10 Natural Hair Instagrammers to Follow In 2024

Natural Hair Instagrammers

Need a little inspiration to keep maintaining your natural hair beauty? When it comes to our natural hair, we are always on the lookout for ways to keep our gorgeous curls healthy and upgrade the strands as well, and with 2024 just around the corner, you might desire to try something new and exciting. Not to worry, Instagram is chock-full of inspiration.

Every person’s natural hair is different, but there is no doubt that it is a reflection of their identity. So, embracing your natural hair is one of the ways you can celebrate your unique beauty.

One of the ways you can care for your hair and also know what is good for your hair is to follow natural hair Instagrammers. Whether you are looking for an experimental way to style your hair or want to give it a simple color touch, we have rounded up some of the top natural hair Instagrammers to follow in 2024.

10 Natural Hair Instagrammers

Following natural hair Instagrammers is vital if you often style your hair yourself. So, whether you have recently joined the naturalist community or you have always rocked your natural hair, here are the top 13 natural hair Instagrammers to find inspiration for taking care of your hair.

1. Daphnie

Drawstring ponytail
Image: @creolenaturelle // Instagram

Daphnie is known for her long natural hair, and her outfits are top-notch as well. She is your go-to Instagrammer for how to style and grow your natural hair. Also, you can follow her on YouTube for step-by-step guides such as how to get bouncy curls and how to get the perfect up-dos.

All her natural hair guides are easy and fun to follow. In addition, she gives natural hair products advice and there are lots of hairstyles on her page to inspire you and empower you to take care of your natural hair.

Follow her on Instagram @creolenaturelle.

2. Rhyan Tru

Natural Hair Curls
Image: @Rhyantru // Instagram

Rhyan is an Instagrammer you want to follow, she tells you everything you need to know about growing healthy longer hair. She surely makes having natural hair look easy so if you have quite a lot of bouncy curls with no idea how to define them.

Follow her on Instagram @Rhyantru.

3. Whitney White

Chunky Twist
Image: @naptural85 // Instagram

We all know how much twist-outs help natural hair grow so if you are often looking for inspiration in that regard, this is your go-to Instagrammers. Whitney White is also the founder of @MelaninHaircare, where you can learn more about the beauty of your natural hair. She is constantly giving transitional protective hairstyle ideas as well.

Follow her on Instagram @natural85

4. Oluwafeyifunmi

Natural hair styling
Image: @oluwafeyifunmii // Instagram

From the trendiest twist-outs to simple head wraps, Oluwafeyifunmi is your ideal choice for all fascinating choices of hairstyles for natural hair. She is also blessed with a gorgeous head of hair, and she is not afraid to show it. Her enthusiasm towards her natural hair is quite impressive and can introduce you further to the world of naturalists.

Follow her on Instagram @oluwafeyifunmii

5. Alexus Crown

Natural hair porosity
Image: @alexuscrown // Instagram

Ever wondered about the health of your natural hair? Or can’t figure out why it keeps shrinking? Alexus Crown is the go-to Instagrammer for that. This influencer boasts over 90k followers, and she is loved for her stylish Afros. She has amazing natural hair, and you can also expect to be introduced to slews of her natural hair selfies.

Follow her on Instagram @alexuscrown.

6. Jessica Lewis

Natural loose curls
Image: @mahoganycurls // Instagram

The woman behind @mahogany curls is known as Jessica Lewis and just as expected, she does spot a head full of loose shoulder-length coils. She is that natural hair influencer who will be introducing a wide range of products for healthy hair alongside some makeup products. Her daily self-care routine weekly is also introduced.

Follow her on @@mahoganycurls.

7. Megan Lynn @lynnswayxx

Bantu Knots
Image: @lynnswayxx Instagram

When you have a head full of natural hair, laying the edges can be quite difficult. However, meet the queen of edges, who is known for making edges for natural hair look mighty easy. Megan Lynn also offers product recommendations for keeping your curls moisturized and also for achieving your desired length.

Follow her on @lynnswayxx.

8. Nenchyna @naturallydefinedco

Natural hair dreadlocks
Image: @naturallydefinedco // Instagram

Dreads are super fascinating, and it’s one of the hairstyles that lets you rock your natural hair effortlessly. So, if you are looking for encouragement on how to trust the process, Nenchyna gives you that confidence. She shares her daily journey and how using her products has helped her retain length.

Follow her on Instagram @naturallydefinedco.

9. Tabbie Anna @tropicurlie

Side bang natural hair
Image: @tropicurlie // Instagram

Tabbie Anna is the self-proclaimed creator of the Curly Clinic, and it is practically wrapped around creating content that inspires others to embrace and create a beauty routine that works for them. She works with textured hair clients, shares fun facts and tips on hair care, and helps embrace natural hair as well.

Follow her on Instagram @tropicurlie

10. Alexandra Wilson @queensconquer

Natural hair sleek bun
Image: @queensconquer // Instagram

Alexandra Wilson is the founder of Queens Conquer which does not focus on natural hair but generally provides her followers with the tools and resources needed to live a life that is rooted in sisterhood. She however offers a fresh take on natural hair and if you have 3b or 3a natural hair type, she is the ideal girl to check out.

Follow her on Instagram @queensconquer

In Conclusion

Using products on your natural hair might help make it manageable, but in the long run, these chemicals can cause lasting damage to your natural hair and scalp.

More people have shunned the use of chemical relaxers and even let go of wigs and hair weaves to return to their natural roots. To get inspired to show off your curls more often, go and follow all the Instagram pages listed above.

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