How to Twist Short Natural Hair

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How do I get a perfect twist out on short natural hair? Natural hair hairstyles are endless and one of the most protective hairstyles for natural hair is a twist, the perfect twist out is one tried and true hairdo for every naturalist and if you are getting the big chop to natural hair, a twist is considered a perfect hairdo to get. Hair twists are not only a great protective hairstyle but they are also funky and beautiful.

Twist on short natural hair is easier to keep up with and maintain, it requires less styling though if you want to keep it neat for a long while. Twist outs don’t always come out the way we want them though and this is due to common problems like frizz and lack of curl definition but just because these are common issues done;t mean it has to happen to you.

There are amazing ways to get a twist on natural hair and avoid getting your hair dry and brittle, read on to discover simple efforts and details that need to be out in place to get the best twist on short natural hair.

What Are Natural Hair Twists?

Twists are also popularly referred to as two-strand twists and this hairstyle is created by twisting two sections of hair around each other, these sections of hair may range from small to big. Your twisting may be skinny or puffy, depending on your preference.

How to Twist Short Natural Hair

Short hair can be fun with the right hairstyle and twist out is one true hairdo that will always be the top choice for many women with natural and relaxed hair texture, it can be really fancy and beautiful with the right guide and styling tips to help you maintain it. Check out our guide on how to achieve the perfect twist on short natural hair.

Short natural hair styling
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1. Section Your Hair

Sectioned hair is easier to work with, section your hair into quarters or layers to make your work faster and distribute products evenly, clip into tiny buns, leaving out only the section you are working on, this keeps the excess hair out of the way while you twist

2. Cleaning And Detangling Your Hair

The first step to creating the perfect twist is to clean and detangle properly, detangling makes your hair easy to style and comb through. To get your twist out to turn out cute and easy to style, you need to wash your hair as damp hair is easiest to work with, and detangling your mane before twisting creates smooth and shiny curls. Using a wide-tooth comb or your finger, take down the knots in the active section of the hair.

3. Moisturize

Twist outs thrive on moisture and natural hair stays healthier when moisture is locked in hence moisturize your sectioned hair using a leave-in condition and follow up with your favorite oil to keep your scalp hydrated and seal it all up with a hair curl holding creme.

short hairstyles for natural hair
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4. Creating The Hair Twist

Next, after proper cleaning and detangling is to create the twist you want, you have to decide if you want a big or small twist and grab a mini section of your hair, ensure it is knot-free, dab some curl creme or gel to the section, brush to detangle for perfect curl definition and twist, be sure to include your edges into your twist. There are various ways to achieve twist outs and here are some style options for you.

  • Single strand technique or finger coils: A single strand technique is great if you have more time as it is time-consuming and it requires lots of gel. To create a single strand technique, grasp a section of your hair at the root and gently twist in a single direction either inward or outward. Unravel coils by twisting in the opposite direction.
  • Two-strand twists: A two-strand twists allow you to learn the twist out method and gives you beautiful zigzag curls. Take a section of you hair and divide it into two strands, twist the hair strand tight around each other, and keep going until you reach the end of your hair section. To unravel, use your fingers to fluff out or separate your curly strands into thinner curly strands.
  • Flat twist: Make a flat twist if you want more curl definition, just as you would with 2 strand twist, twist these strands over and under. Keep the flat twist strand against your scalp and add more hair as you go. Start untwisting your flat twist from the bottom.

How long should you leave in a twist?

It takes time to creat twist on short natural hair and the effort and time might make you leave this twist in for too long however experts suggest keeping twist out for 2-6 weeks. Keep your twist out healthy, fresher, and longer by washing, conditioning, and deep conditioning.

Final Thoughts

Twist it can be time-consuming to create and even more so on short natural hair but this is easier to maintain and style while you grow out your hair. There are many variables that can determine the outcome of your twist out, some of this has been listed above and you can go ahead to create a curl and bouncy twist out using the techniques listed above. To maintain your twist out for a longer period on shorter hair,  you can retwist every night to maintain your hairstyle.

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