How Long Does A Texturizer Last On Natural Hair?

How Long Does A Texturizer Last On Natural Hair?

How long does a texturizer last on natural hair? Texturizers have no specified period of time hence keep in mind that texturizers are permanent. If you no longer want to commit to a texturizer, you might have to cut the treated hair and wait for new hair to grow in.

Before trying out a product, it is normal to have worries and to ask questions about it. Some of the questions of people who use texturizer and those that are about to are;

  • Does the texturizer change the hair?
  • Does the texturizer make the hair unnatural forever?
  • How long should the texturizer stay on the hair to get the desired effect?
  • How long does the texturizer last on the hair?

A texturizer is a chemical process, it smoothes your hair without taking out the natural curls. The work of the texturizer is to loosen your natural curls to make them soft and easier to style.

The effects and longevity of the texturizer are quite different from that of the relaxer.

Does the texturizer change the hair?

No, the texturizer, unlike a relaxer doesn’t straighten the hair, although, made with chemicals too, the relaxer has more damaging effects than the texturizer.

Does the texturizer make the hair unnatural?

The texturizer isn’t natural and even though some products swear they’re natural, they’re made with chemical processes and that changes the pattern of the hair. However, the hair does grow back against some assumptions that have been made, the hair grows back even with texturizer in the hair. To fully go natural again, you either chop off the whole texturized hair and start again or let it grow and you trim the tip-off.

How long does the texturizer stay on the hair to get the desired effect?

The texturizer, unlike relaxer, is meant to stay in the hair for 5-10 minutes, anything beyond that, you may not get the desired result that you want. A relaxer stays about 15-30 minutes long in the hair, this isn’t so with the texturizer.

How long does the texturizer last long on the hair?

There is no specific time as to how long a texturizer stays in one’s hair. You can have a touch up of a texturizer if you notice your curls aren’t the way they used to be or the way you want them to be. It’s not like the relaxer that is recommended to have a retouch every 6-8 weeks.

How Long Does A Texturizer Last On Natural Hair?

How to care for a texturized hair

  • Before using a texturizer, you can carry out a patch test to see how your hair reacts to chemicals. You take a small part of your hair and you apply the texturizer, this will give you a clue on what it will look like and how it will feel when you apply the texturizer on the whole hair.
  • Use products that fit your hair after texturizing. Be sure to use a product that will help retain the moisture and maintain the shine.
  • Be sure to sleep with a silk scarf, this will help the curl to stay loose.
  • Don’t forget to wet your hair every day. Wetting the hair daily makes detangling easy.
  • Conditioning the hair regularly will help maintain the softness. You can also use your hands to separate it while washing to avoid tangling.
  • Stay away from heat styling. Flat iron, blow dryer, etc. Make sure you use a wide-tooth comb and not brushes.

Finally, Texturizing the hair becomes enjoyable when you have the right information and the right products. It is advisable to wash the texturizer with a neutralizer, this will wash out all the chemicals in your hair.

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