How To Transition Your Relaxed Hair Into Natural Hair

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Growing natural hair from scratch can be a bit difficult and also stressful, the painful part is having to take scissors to bring down your beautiful black, if you do not want to start from scratch then this is for you.

Whichever method you choose though, growing and keeping natural hair can be really intimidating. but you might not want to wear the hair really low due to not finding the idea of moving around with short hair interesting.

Over the course of years, African women have the idea of natural hair appealing, but the mistake most women make is trying to make natural out of the relaxed one without having a strategy to avoid lots of breakages.

Once your hair has been chemically relaxed, the texture of the hair shaft is altered and the new growth (from the scalp) will be natural hair, but it should be noted that the new growth will always be attached to the chemically treated hair until the hair falls out at the root.

How Long Does It Take For Relaxed Hair To Transition To Natural Hair?

A relaxer or chemical hair would give you six to eight weeks of straight silky hair before it starts to crack and another treatment would be needed if you do not do any touch up’s, your hair would probably start to have split ends and new growth will sprout within two months.

Your hair starts to all of its chemical relaxers basically after four months.

How Often Should I Wash My Natural Hair?

Depending on your hair type, you should wash once a week or every 2-3 weeks if your hair is not dirty and gets easily irritated when washed often. Daily washing would strip your hair of its nutrient and might be drying your hair out however not washing at all would also cause oil and dirt to build up which might lead to breakage.

You might want to keep a hair journal in order to keep track of how often your hair needs to be washed.

How To Make The Transition To Natural Hair

However, the first step will obviously be to stop relaxing your hair then you can follow these few ways that can transition your relaxed hair into natural ones.

1. Braid With Extensions

how to trasition your relaxed hair
Images:@ nigerianbraids // Instagram

One well-known way you can use to maintain the length is to braid it and just forget it there, You can add the artificial hair to it or just your hair but you should make sure it last’s a while, you can change it constantly if you want although you might not want to be sticking combs in it at all times.

This braiding will help separate the new growth from the permed hair.

2. Sisterlocks Or Dreadlocks

how to transition your relaxed hair
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Sisterlocks are also a great way to ensure an easy transition process, sisterlocks are tiny uniform locks that are the result of a precision parting grid, sisterlocks braided into your hair with time will trim the relaxed hair away or you can as well dread it. Dreadlocks are helpful in trimming natural hairs out.

3. Chopping It Off

how to transition relaxed hair to natural hair

If you really do not want to wait then you can chop it off, if you are okay with moving around with short hair or you could use a wig during the process. Most do not like the idea of cutting their hair low but these might save a lot of time and less stress.

These are simple methods that will transition your hair into a natural one and there are some basics you should do during your transition period to aid a faster and less frustrating transition. You can add onion juice and coconut oil mixture for hair growth.

Tips For The Natural Hair Transition Process

  • Be patient, lot’s of patience will go along way to aid the transition, take your time and enjoy the process.
  • Take your hair with care, during this process you should watch what products you use and try to use more natural products. During the transition process, your hair texture is fragile so you might want to be careful what products you use as anything too harsh might cause more breakage.
  • Limit your hair washing and give you hair hot hair massage once in a week as this will go a long way in reducing the breakage and soften it.

Do not expect immediate results as this transition takes time, be gentle with your hair and remember hair scalp varies, your hair might take more time depending on its scalp texture.

While taking your time to transition your hair into natural you should read our post on natural ways to style your natural hair at home as this will be useful during the process. Follow us on Instagram  @thrivenaija for more amazing hair care tips.

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