How Long Does Silk Press Last On Natural Hair?

how long does silk press last on natural hair

Can silk press make natural hair look flawless? If you looking to up your hairstyle game on natural hair then a silk press is definitely worth considering, it is a great hairstyle that leaves your natural hair glowing and looking really classy. Silk press has been around forever and you can’t help but love the flowing look that it gives natural hair, you can easily maintain a silk press without heat damages to your natural hair and you can retain length while keeping your hair healthy as well.

A silk press is simply an upgraded version of a traditional press and curl and this method is even more satisfying for naturalists who want to keep their hair as healthy as possible as a silk press does nor require the use of a chemical.

Getting a silk press on natural hair can be pretty awesome and the result you get is something anyone with any texture will envy, read on to discover how long a silk press can last on natural hair and how to maintain it.

What is a silk press?

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A silk press is a modern definition for the press and curl, it is known as a heat style option for naturally curly women to enable them to enjoy their curl-free length without any damages done to their hair strand. A silk press gives natural hair the appearance of being relaxed without the use of any harsh chemical and rather it makes use of products to give you that relaxed feeling before your curls bounces back within a few weeks.

How Long Does Silk Press Last On Natural Hair?

How long your silk press might be dependent on your hair texture however your silk press is normally made to last for 2 weeks and it can last much longer as long as the hair hasn’t been let down. You can also lose the silk press too if it comes in contact with any moisture from humidity, water, and sweat, it might convert back to its natural curls.

Does a silk press damage natural hair?

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To achieve a silk press, a series of steps and heat tools are used to smooth out your curls and temporarily straighten out your natural hair texture and this process might not be as damaging as using a relaxer but the heat tools can cause irreparable damage to your natural hair. Heat damage to the hair can leave the hair completely straightened out, your hair simply won’t curl again hence it is not a thing you should do often.

Ways To Make Silk Press Last

How do I achieve a perfect silk press and maintain it? The duration of your silk press is relative to how well you maintain it and when it comes to keeping your silk press for a long while, it depends solely on you and since silk presses are not altered with chemical, it could carelessly be reverted. Here are simple ways to make a silk press last.

1. Use Minimal Product

It is important to keep the products in your silk press hairstyle to a minimal, it will keep your curls bouncy and silky. Avoid using too many products on your silk press to prevent it from weighing it down and choose a product that keeps it moisturized. A cleansing conditioner, conditioner and light-weight leave-in conditioner that gives the silk press shine without weighing down.

2. Wrap It Up

Securing your hair under a silk or satin cap overnight keeps your silk press in for a long while, you can also keep it secure in a double wrap. Wearing two headwrap may seem too much but it keeps your silk press from reverting and helps to maintain the moisture your stylist has worked so hard to put in place.

3. Avoid Thermal Tools Or Keep Heat Setting On Low

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Using heat on your hair regularly will only result in having a damaged hair strand hence you need to reduce the urge to use thermal tools to maintain the life of your silk press and if you must use heat, keep it on a low setting.

4. No Touch-ups

Getting a silk press can be exciting and most women have admitted finding it hard not to follow their hair with a touch up the nice morning after finding a crease but stylists advisehow long does silk press last on natural hair staying away from the flat iron, your hair can still suffer more damage from a flat iron. There is no reason to apply more heat to your hair, if you notice any crease in your hair, just add a small amount serum and wrap your hair up for a while.

5. Avoid Excess Moisture And Humidity


It is easy to get a reversion if you are naturalists with a silk press, the smallest amount of moisture and humidity will have your curls coming back. Leaving the salon with a silk press is not the time to wet your hair or dive in the pool as revert is done if it comes in contact with water so if you are wearing a silk press, stay away from water.


If you are considering a silk press, above is a couple of things you should know and you definitely don’t need a hot comb to achieve a silk press and your silk press should be able to last until your next wash provided it is well maintained. A silk press works perfectly for you if you have a thick coarse natural hair and one can get a silk press once every three months to maintain your hair health and retain length.

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