26 Hairstyles For Bridesmaids That Are Incredibly Gorgeous

hairstyle ideas for bridesmaids

We know fixing a bride’s hair is just as hard as figuring out what hairstyle is perfect for your bridesmaids and every bride does want her bridesmaids to stand out, especially with her choice of hairstyles, you do not have to fret, there are many beautiful bridesmaids hairstyles for you to pick from, and we must admit selecting them were a little tacky as every hairstyle is found to be unique.

What type of wedding are you planning, beach, white or traditional? The kind of wedding it is will help you easily determine what kind of hairstyles you want your bridesmaids to have on.

Below are 26 of the best bridesmaid hairstyles for all kinds of hair, so your bridesmaids can step out looking classy and beautiful.

Hairstyles For Bridesmaids You’ll Really Like

1. Simple Tousled Wave With Flower Crown

Simple Tousled Wave With Flower Crown
Image: @hairbytamanaqudrat // Instagram

While you do not want a hairstyle that is too dramatic, you always do not want to look too plain as the bridesmaid. Here is the hairstyle that sure sets a balance between fancy and simple. This is really cool for any hair length and flowers tend to highlight the hairstyle further.

2. Down To The Side Bridal Hairstyle

bridesmaid hairstyles
Source: Wedding – Hairstyle Ideas

Your bridesmaids do need to look good which means nothing but the best hairstyle, an elegant down-to-the-side style like this brings out the beauty of any lady wearing it and is also very easy to style, your bridesmaids do not have to worry about getting it messed up before the wedding is over.

3. Bun Updo

bridesmaids hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

A bun updo can never go wrong for a wedding, it’s simple and neatly tucked in especially if your bridesmaids are a little picky with hairstyles, this can also be a nice hairstyle for a bride, all it needs a little side styling to make it look different and befitting.

4. Roll And Tuck Flat Twist

Bridesmaids hairstyles
Source: Ombre blond grey

The flat twist is a common hairstyle for brides and bridesmaids, neatly tuck in if you do not like hair getting in your face, some more glamour and hairpin can be added to it if it’s for a bride. This is also the perfect hairstyle for you if you are on natural hair.

5. French Updo

Source: Bridemaids

French updo can never go wrong at a wedding, bridesmaids have always been found to love this style and find it really suited for a mermaid gown and it requires less effort styling it.

6. African Curl Braid

bridesmaid hairstyle
Source: Zumi Kenya

Planning an African wedding? Then you definitely should have your bridesmaids go for this, really neat and befitting of a traditional wedding. It offers an effortless look that no one can refuse.

7. Dutch Braid Bun

Source: world outfits

A Dutch braid is pretty similar to a French up-do but with a more unique bun to alter the look, but that turns out even more splendid, your bridesmaids might find this hairstyle more elegant and simple.

8. Medium Length Vintage Styling

Bridesmaids hairstyles
Source: Hair Ideas

Your bridesmaids deserve to feel pretty even if they do have short hair, something chic and elegant just like this hairstyle above is all very short hair length needs.

9. Center Parting With Straight Curls

bridesmaid hairstyle
Source: You and Your Wedding

Just like a side parting can make all the difference in hairstyle so does a center parting, this hairstyle requires less fuss and would last for a while before you did have to retouch it again.

10. Bloom With Curls

bridesmaids hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Add a bloom to your bridesmaid’s hairstyle and that’s all the difference their hair needs to have, for longer hair, you can add some curls to it or simply add an extension to make it look just as elegant as the one shown in the picture.

11. Roll In CurlsBridesmaids hairstyles

Source Braidsmaids_HairstyesA tuck-in curls will ensure you are ready to help the bride when the need arises and your hand won’t have to keep straying to tuck in loose curls.

12. Side Fishtail Braid

Bridesmaids hairstyles
Source: Wallpapaers

Another elegant hairstyle bridesmaids can pull off with ease and it’s also perfect for embracing your natural hair texture with or without attachments.

13. Chunky Braid

Bridesmaids hairstyles
Source: Issarae

This will pair wonderfully well with a one-shoulder A-line gown, start a brig braid at the top of your head and let it fall slowly to one side, it’s simple and pretty comfy.

14. Blunt Bob

Bridesmaids hairstyles
Source: anhcotran

A blunt bob deserves all the attention at a wedding, can be simple and dramatic, and at the same time, is also a very good hairstyle idea if you want to be comfortable.

15. Center Parted Wavy Locks

Bridesmaids hairstyles
Source: makeuptadeoperza

Go dramatic with those wavy locks and bloom can be easily tucked at the side for a bride to make a difference, it’s a simple effortless look that is really perfect for either the bride or the bridesmaids.

16. Rosette Waterfall

Bridesmaids hairstyles
Source: theshampoolady_

Time to do something totally jaw-dropping and different from the usual hairstyles, let your stylists get to work by adding five distinct rosette ornaments with small gemmed clips to make this glamorous style.

17. Layered Braids

Bridesmaids hairstyles
Source: Skye

This hairstyle can be chosen either by the bride or bridesmaids, a really elegant style that doesn’t leave much to the imagination, offers comfort, and is also effortless.

18. Blown Out Locks

Bridesmaids hairstyles
Source: casamentodeluxoo_

This hairstyle requires very little effort, just have your curls blown out and styled simply.

19. Pierced Layers And Bob Cut

Bridesmaids hairstyles
Source: makupshayla

Add some old-fashioned glam to it, nothing dramatic but enough for you to look like the gorgeous bridesmaid that you are.

20. Cornrows And Finger waves

Bridesmaids hairstyles
Source: amandiasponsored

This hairstyle like this will ensure you do not have to deal with any unruly hair stand being in your face.

21. Sleek Side Bun

Bridesmaids hairstyles
Source: La+La+Anthony+Updos+Chignon

You would be stepping out with all the confidence of a beautiful bridesmaid with a hairstyle like that, one side is to look sleek and the rolled bun is to be done on the other side.

22. Pompadour

Bridesmaids hairstyles
Source: loving your hair

Another hairstyle that will have you turning heads, and you do not need any attachment to make this lovely hairstyle, your natural hair would do just fine.

23. Voluminous Ponytail

Bridesmaids hairstyles
Source: theoual_

This is quite trendy for guests and pretty suitable for bridesmaids as well. This natural hair look is one of the best hairstyle ideas for bridesmaids.

24. Wrapped Updo

Bridesmaids hairstyles
Source: Bridesmaid_hairstyles

Let your hair do all the talking as you simply wrap it in a neat updo at the side, you can do as much hair decoration as you want to give it a more dramatic look.

25. Off-Center Part

Bridesmaids hairstyles
Source: alatoreee

Get to look exquisite with a simple center parting, your hair should be sleek and soft enough to lie smoothly.

26. Simple Ponytail

Bridesmaid haairstyles
Source: marianna_hewitt

With a hairstyle like this, you can achieve the look that says not trying too hard but definitely beautiful, suitable for a bride too and also a really common hairstyle.

You can easily add your own design to any of the hairstyles above and make it more suitable, we do believe the true beauty of a wedding is not limited to how gorgeous the bride looks but how much the bridesmaids compliments the bride.

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