15 Simple Home Haircut Ideas You Can Try

home haircut ideas

If you just can’t find that professional hairdresser who gets your hair right or basically work from home and there is just no way to get you usual hair cut at the salon then you might consider having your hair cut done at home yourself, this can be a bit tacky, standing in front of the mirror with no idea what simple haircut you can get.

The reason most women cut their hair at home differs, it could be not finding who to leave the kids with or on a budget, whichever one it is you can simply get yourself a proper hair cut at home with the right tutorial and idea of the style you want.

You don’t have to book a stylist appointment every time you want a trim, cutting your hair can be really simple provided there is an idea of what you want which is why we have rounded up amazing haircuts styles you can get at the comfort of your home.

There are no strict rules on how to cut your hair, there are things that can go wrong if you are not a professional though which is why it’s advised to be calm and try out some of these simple haircuts we have listed below.

Simple Home Haircut Ideas You Can Try

If you love finding new ways to rock your hair regardless of length and texture, easy hairstyles that can be done at home are good ways to style them, from long hair to short hair, below are awesome haircuts for you.

1. Short Layered Cut For Low Maintainance Styling

Haircuts at home
Source: Pinterest

Layered haircut is very easy for you if you are not a professional at cutting your hair, a tutorial video can easily be found on how this can be done, you can always add side bangs to give this look a more unique appeal and it can also be styled any way you want, provided it’s not cut too low.

2. Full Baby Bang For An Exotic Stay At Home Look

haircuts ideas at home
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Here is a glamourous haircut you should definitely give a try, you might decide to go for this classic haircut however a professional cut would be needed, if you can get this yourself with ease, it is worth trying.

3. Short Baby Bangs For A Less Drama Look

Haircut idaes to get at home
Source: Pop Haircut

Short baby bangs is a suitable hairstyle if you want to keep it simple and classy while you attend to stuff around the house, this haircut needs simple trimming and can be done at home with ease if you already have short or medium hair length.

4. Messy Full Fringe Haircut For A Casual Look

Haircut ideas
Source: Hairstylemag

This is just a fitting hairstyle for a casual stay at home look, nothing too dramatic and a professional is not needed to help with this haircut provided the hair is short and you can get a video showing how it’s done.

5. Sharp Haircut With Center Parting To Pair With A Smokey Eye Makeup

Haircut ideas
Source: Pinterest

If you are planning an elaborate smokey eye makeup then this might just be the most suitable haircut to give yourself, easy to cut and the layers add a more unique appeal to it.

6. Cute Short Afro Haircut To Your Hair Stress Free

Haircut ideas
Source: Pinterest

Natural hair are fun as you can style them in so many different ways, they are even more amazing when it’s short and classy like the one above, this can be down with a scissor, doesnt’t have to be extremely low if you have long curls you want to keep.

7. Curl Out Hair Cut For A Chic Look

Haircut ideas
Source: Essence

You can totally rock a chic look with short hair, above is another easy hairstyle you can get at home, this is not as dramatic as it looks, you can have your hair trimmed into short afro and styled exactly like this.

8. Wavy Curly Hair Trim To Show Off Your Curls

Haircut ideas
Source: Naturally Curly

You can enjoy your curls with a few simple tricks, add some bangs to it and you are good to go, this haircut is fitting for all kinds of hair length.

9. Side Parted Haircut With Two Strand Twist To Give Your Hair Cut A Classic Appeal

Haircut ideas
Source: Sheila Ndinde

Another unique haircut you would love for your natural hair is this calm haircut, you do not need a professional before you can have your hair styled this way. All you need is a mirror and a tutorial video to ensure you get it right.

10. Sleek Side Swept Haircut For A Sassy Look

Haircut idea
Source: Wattpad

This is a look that is easy to maintain and style, this haircut is not just sassy and beautiful but very easy to cut at home yourself. YOu can add your own unique bang for a different look.

11. Shag Haircut To Give You A Cool Look

Haircut ideas
Source: Burberry

Another haircut for short hair is a shag haircut, you can keep your hair length and only a few trims will be required for this haircut.

12. Side Swept Bangs For Any Kind Of Look

Haircut ideas
Source: Pinterest

A side-swept bang can be paired with any form of makeup or outfit, this gives a unique look and quite look effortless as well.

13. Sleek Medium Haircut With Bangs For An Effortless Indoor Look

Medium hair hairstyle
Source: Pinterest

You can look adorable while you spend time indoor and above is the perfect haircut for that, only a few trims will be needed to acquire this and the bangs can be excluded while you get a calm neat layered haircut.

14. Bob Haircut That Balance Your Face Shape

Haircut Ideas
Source: Pop Haircut

Most bob haircut can be a bit elaborate but if you want something sleek and different then above is just the perfect bob haircut.

15. Middle Part Wispy Bangs To Give You A Cute Look

Haircut ideas
Source: Pinterest

You can achieve a fashionable look with this haircut and not much of your hair would have to be chopped off, this haircut above is perfect for long hair length a medium preferable if you want a change in look, you can also style it differently with a half up half down styling.

Getting a haircut at home can be a bit tiring especially if you are doing it for the first time hence we recommend checking out a couple of youtube video tutorials on how this could be done, haircut ideas above enable you to choose the style you want, whether you have thick or fine hair, these haircuts are simple and a couple of trims will get it done in no time.

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