60 New Knotless Box Braids Ideas For 2024

Knotless box braids styles 2021

Ever wondered why knotless box braids trended all through 2023 into 2024 apart from the fact that they’re great for protective styling? Here’s why.

Knotless braids styles don’t put tension on your scalp with an ‘anchor knot.’ Instead, your stylist gradually weaves the braiding hair with your natural strands to create a seamless finish that won’t cause breakage or ruin your edges.

Natural, beautiful, and feminine, knotless box braids are the perfect way to show off your free spirit and creativity, these triangle braids are a good example.

Knotless box braids are everything you want in a hairstyle. Not only do they look effortlessly cool, but they are also versatile, flattering, and protective, doing less damage to your hair than traditional box braids.

Editor’s note: If you’re looking for a list of braids on white girls’ inspiration, we’ve had to pull the post as a result of many complaints on cultural appropriation and how braids are meant for black people only. We agree but as people of color ourselves, we believe everyone should be able to wear any hairstyles they wish to and this is not about white people wearing braids but black people who have been denied opportunities because of the nature of their hair or the hairstyle that they’re wearing. It all has to stop and with that in mind, we’ve included a few braid styles we think people looking for inspiration from white people wearing braids will like. All these images are for inspirational purposes ONLY. Let us respect each other’s culture and not take the slightest things for granted.

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1. Fairy Knotless Boho Braid

Fairy Knotless Boho Braid
image: @simplybraidsbyney // Instagram

There is no rule when it comes to braiding hairstyles, but when it comes to knotless, there are specific ways they need to be made to prevent breakage on your hair. So, this is one of the best types of knotless braids to go for, it can enhance your edges and we have to say, it’s really beautiful.

2. Jumbo Knotless Braid

Jumbo Knotless Braid
Image: @ombrebraidhairstyles // Instagram

Knotless braids are believed to look gorgeous only when they are small or medium but this jumbo box knotless braid proves that not to be true. This is a cool choice of hairstyle for anyone looking to update their look without spending too much time at the salon.

3. Knotless Box Braid With Highlight And Curls

Knotless Box Braid With Highlight And Curls
Image: Hair Adviser

Hair length is of great importance, especially during summer. Shoulder-length braids are the perfect option during summer.

4. Brown Square Knotless Braids

Brown Square Knotless Braid
Image: @knotlessbraids_by_thocco // Instagram

Brown happens to be the most popular color for knotless box braids and we can understand why. This is just the ideal protective hairstyle for many fragile hair types.

5. Custom Triangle Part Knotless Braid

Custom Traingle Part Knotless Braid
Image: @houstonbraids // Instagram

Knotless box braids sure have some subtle beauty about them that will have people stopping to stare at them. This is a really good choice of braid for someone who loves extension blends and will like to wear the braid for a very long time.

6. Cute Knotless Love Partner Braid

Cute Knotless Love Partern Braid
Image: Tuko

Your choice of knotless box braid does not have to be dramatic before it can look gorgeous, this is more simple and suitable for those with thin hair type.

7. Mini Knotless Braid

New Knotless Box Braids Ideas For 2021
Image: @knotlessbraids.ci // Instagram

A mini knotless braid is a much lighter and low-maintenance braid compared to box braids. This braid hairstyle might take longer to complete but it is worth it.

8. Gypsy Knotless Box Braid

Gypsy Knotless Box Braid
Image: @gabbebraid // Instagram

Colors do have a way of highlighting any hairstyle and knotless braids, it further beautifies it. This is called gypsy braid due to the curls and color, it’s a really cute hairstyle anyone can rock.

9. Square Parting Knotless Box Braid

Square Parting Knotless Box Braid
Image: Houstonbraidstyle/Natural Hair Products

Here is another simple but exquisite knotless braid hairstyle you will love to rock. The square part has been recently introduced, and we love it.

10. Short Trendy Knotless With Beads

Short Trendy Knotless With Beads
Image: Black Beauty Bombshells

Short hair with beads can be really fun and it shouldn’t take much time to have this plaited.

11. Medium Chic Mini Knotless

Medium Chic Mini Knotless
Image: Short Hair Styles

If you are making knotless box braid for time then here is the hairstyle we recommend for you. This is classy, won’t take long to make, and has the perfect length for any type of styling.

12. Knotless Braid With Brazillian Hair

Knotless Braid With Brazillian Hair
Image: @ecostinhahair // Instagram

This is another knotless box braid hairstyle that really up the game of braids. Brazilian hair is believed to last longer than other types of hair expressing, and it does give a cool soft look as well.

13. Purple Knotless Box Braids

Purple Knotless Box Braids
Image: StayGlam

Many of us love our braids being bright and colorful however some looks or outfits might require you to tone them down. Then you can go for purple knotless box braids, the color is just perfect for a vibrant and calm look.

14. Knotless Stitch Braids

Knotless Stitch Braids
Image: Natural Hair Products

Stitch braids are currently in trend so do not hesitate to have them paired with knotless box braids as done above.

15. Jungle Knotless Braids

Jungle knotless braid
Image: News24

Jungle box braids are also known as butterfly braids, and they have been around just as long as knotless braids. Having the two paired is another exciting way to rock braid.

16. Mid Back Knotless Box Braids

Image: Hair Adviser

A knotless braid does not have to be long or colorful to be gorgeous. Above is one really cute mid-knotless box braid every lady ought to try.

17. Small And Long Length Knotless Braids

Small And Long Length Knotless Braids
Image: timelessartsbycocoandco

While long braids might not be your best option during summer, it does make the perfect braid to go for during winter. This can be a great protective hairstyle for 4c hair type during harsh weather.

18. Knotless Box Braid With Pink Highlight

Knotless Box Braid With Pink Highlight
Image: Byrdie

Add some touch of pink as a highlight or work with pink-tinted hair, and you will get a gorgeous bright head of knotless box braids.

19. Olive Green Knotless Box Braid

Top Bun Designed Braid Hairstyle Box Braids
Source: haircuts and hairstyles

Time to try a color that is more natural, and calm, and can highlight one look as well. So, if you are not so into bright colors but want to make a statement with your knotless braids, this love green should work.

20. Large Knotless Braids

Large Knotless Braids
Image: @blubanhair // Instagram

A large knotless braid is the best to switch to if you don’t want to spend hours making your hair. This is quite cool and simple. It can be dropped or packed into a bun.

21. Knotless Braids With Loose Curls

Knotless braids with loose curls
Source: @zaineeys blog

A knotless braid with loose curls has recently been introduced into the braid world and people find it fun. This hairstyle takes less of your time and there are many ways it can be styled.

22. Half-step Box Braid

White girls braid
Source: African Inspired

Braids do not have to be plaited with all of your hair, something easy and fast like a half-step braid will do just fine. The texture of your hair might determine how long this might last though, would become rough fast if you have a hard hair texture. The reason why most avoid half-step braid is that it can get the part of the hair not plaited tangled especially if you have curly hair.

23. Cute Knotless Lob With Beads

Cute Knotless Lob With Beads
Image: @locsandlooksbeauty // Instagram

This is one cute braid that can change your knotless style game. The color of the extension is also perfect for any akin color.

24. Simple Knotless Braid With Triangle Pattern

Simple Medium Knotless Braid
Source: envydiabraids

The pattern used in the cutting of your knotless braid makes a lot of difference in how the braid turns out to be. In this case, it’s a triangle pattern, and we must say it’s really cute.

25. Simple Medium Knotless Braids

Simple Medium Knotless Braids
Source: Knotlessboxbraids

One of the fun and new ways to wear a knotless braid is with loose ends. This end stands out a lot.

26. Bun Knotless Cornrow

white girl braid
Image: @trenceriadelflow // Instagram

Bun braid can be a very interesting choice of style to make. it doesn’t take much time, and it is nice when plaited by a good stylist, different styles can be made of bun braids, Extensions might not be needed to make this look awesome though.

27. Scant Knotless Braids

Scant Knotless Braids
Image: @knotlessbraids // Instagram

Scant and simple can be lovely.

28. Long Knotless Braid With Curly End

Long Knotless Braid With Curly End
Image: @_braidedbynette // Instagram

Here is another simple way to wear your knotless braid. This is great if you like long braids but want to keep them from disturbing.

29. Tiny Blonde Knotless Braids

Tiny Blonde Knotless Braids
Source: Pinterest

Tiny knotless braids tend to take time but last longer. This is one knotless braid you will love while transitioning to natural hair.

30. Pink Medium Knotless Braids

Pink Medium Knotless Braids
Source: @trendyhairstyles

If you are into colors in your braid then here are the knotless braid hairstyles you should be trying. Pink is a fun color that makes any hairstyle stand out even more.

31.  Color Mixture Ombre Knotless Braids

Color Mixture Ombre Knotless Braids
Image: @colecreations // Instagram

A mixture of black, brown, and gold Knotless braids. If you are not a fan of using a single color you can try this color combination and feel like a real queen on it.

32. Big Box Braids With Curls

Big Box Braids with Curls
Image: Pinterest

Big box braids save time at the saloon, and the curly part adds another beauty to the box braid. If you don’t like wasting time at the saloon this hairstyle is a good choice to go for, you are killing time and at the same time looking all gorgeous.

33. Short Pink Bob Knotless Braids

Short Pink Bob Knotless Braids
Image: Lashkar

Short braids can be just as cute as long ones. Using pink extensions made this hairstyle stand out even more.

34. Triangle Cut Braids

Triangle Cut Braids
Image: @touched_bynay // Instagram

A well-detailed triangle cut gives the scalp another look and keeps your scalp looking all lively, you don’t need to think deeply before styling this style because the triangle cut is doing enough justice to the style.

35. Box Braids Styled Sideways

Box Braids Styled Sideways
Image: @braidsbytheboss // Instagram

Knotless braids look great no matter how thick your braids are, and they don’t feel as heavy on your scalp. Plus, these braids can be styled in various ways, from a half-up, and half-down look to sideways packing.

36. Half Up, Half Down Braids

Half Up, Half Down Braids
Image: @braidsbyebonyelliott // Instagram

Baby rocking knotless braids with beads, styled with two buns. For a fresh and cute styling option, try half-up, half-down knotless braids. The hairstyle gives you the best of both worlds.

37. Medium Knotless with Beads

Medium Knotless with Beads
Image: @braidsbyebonyelliott // Instagram

Color mixture box braids with beads, looking gorgeous.

38. Knotless Ombre Blend

Knotless ombré blend
Image: @bluehairguru // Instagram

An amazing color mixture, bun up with. Have your stylist add another hair color to give this look your personal touch.

39. Medium Box Braids With Curls

Medium Box Braids With Curls
Image: @slayedbyshalay // Instagram

Medium triangle braids with color mixture and curls, looking like the real goddess

40. Bob Goddess

Bob goddess
Image: @braidswithdee // Instagram

Having braids at a shorter length creates a beautiful ‘lob’ effect, flattering many different face shapes. Short braids also weigh less, meaning this is a very comfortable braided style.

41. Box Braids With Beads

Box Braids With Beads
Image: @euphoricstylez // Instagram

Beads are a beautiful and traditional way to accessorize your braids and take them to the next level. They allow you to put your personal touch on your braids and can be changed up to suit the occasion or to match your outfit.

42. Rainbow Braids For A Cutie

Rainbow braids for a cutie
Image: @thebraidingvault // Instagram

Colored knotless braids never go out of style, always classic, classy, and flattering.

43. Box Braids With Clean Part

Box Braids With Clean Part
Image: @ajchair_ // Instagram

Knotless box braids are always the perfect way to show off your free spirit and creativity.

44. Knotless Braid With Clean Part

Knotless Braid With Clean Part
Image: @jadeandjala // Instagram

Keep it breezy and beautiful with knotless braids. There are no rules when it comes to this hairstyle

45. Waist Knotless Braids With A Little Creative Styling

Medium Knotless With A Little Creative Styling
Image: @braid_vixen // Instagram

Waist-length braids are versatile, in that you can get creative with how you style them. While they look fantastic worn loose, you can also try a half-up, half-down style, add beads, rings, cowrie shells, or even ribbons to freshen up your braids day-to-day.

 46. Knotless Braid Color Mixture

Knotless Braid Color Mixture
Image: @braid_vixen // Instagram

Box braids with the color mixture as a form of creativity, give the knotless braids an attractive view.

47. Knotless Medium Braid With Beads

Knotless Medium Braid With Bead
Image: @nomzamo_m // Instagram

One fresh option is to stack clear beads at the end of your knotless box braids, ensuring the beads don’t clash with your earrings. You could also try gold beads for a luxe look, or colorful beads for a more vibrant and fun result.

48. Long Knotless Braid

Long Knotless Braid
Image: @nneunfiltered // Instagram

Long knotless braids have a cool ’90s vibe and have both a feminine and edgy look depending on how you style them.

49. Micro Mini Knotless Braid

MIcro Mini Knotless Braid
Image: @andismilez // Instagram

White micro mini Knotless braids look unique and beautiful.

49. Extra Long Knotless Braid

Extra Long Knotless Braid
Image: @albama_braider // Instagram

Large knotless box braids look great at any length, too. If yours are on the shorter side, you have fewer options in terms of styling. However, you can add accessories that make a statement, such as rings and beads. Position them to flatter your face shape and bring more attention to your best features, such as your lips and eyes.

50. Jaw-Dropping Knotless Braid

Jaw Dropping Knotless Braid
Image: Hair Adviser

Jaw-dropping knotless braids with curls in between, making it look outstanding from the regular knotless braids.

51. Color Blend Box Braids

Color Blend Box Braids
Image: @jadenovah // Instagram

Color blend for knotless braids looking exceptional,

52. Simple And Beautiful Knotless Braid

Simple And Beautiful Knotless Braid
Image: @berthabraids // Instagram

If rocking short knotless braids is what you like, you have fewer options in terms of styling. However, you can add accessories that make a statement, such as rings and beads. Position them to flatter your face shape and bring more attention to your best features, such as your lips and eyes.

53. Well Detailed Box Braids

Well Detailed Box Braids
Image: @beauty_bylau // Instagram

Knotless box braids are less painful than traditional box braids, they put less tension on your scalp.

54. Knotless Braids Vs Box Braids

Knotless Braids Vs Box Braids
Image: Black Beauty Bombshells

Neat and clean knotless and box braids.

55. Knotless Braided Ponytail

Knotless Braided Ponytail
Image: allthingshair.com

The simplest way to give your knotless braids a good and amazing look is to leave the ends loose.

56. Unrivaled Triangle Knotless Braids

Unrivaled Triangle Knotless Braids
Image: Novocom.Top

Triangle knotless braids with curls, look all lengthy and can still be packed to any style.

57. Box Braids Neatly Outlined

Box Braids Neatly Outlined
Image: Pulse

Box braids are neatly outlined with a blending color.

58. Ponytail Knotless Box Braids

Ponytail Knotless Box Braids
Image: Style rave

You can still show off your beautiful long braids while adding the extra flair of an updo or high ponytail.

59. Long Knotless Braids

Long Knotless Braids
Image: Pinterest

With long knotless braids and their great look, you can never go wrong with the knotless braid’s hairstyle.

60. Detailed Box Braids

Detailed Box Braids
Image: Pinterest

Large knotless box braids look great at any length, they can be packed into any style.

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