15 Natural Hair Braid Styles For Short And Long Hair

natural hair braid styles

Ever wondered the perfect braids styles that work on short and long hair?

If you are trying to grow your natural hair from scratch then it’s necessary to wonder if they are protective braids that can be done with your hair and most hairstyles that can be made on long natural hair can’t be done on short natural hair except you plan to add an extension however we have compiled some of the best braids you can make on any hair length.

It’s time to embrace your curls with protective hairstyles that not only help to retain the length but prevent you from having split ends and you can easily style it whichever way you want.

Choosing a protective hairstyle for your natural hair is vital whether you have done the big chop or transition to natural hair, we recommend some of the amazing braids listed below.

how to handle natural hair shrinkage


Dealing with a couple of issues with your Natural hair? Our guide tackles four of the biggest issues natural hair babes face.

  • Natural hair shrinkage.
  • Detangling.
  • Managing split-ends.
  • And breakage.

We call it the guide to natural hair length retention. We’re excited about it and we’re sure you’ll find it very helpful.

Natural Hair Braid Styles For Short And Long Hair

Most braids require a professional stylist to make it while some can be done at home yourself, either way, it is best not to make them too tight or wear them for too long.

1. Goddess Faux Locs For Any Hair Length For Natural Hair Growth

natural hairstyle for long hair
Source: Pinterest

Braids are awesome hairstyles and can be done on all kinds of hair length with or without extension, goddess locs are really awesome hairstyles, this is perfect for ladies who want to try something new, it is also a showy protective hairstyle you can’t help but love.

2. Crown Braid For A Simple Classic Look

15 Natural Hair Braid Styles For Short And Long Hair
Source: Pinterest

Crown braid is another stylish hairstyle you can make with your natural hair regardless of the length, it’s quite fascinating and beautifies the face. Crown braids are simple hairstyles hence they are protective hairstyles for your natural hair.

3. Curvy Cornrow Braid For Tucking In your Curls

15 Natural Hair Braid Styles For Short And Long Hair
Source: Pinterest

Cornrow braids are really gorgeous it is one form of braid you can accessorize with any kind of hair accessory to give you a more fascinating look.

4. Fulani Braid to Protect Your 4c Natural Hair

natural hair hairstyle for short and long hair
Source: Natural hair

Fulani braids can be full or simple depending on how you prefer it, this is also one of the best summer hairstyles for your natural hair.

5. Short Gold Box Braid If Your Like It Bold And Showy

hairstyles for natural hiar
Source: Stayglam

Only one word to describe a box braid and that would be beautiful, it doesn’t matter what color of hair or extension is used for a box braid, it always comes out looking pretty. A box braid is another way to lock your curls in while transitioning to natural hair.

6. Afro Cornrow Braid To Show Off Your Curls

natural hair hairstyles for long and short hair
Source: style glam

Afro with cornrow braids are the best, all you need do is have your front hair braided into a cornrow, this hairstyle is best for short 4c hair types.

7. Ponytail Cornrow Braid To Give Your Face An Exotic Touch

Hiarstyles for short and long natural hair
Source: Stayglam

One of the tricks to enjoying a braid is to keep it simple and elegant just like the one above, this would enable you to sleep with it while maintaining the length of your curls.

8. Stunning Protective Side Braid For A Confident Look

natural braid hairstyle
Source: Shelby Jackson

Another braid style for showing off your curls is a side braid, nothing too dramatic but enough for you to add other styles to it.

9. Short Hair Braided Bun To Your Off How Nice Your Curls Are Growing

hairstyle for long and short hair
Source; Pics Quotes

Short hair can be just as great with braids, all you need is the right braided hairstyle and above is just the perfect kind of braid you want, natural hair needs protective hairstyles that won’t damge your curls but rather show them off.

10. Loose Braid To Pair With A Shimmery Makeup

hairstyles for long natural hair
Source: braids

Loose is more recommended than tight braids, you can sleep in loose braids and not worry about your hair breaking.

11. Kinky Ponytail To Rock During Summer

hairstyles for long natural hair
Source: love.your.kinks

Here is the perfect braid hairstyle for your kinky hair, it requires less fuss to make and it’s a low maintenance hairstyle you can wear for a long time without worrying about having split ends.

12. Flat Twist To Look Glamorous

hairstyles for long natural hair
Source: Pinterest

Flat twist needs no introduction, it is one of the most common braid hairstyles for natural hair, it is as old as natural hair itself and perfect for all hair types and length.

13. All Back Braid To Look Like The Chic You Are

hairstyles for long natural hair
Source: Naturalhair

Looking chic requires the perfect braid hairstyle for your natural hair and what better braid than all back braid, this should not be done too tightly and if an extension can be avoided, that would be best.

14. Fishtail Braid To Go With A Gorgeous Smile

hairstyles for long natural hair
Source: Pinterest

Fishtail braid can be done at home yourself, it is a simple braid for keeping you from getting in the way while you attend to things.

15. Mohawk Braid For Short Hair To Look Confident With Your Natural Hair

hairstyles for long natural hair
Source: Pin en hair

Mohawk braids are perfect for short hair, they are not too showy but fabulous for giving you a cool calm look, this hairstyle is the best if you want to keep your curls healthy and your hair away from your face.

Braided hairstyles are opted for to protect your curls from breakage, braids are woven into a series of curvy cornrows to achieve a modern and attractive protective style for your natural hair.

Do braids grow your hair?

Braids can assist as a protective hairstyle to help you retain the length of your hair but they simply do not make hair grow, natural hair grows anyways whether you have braids done or not, you can only use braids as protective styling to prevent breakage.

Braiding your hair is also regarded as the easiest and one of the most effective hairstyles you can use to retain your hair length.

Is sleeping in braids bad for your hair?

Braiding is one of the best ways to keep your hair out of the way especially when you need to sleep however braids could cause your hair to break if it’s pulled tightly and you had to sleep with them.

If you can avoid sleeping with your braids on then it’s advisable to do that or altogether avoid your braids being pulled too tightly to give your scalp space to breathe and retain moisture.

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