How to Make Your Natural Hair Curly

make natural hair curly

Defining your natural curls seem to be one of the greatest challenges faced when it comes to styling your natural hair, there are various kinds of curls you could get with easy techniques but knowing how to go about it can be a bit challenging, it is important to go for curls without heat as heat styling will only cause damage to your natural hair.

Most people might enjoy wearing their natural hair straight or pick out your fro to spherical perfection, knowing some curling technique might still come in handy on days when you want to show off your natural hair and we must admit curls do add an interesting look to every natural hair.

If you are planning to switch up your natural hair curl pattern, try a new look or further enhance your hair texture, curling your hair without heat is the best way to go about getting curls, it is easy to cut heat tools out of your regimen when styling your coil tresses and the curly hairstyle is a great protective natural hairstyle.

You can get loose beautiful curls without involving any heat tools and if you are looking for curly hair techniques that help you achieve a fashionable and sophisticated look, read on to find techniques for getting natural hair curls and factors to consider when getting curls.

Is it okay to wet curly hair every day?

2c curly hairstyle
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Every hair texture and curl type reacts differently to products and methods, washing your natural hair every day can remove the natural oils of your curls and makes it difficult to retain moisture however you can go ahead and keep wetting your hair but rinse and condition often while you shampoo less as conditioners contain chemicals that could strip your natural hair of its natural oil.

Ways to make your natural hair curly

How to make natural hair soft and curly is a common question among naturalist, wearing your kinky hair in a high bun can become quite boring and if you are thinking of switching things up with a  defined curl then here are amazing curls techniques to get defined curls for your 3b to 4c hair.

1. Straw Setting Your Hair

The straw set is an old method used to get natural hair curls, it is plain and simple, this is a method of curling your hair and it can be used on natural or relaxed hair. The straw curl method is a lot cheaper compared to other methods of getting curls and it is also suitable for any hair length, it is friendly on natural hair and won’t cause any damages. Here is how to do a proper straw setting to get curls on natural hair.

  • The straw set works best on wet or damp hair hence you need to wash your hair thoroughly clean with shampoo
  • Condition your hair and remember not to dry your hair after conditioning and use the right conditioner
  • Moisturise your hair and scalp well with a light moisturizer
  • Use a wide-tooth comb to apply the setting lotion evenly on your hair and the more setting lotion you use the light the straw set
  • Then split your hair into sections with the wide comb depending on the style you want to get
  • Grab a straw and curl the sectioned hair around the straw in a spiral fashion and roll the hair up into a tight spiral then pin it with bobby pins
  • Allow the hair to dry inside a dryer
  • When the straw curls have set fully, you can leave the dryer and remove the straw set and bobby pins
  • After this, you can apply some oil or spray some hair sheen

2. Finger Curling Your Hair

2c curly hairstyle
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Finger coils are great for all types of natural hair and length, all you need is a curl cream and preferrable a hydrating one with your hand. If you have been dreaming of accomplishing a coily hairstyle for your natural hair? below is how to get it done properly.

  • You can start with either wet or dry hair, dry hair, however, gives your hair more length and bounce
  • Moisturize your hair thoroughly
  • Apply curl enhancing cream to spread throughout your hair
  • Then section your hair into a small row to work with and clip the rest out of the way
  • Begin twisting the curl clamp around itself and twist the hair around your finger up next to your head
  • Lower your curl back down and admire your new curl definition

3. Braid And Curl Method

The braid and curl method is one of the best ways you can add volume and definition to your natural hair, it is also a protective hairstyle that can last for a very long time, this actually requires lits of time as you have to get your hair braided one after the other, you can have it done at home yourself or go to the salon and add some extension to it for more length. Ensure your hair is slightly damp before you start and apply leave-in conditioner round your hair evenly as well.

4. Wash And Go Method

How to Make Your Natural Hair Curly

Another easy method you can use to achieve a health curl is wash and curl, wash and go hairstyle is the right choice for your natural hair and this can be done at home and as well as the salon. Wash and go is a method of styling your hair without the use of heat, it does enhance your natural hair. This hair game is easy to pull off with the right product and styling technique.


A lot of people with natural afro curl wants a soft and curly natural hair and this can only be gotten with the right hair care regimen, the key to getting natural soft curls is to keep a healthy hair care routine, condition your hair often and ensure to take care of the root of your hair as it plays a vital role in healthy soft curls as well. Forget the styling tools and leave the heat tools out too because enhancing your natural hair needs no longer be a daunting project, you can achieve curls with any of the methods above.

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