

3. There Are Different Ways To Style Natural Hair

There are so many ways you can wear your natural hair and the length doesn’t even matter, relaxed hair can only be straightened and fixed into one hairstyle at a time but when it comes to natural hair, you can make one hairstyle and style it another way when you get home.

There are basic stylings like Bantu knots, twist outs, goddess braids, braids, cornrows, afros, ghana braids, dreadlocks, poetic justice braids or cane rows, which can all be made with your natural hair without adding extensions.

4. Natural Have Better Volume And Body Than Relaxed Hair

Relaxers can sometimes rob your hair of its natural volume but in the case of natural hair, if it’s well cared for and nurtured, it tends to have more volume, body, and bounce than relaxed hair.

Natural hair might look shorter due to its curls though but that only increases it’s beauty and makes it less viable to breakage and split ends.

5. Natural Hair Has A High Level Of Elasticity

Reasons why natural hair is better

Natural hair has a high level of elasticity that prevents it from breakage, this is due to the use of more organic products and less of chemical or heat, to further prevent breakage and damages for natural hair, you should ensure to use less of heat tools or have heat protectant in it before using heat.

To maintain healthy natural hair, you did be needing lot’s of natural oil blend and conditioning however natural hair might not need all this care to keep it healthy, each hair texture you choose comes with its pro and cons and your decision should be based on how you like to wear your hair.

Do you think any hair type is easier than the other in terms of care? Let’s have your opinion in the comment section below.

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