35 Passion Twist Hairstyles 2024 (Jumbo, Blonde, Long Ideas)

passion twist hairstyles

Are passion twist hairstyles a good protective style? Passion Twist is fast becoming the most sought-after protective hairstyle.

There are so many cute ways you can make passion twists, and you don’t have to make it simple and boring anymore unlike the plain old twisted hairstyle. If you are looking for ways to wear a two-strand twist on your natural hair then the passion twist is the answer to that.

Passion twists are also becoming the ideal hairstyle for summer and this is because you can easily have them tucked away and keep your hair safe from the hot weather. It’s also very easy to maintain, unlike braids.

A protective hairstyle is important for every black girl that wants to keep her hair healthy. Passion twists have been around for a very long time but now it seems to have gotten even more interesting.

35 Protective Passion Twist Hairstyles For 2024

The pandemic has forced us to get creative with our hair, and you will be amazed how many girls braid their hair themselves.

Passion twist is one of the hairstyles people loved during the stay-at-home period as you can have it twisted at home yourself. So, to get you inspired, we have rounded up the best passion twist hairstyles you need to try for 2024.

1. Mid-Length Passion Twist With Braiding Roots

Mid-Length Passion Twist
Image: @juliewiggercrochet // Instagram

The base or foundation of any protective hairstyle is very important. So, if you are worried you can experience breakage or your passion twist can loosen easily, the roots can be braided. This is a really cute hairstyle and due to the braided roots, it should last up to a month or two.

2. Maxi Blonde Grey Passion

Blonde passion twist
Image: goldynaps // Instagram

One interesting attribute that comes with a passion twist is the number of amazing colors available. This is just the color to go for if you are looking to balance blonde and gray, any skin color can rock this. The length also sets a balance between long and short length.

3. Duchess Braid Passion Twist

Duchess Braid Passion Twist
Image: @ghanaianhairstyles // Instagram

One of the perks of a passion twist is that you can include any kind of cornrow braid you want. Duchess braids have always been plaited alone either as all back or Ghana weaving but now here is a way you can have it styled with your passion twist. This is a really classy protective hairstyle worth trying.

4. Short Burgundy Passion Twist

ort Burgundy Passion Twist
Image: @passiontwistja // Instagram

Short passion twists are considered perfect especially if you are not so into long hair. This hairstyle is classy and fancy for all occasions. There are also lots of amazing ways it can be styled.

5. Bouncy Passion Twist

Bouncy Passion Twist
Image: @passiontwistja // Instagram

Might seem like all passion twists are bouncy but that is true especially if it’s a plain twist. However, that can be corrected with some curls at the tip. Adding curls at the end will not only make the twist bouncy but makes it light as well.

6. Medium Jumbo Twist

Medium Jumbo Twist
Image: @hairvarieties // Instagram

This is another simple passion twist hairstyle for those who are installing it for the first time. If you are also not a fan of long passion twists or too short ones either, this should help balance it.

7. Twist And Drop Passion Twist

Crochet Twist Hairstyle
Source: Elighty twist

The twist and drop passion twist is a lot loose compared to other types of passion twist hairstyles. This is on the list of classy hairstyles you can try.

8. Crochet Twist Hairstyle

Crochet Twist Hairstyle
Source: darling hair

You can choose to go for crochets if you can’t sit for long. Crochet twists are just as amazing and long-lasting as getting the passion twist extension to make them.

9. Passion Twist With Cornrow

Crochet Twist Hairstyle
Source: Latest Hairstyles

Adding cornrow is the ideal way to this hairstyle interesting and cool. You can add any type of cornrow you prefer to it.

10. Big Simple Crochet Twists

Big Simple Crochet Twists
Source: Essence

Passion twists are meant to be bold and gorgeous so there is no reason not to go for medium size passion twist. They do help set a balance between big and small passion twists.

11. Passion Twist With Subtle Blonde Highlights

Protective Passion Twist Hairstyles For 2021
Image: @africatwist // Instagram

Full bold passion twist can be more fun with any highlight of your choice. In this passion twist hairstyle above, the blonde highlight is not the only interesting thing about it but it is quite full but won’t take time if it’s crocheted.

12. Short Goddess Passion Twist

Short Jumbo Passion Twist
Image: @passiontwistja // Instagram

The short jumbo passion twist can be just as exciting as the long passion twist. This is a really called hairstyle and it doesn’t take long to plait it either. There are many ways this can be styled as well.

13. Ombre Blonde Passion Twist

Ombre Blonde Passion Twist
Source: blackhairtribe

It’s hard not to love how colors make passion twist look more exciting. This is perfect if you love blonde but want to keep it sharp.

14. Jumbo Passion Braid Twist

Jumbo Passion Braid Twist
Image: @passiontwistbraids // Instagram

Passion twist braids are a simple way to conceal the ends of your hair and edge too. This hairstyle is well-detailed and pretty stylish too.

15. Pre-Twisted Passion Twist

Pre-Twisted Passion Twist
Source: Protective Hairstyles

To achieve a top-notch look when it comes to passion twist, you need a hairstyle that stands out and this is the right one to go for. This hairstyle is protective of your natural hair and there are so many ways you can style it.

16. Knotless Passion Twist

Knotless Passion Twist
Source: Black Beauty

You will be amazed to know that you can have your passion twists made just like a knotless braid and unlike knotless braids, this is a much preferred protective hairstyle for natural hair.

17. Ombre Passion Twist

Crochet Passion Twist
Source: Novocom

Ombre extension is a favorite color for many ladies and this is due to how cool it can be. So, here is an ombre passion twist for you to try.

18. Twist Spring

Twist Spring
Image: @braidedhairstyle // Instagram

Twist spring is a really fun passion twist style. They do last long and help protect your edges from damage.

19. Wave Passion Twist

Wave Passion Twist
Source: Mistafyd

Wave passion twist helps you achieve a balance between passion twist and wavy hair type.

20. Elegant Passion Twist

Elegant Passion Twist
Image: @twistoutbraids // Instagram

Go for a more elegant hairstyle like this if you are looking for something that takes time to make but is sure to last a very long time.

21. Medium Passion Twist

Medium Passion Twist
Image: @t_maralewis // Instagram

Medium and simple will also do the trick just fine.

22. Shaved Side With Passion Twist

Shaved Side With Passion Twist
Image: @passiontwist // Instagram

Another style that might make you want to embrace a passion twist is this half-side shaved passion twist. This is quite a bold bit suitable if you already have a side of your hair shaved.

23. Passion Twist With Color Highlights

Passion Twist With Colour Highlights
Source: Un-ruly

You can go for a passion twist as tiny as this if you want to set some trends. it takes time to install but it’s worth every effort when you start to slay with it.

24. Crochet Twist Hairstyle

Passion Twist With Colour Highlights
Image: @passiontwisthairstyles // Instagram

Simple is perfect if you are not up for long and dramatic. This can be done at home with your natural hair.

25. Chunky Spring Passion Twist

Chunky Spring Twist
Image: @simplebraids // Instagram

Keep it simple but extremely long for a dramatic look.

26. Blonde Passion Twist

Blonde Passion Twist
Source: Novocom

It’s hard not to fall in love with a blonde extension after looking at this really fine blonde passion twist.

27. Box Braid Passion Twist

Box Braid Passion Twist
Source: Pinterest

If you can’t sit for long to install your passion twist then you can simply go for a crochet braid like this one above, and you get to style it in so many ways.

28. Black And Brown Passion Twist

Black And Brown Passion Twist
Image: @hairstyles // Instagram

Black and brown are two of the most used colors when it comes to braiding so having this two merged to give you a stunning passion twist hairstyle is worth trying.

29. Butterfly Twist

Butterfly Twist
Source: Hairtrend

Keep your edge protected with this choice of passion twist hairstyle.

30. Boho Passion Twist

Boho Passion Twist
Source: Haircut & Hairstyles

Keeping it extremely short and sassy is another passion twist hairstyle we are saying yes to. This hairstyle is ideal for any hair type.

31. Cute Medium Wave Passion Twist

Cute Medium Wave Passion Twist
Image: @passiontwists // Instagram

Passion twists can come in different sizes. While some girls are in for chunky braids, some will like to keep it medium, hence this stays in between giving you a classy but not too dramatic look.

32. Passion Twist With Feed-In Braid

Passion Twist With Feed-In Braid
Image: @braidsbyoge // Instagram

Here is another passion twist hairstyle you will enjoy rocking. You can go with any color of extension you find suitable. Feed-in braids are becoming one of the trending hairstyles and it’s more fun combined with a passion twist.

33. Short Bob Passion Twist

Passion Twist With Feed-In Braid
Source: Hairtrend

Keep it short and chunky for a more interesting and calm look. It’s a perfect way to get a long-lasting bob.

34. Ombre Water Wave Twist

Ombre Water Wave Twist
Image: @waterbraid // Instagram

This can also be called butterfly locks, and it’s a great passion twist hairstyle. Keeping it short is also a great way to maintain it for a very long time.

35. Long Color Highlight Passion Twist

Long Color Highlight Passion Twist
Image: @braidsgang // Instagram

Your passion twists do not have to be plain, you can put of touch of color to bring out its gorgeous look even more. This is perfect if you are using a black extension, you can highlight the tip with color or a strand of hair.


It’s hard not to love Passion Twist after looking at the hairstyles listed above. There are so many ways you can style passion twists which is why they tend to last for a very long time. It’s not just a cool hairstyle but also helps promote growth, and it allows you to maintain your hair texture because your natural hair is left untouched for a long period.

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