Is Natural Grease Good For Your Hair?

Is Natural Grease Good For Your Hair?

Hair grease has been part of hair regimen for a very long time but naturalist continues to question if natural hair grease really does seal in moisture which means there are ways natural hair grease needs to be used. Grease is usually a combination of petroleum (cleaner sludge from the earth) and mineral oil (cleaner liquified sludged from the earth) and there are concerns on how truly clean this two products are before they can be used on hair.

There are also claims that grease could clog your pores and might not be the healthiest choice for your hair especially if the two ingredients in it are heavy.

Excess use of grease is likely to cause build-up however the study did show it to be quite effective for sealing in moisture and keeping it there. There are different types of natural hair which means there are some curlies who found grease friendly to their hair, regardless you should pay attention to your hair health and find out what works best for your hair.

There are few great benefits that make natural hair grease worth trying out, no two head of curls are the same but if you are considering the use of hair grease to achieve a sleek natural hair, here are few tips you should keep in mind.

What’s in grease?

There are various types of grease but a true grease contains oil and/or other lubricants that are mixed with a thickener usually a soap to form a solid or semisolid product. One of the first ingredients in most hair grease is usually petroleum or mineral oil.

Is grease good for natural hair?

Hair grease does not moisturize your hair but it acts as a sealant for some hair types, the ingredients in grease which are mineral oil or petroleum are likely to cause barrier moisture, hair grease can be part of your hair care regimen if you are using it to help you prevent moisture loss but using it on its own will not moisturize your hair. If you are using natural hair grease, it is important to use water or a water-based leave-in conditioner first.

Does grease stop hair growth?

If you want moisturised hair then we recommend not using grease and if you want to grow your hair long, it is best not to make use of grease because it clogs your follicles and hair grease works against moisture. The combination of petroleum and lanolin are known to become enemies to black women who want healthy natural hair, it could, however, be used to seal in moisture and retain hair length but not to grow it. Grease contains petroleum which is not friendly to natural hair and could occlude hair follicles.

Can I use grease at all?

Is Natural Grease Good For Your Hair?

Grease is definitely going to offer your natural hair a nice shine and also a nice slip when it’s wet when styling, some naturalist claims it helps make some certain styling easy and gives their curls nice definition and hair grease can be an asset if used correctly if you are wondering if you can make use of grease for your natural hair, below are some of the suggested ways to use it.

  • Properly moisturize your hair before making use of any hair grease, a well moist hair is important before applying grease, weather you want to use just leave-in conditioner on damp hair or some variation of the loc method, all that matters is to moisturize.
  • Make it the last step in your moisturizing routine which means it can be used as a sealant to seal in moisture.
  • It is best to keep the grease away from your scalp and apply only to the hair shaft. Apply about an inch away from the root of your hair to avoid contact with your scalp.
  • It is tempting to dig in and scoop out a healthy amount to apply to your hair but it is recommended to use a little at a time on each section of hair
  • Always remember to wash it out with a shampoo and follow up with a good moisturizing conditioner or deep condition.

Wrapping it up

If you want moisturised hair, don’t use grease as grease works against moisture, it could be used to seal in moisture though but it is best to do some research and make your own decision. Grease not only keep moisture from getting out of your hair but it also stops it from coming in but it can be applied to wet hair, if grease is used properly, it can help retain length and that can eventually lead to growing your hair longer but if it’s not used properly, it can result in a dry brittle and broken hair.

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