14 Natural Hair Bridal Styles You Can Replicate

There is a lot that goes into a wedding, from the dress, the guest list, the food but for curly girls, the dilemma of what hairstyle to rock on that beautiful day is a hurdle to be tackled, natural hair requires more efforts than a relaxed hair and if you do not feel like adding an extension to your natural hair, then the perfect hairstyle has to be well thought of.

Most naturalists believe natural hair requires a ton of hair products to style it and regardless of what you do, it won’t stick through the day however this can be remedied with amazing protective hairstyles that require less fuss.

Thinking of rocking your natural hair at your wedding? That should not be a cause for concern as there are so many beautiful hairstyles a bride can style with her natural hair, we have compiled just the right hairstyles naturalist can rock on their big day.

14 Natural Hair Bridal Styles You Can Replicate

1. Side Flip Natural Hair For A Wedding In The Garden

Natural Hair Bridal Styles to try
Source: Blackisbeautiful

A side flip hairstyle is one of the best hairstyles a bride can replicate on her big day, it looks amazing on any hair length and requires less fuss to make it, you just need a styling gel for natural hair to make it stick through the day and you are good to go.

2. Stylish Afro To Pair With A Shimmery Bridal Makeup

Natural Hair Bridal Styles
Source: Donya Dehaney

Planning a simple but exotic wedding then you need to show off your gorgeous curls, this hairstyle above is perfect if you have 3b natural hair or just growing out your natural hair. It is simple to style and the flower tucked in represents the wedding mood.

3. Thick Roll And Tuck Hairstyle For A Bridal Makeover

Natural Hair Bridal Styles
Source: Naturalistabride

Roll and tuck hairstyles are one of the most talked-about hairstyles for the naturalists and above is just the most suitable way this can be made for a wedding, additionally, hairpins and hair buns can be used to adorn this hairstyle which makes it more glamorous and fitting for the occasion.

4. Natural Low Bun With Side Cornrow For A Summer Wedding

natural hair bridal hairstyles you can replicate
Source: Natural Hair

You can perfectly walk down the aisle with a well adorned low bun hairstyle, this hairstyle adds a confident look to one’s face and you can be sure to be the glamour bride you want with this adorable hairstyle. This hairstyle also serves as a protective hairstyle to help retain your hair length and it’s fitting for all hair types.

5. High Ponytail To Keep Your Hair From Your Face

natural hair bridal hairstyles you can replicate
Source: Pinterest

A simple ponytail hairstyle to give you a unique and calm look, nothing beats having a simple hairstyle that keeps your hair from disturbing you and a high tuck in ponytail offers just that, you can easily hit the dance floor while your hair stays neatly tucked in.

6. Natural Hair High Bun To Go With A Round Face

natural hair bridal hairstyles you can replicate
Source: fashionStyleNigeria

Worrying about the right hairstyle for your natural hair is also as tacky as wondering what hairstyle is suitable for your face shape however you shouldn’t worry too much if you have a round face, here is just the perfect hairstyle for, not only are high bun fascinating and beautiful but gives you a secure confident look while you enjoy your day.

7. Updo Natural Curls With Pins For A Spring Wedding

natural hair bridal hairstyles you can replicate
Source: esmedia.me

Thinking of the perfect hairstyle that makes shows off your curls and makes you look elegant? Updo curls are a natural hairstyle that offers the perfect elegance and classic look you did want to wear on your big day, it suits best for a spring and summer wedding, this is quite an easy hairstyle and you can use as much hair accessory as you want, depending on how you want your curls to be tucked in.

8. Sleek High Bun Natural Hairstyle To Give You An Elegant Look

natural hair bridal hairstyles you can replicate
Source: Bellanaija.com

High bun hairstyle is one of the best ways you can show off your features, it’s an amazing hairstyle for practically all kinds of hair types and face shape, it requires fewer efforts to make as well. You can add more fun to it by using a flowery band or hairpin to hold the bun in.

9. Creative Updo For A Chic Bridal Look

Natural Hair Bridal Styles
Source: Pinterest

Being a bride comes with looking your best and nothing stops you from looking all chic and beautiful on that big day, a natural hair creative hairstyle might need a long 4c natural hair and lots of patience to make it look stunning but that would be definitely worth it if you get to recreate a look just like the one above, with or without a veil, this hairstyle is gorgeous.

10. Updo Mohawk For A Lovely Bridal Look

natural hair bridal hairstyles you can replicate
Source: Bella Naija

Mohawk is a graceful natural hairstyle you can’t help but love, this hairstyle is even more exotic with the few cornrows added to it, your natural hair need not be strung too tightly so as not to hurt your scalp or cause your natural hair to break.

11. Wash And Style Natural Hairstyle For A Unique Bridal Look

Natural Hair Bridal Styles
Source: bridalnaturalhairjoy

A unique bridal look is definitely achievable with a wash and style hairstyle, all you need is to let your curls and scalp breathe, keeping your short natural hair free and adorned with just a few side cornrow is a great idea for your natural hair, feel free to decorate this hairstyle with lovely petals and hair pins to make this look even more facinating.

12. Side Tuck Afro For A Beach Wedding

natural hair bridal hairstyles you can replicate
Source: bridalnaturalhairjoy

Side tuck afro is just the hairstyle you need for a beach wedding and even more awesome for a 4c hair type, this is a modern hairstyle you can be sure is trendy and classy, this hairstyle would be perfect if you are worried about hair breakage.

13. Roll And Twisted Bun With Base To Maintain a Graceful Look

Natural Hair Bridal Styles
Source: Bridal hairstyle

Rolled and twisted bun is another gorgeous hairstyle we found lovely for a bridal look, this hairstyle definitely needs a professional to make sure it’s neatly tucked it, this hairstyle can last through the day while you enjoy your big day.

14. Rolled And Secured Braids Hairstyle For A Cute And Stylish Bridal Look

natural hair bridal hairstyles you can replicate
Source: Fabwoman.ng

Another exciting hairstyle for natural hair babes is a rolled and secure hairstyle, you do not have to worry about retouching your hair as this hairstyle tends to stay neat provided a professional did style it and the right hair get is used, this is wedding hairstyle option for African and African American naturalists. This hairstyle doesn’t need an extension or attachment if your hair is long enough, all you need is a cute hair crown to adorn it.

Flaunting your natural hair on your wedding day is a precious and memorable experience for the bride, this offers you a unique feel and look, practically we think there comes a great feeling that comes with looking exquisite on your wedding day with no extension or attachment added to your natural hair.

Natural hair hairstyle is a much easier option if you do not like sitting for too long on a fancy hairstyle, you can try a variety of hairstyle with your natural hair before your wedding day to ensure you pick the right one that helps achieve the look you want.

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