How to Do Natural Hair Bun At Home (21 Bun Style Ideas)

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A bun is one of the best protective hairstyles for natural hair, it is simple and it’s a low maintenance hairstyle with no manipulation on your hair strand and scalp. A hair bun is suitable for textured and natural hair however it is even more beneficial to natural hair and just what every naturalist needs to grow out their hair especially if you transition, you can also have it attached to your hair if it is not long enough for a bun.

How you do natural hair bun? Styling natural hair bun is quite easy and there are always new ways you can get them styled. A sleek bun can be perfect for any kind of occasion, work or play, follow our quick and simple guide on how to achieve any kind of a bun on natural hair.

Buns are simply lovely and you can also have them styled with braids and we are always finding new ways to give them life in naturally curly hair, the variety of styles you can make with buns are endless hence we have also compiled 21 amazing natural hair buns for some inspiration.

How To Do A Bun On Natural Hair

Buns work for every occasion and a natural bun is even more interesting however natural hair requires lots of TCL and bunning and if done incorrectly, it can result in breakage especially along the hairline and where the hair tie is placed to secure the hair but when done correctly, however, buns are a great style that can last for days and keep ends protected.

It does not matter if you do not have length, there are simple ways bun can be done with your natural hair.

If you intend to wear your bun for days then it’s important to keep your scalp clean and it is also best to keep your hair stretched, you will have more length to manipulate, which will also make the process a lot easier. Your hair should also be properly moisturized. Below are simple steps you must follow to create a sleek bun.

  • Get your hair and scalp cleaned and well detangled
  • Gather everything you will need which are bobby pins, hair ties, brush, hair gel or edge control
  • Smooth your hair back and create a ponytail at the appropriate location for your bun and also the shorter your hair, the easier it will be to have your hair stretched prior to styling.
  • Do not pull your hair on too tightly, ensure there is a space between the hair tie and your hair to prevent breakage.
  • Create your bun as appropriate and how you want your bun to look would help determine how the style and shape of your bun can be manipulated to create texture or volume.
  • You may use an additional hair tie and hairpin to secure your bun in place (Read: The best cheap natural hair accessories)
  • Cover your hair with a satin cap or bonnet and let sit for five to fifteen minutes, or more if you prefer.

21 Natural Hair Bun Styles For 2021

Buns are suitable for practically any occasion you could think of, from running errands to attending a formal event or wedding and there are basically lot’s of hair bun you can choose from, this is the high bun, low bun, medium-length bun, bun for short hair, bun with bangs, bun with weaves and extension. Here are 15 natural hair bun styles to inspire your next hairstyle.

1. Styling Gel Bun For Short Hair

Styling Gel Bun For Short Hair
Image: @piggyg // Instagram

When you think of getting a bun for your short natural hair, this is the first style that comes to mind. This is quite simple and won’t stress your hair strand. You can leave it messy or go for a sleek look, make use of eco styler gel.

2. Bun With Curly Ends

Bun With Curly Ends
Image: @bystassie // Instagram

The best way to show off your curls and the length of your hair is with the simple curl hairstyle above. This is considered very simple and classy.

3. Sleek Styling Gel Bun

Sleek Styling Gel Bun
Source: Braids and Styles

You can definitely get styling gel for your natural hair. It help create a sleek bun and also enable you style your bun to the side or create mohawk style with it.

4. Messy Bun

Messy Bun
Image: @istina.marria // Instagram

If you recently transformed your hair into curls then the perfect way to show them off with the bun hairstyle above. This is simple and happens to be a great protective hairstyle for ant hair type.

5. Braided Space Bun

 Braided Space Bun
Source: Ansomia

Braided bun is another interesting way you can style natural hair. You can also go for twist out to give your curls a more defined and classy look.

6. Top Knot Curly Bun

Top Knot Curly Bun
Image: @keepinitkurly // Instagram

Color is one thing you should not be afraid to put into your natural hair, it makes bun look simply stunning and fancy. There are lot’s of ways colour treated hair can be maintained.

7. Double High Bun

Natural hair bun
Source: Panda

A double bun can be really beautiful if you have long natural hair and it does not matter what kind of curls you have, this is one hairstyle you can go to when you need to keep your hair from getting in the way, it is perfect for all kinds of occasion. Short hair can also go for a double bun but there would have to be an attachment added to give it volume and length.

8. High Bun With Side Bangs

Natural hair bun
Source: Pinterest

High buns are even more gorgeous when a bang is added to it, you can decide what kind of bang you want after checking out some other bangs included in this post. Side bangs can go well with a high or low bun and it adds a unique appeal to your look. You can easily have this styled even on wet hair.

9. Medium Sleek Bun

Natural hair bun
Source: Crayon

A sleek bun is usually the best hairstyle for a naturalist who is just growing out her hair, you would need hair gel or hair control to make this sleek though but you are definitely going to love how formal and interesting it makes one look.

10. Messy Curly Hair Bun

Natural hair bun
Source: Ww47

A messy curly bun is another fascinating way you can enjoy a bun on your natural hair, this would enable you to show off your gorgeous curls, this hairstyle can be done easily after using the shower and minimal efforts is needed, you do not have to worry about it looking messy as that is exactly the aim.

11. Messy Low Bun

Natural hair bun
Source: Naturally Curly

Another messy hair bun you might find lovely enough to replicate is this hairstyle above, this is a low bun and a few bangs can be added for a more casual look. This hair bun style is one of the easiest ways to style your hair and no manipulation is done on your scalp.

12. Medium Low Bun With Braid

Natural hair bun
Source: Naturally Curly

Short hair can definitely rock and a bun and love it, a medium-low bun is just the perfect bun for most short hair, the braided bang length does not really matter, this does not require much and you can have it styled with different bangs every time.

13. Top Bun Twist

Natural hair bun
Source: Pinterest

Another way you can style a bun and keep tight bands away from your hair is through a top bun twist, this is a low maintenance hairstyle and your curls does not have to be manipulated to get this hairstyle, it is simple to make except you need help with the cornrow which would require the help of a stylist or a friend, you can have this done yourself at home.

14. Afro Bun

Natural hair bun
Source: Daily Sun

Afro bun keeps it simple and healthy for you, this is one of the best protective hairstyles you can go for on 4c natural hair, you can give your hair a break from braids and manipulative hairstyles with this simple bun hairstyle.

15. Sleek Bun With Baby Bangs

Naral hair bun
Source: Sheila Ndinda

Baby bangs pair well with ponytail and bun, above is just a great example of that. A sleek bun with baby bangs accentuates the face and you can wear this for practically any occasion, it is even more perfect for short natural hair.

16. Cornrow With High Bun

Naral hair bun
Source: Pinterest

Cornrow with a high bun is fitting for all kinds of hair length and also any face shape can rock this hairstyle it is just as easy as any hairstyle styling. You can always have your bun low or high with this hairstyle and edge control would be needed to make it sleek and not messy.

17. Messy Bun With Space Bangs

Naral hair bun
Source: Lesley

Messy bun definitely pairs well with space bangs and we love how it looks, this would surely go well with any kind of makeup and it is formal enough for any kind of occasion.

18. Curly Bun With Faux Bang

Naral hair bun
Source: Pinterest

Curly bun with a faux bang is another interesting way you can enjoy a bang and a bun, tis hairstyle is quite fitting for any hair length, it is simple and keeps you from going to the salon to get your hair done, it is one hairstyle you can have styled to suit your preference.

19. Curly Bun With Side Bang

Naral hair bun
Source: Skai Jackson

Here is another bun hairstyle we found lovely and interesting for a naturalist, it protects your curls and ends from split ends. Curly bun with side bang can be done by any hair length however short hair might need to add an extension to the tip.

20. Loose Bun

Naral hair bun
Source: Naturally Curly

Loose bun is just what your fragile natural hair needs, this is easy on your hair and scalp, nothing too tight to cause breakage to your hair. It is another protective styling most natural 4c hair needs to stay healthy and this is also a m=low maintenance hairstyle which means you can spend less and keep your hair healthy.

21. Cornrows In Two Buns

Naral hair bun
Source: Pinterest

Cornrow with 2 buns tends to last longer than any other for, of bun hairstyle, this helps keep your curls well tucked in and ensure the cornrows are not done too tightly to prevent breakage, you can have as much cornrow as you want but ensure the tip is left unplaited to give your bun a volume and make it easy to roll.

A natural hair bun is not just the perfect hairstyle for naturalists but it can also be the best go-to hairstyle if you are transitioning, this would keep your hair healthy and prevent constant manipulation on your scalp. You can always add a curly bang to your bun to give it an exquisite look and make it more fitting for an occasion. Bun hairstyles can be really quick, cute, and fun.

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Is wearing hair in a bun bad?

The simple answer is No. Wearing your hair in a braid or ponytail is ago to protective style for many naturalists. However wrapping the hair around in a bun that is too tight can be damaging to your hair edges, the bottom section of the hair, and hairline. Breakage can occur in these areas.

Does sleeping in a bun curl your hair?

Putting your hair up in a bun before sleeping will result in pretty wavy hair when you wake up in the morning. For curls, you can have it plaited in twist-outs before putting it up in a bun, and make sure to dampen your hair before putting it up.

Is it bad to wear a bun every day?

You should avoid styling your hair in a bun every day. Pulling your hair into a tight bun every day can cause strands to break from the tension. To avoid this, use a soft elastic band that won’t pull your edges.

Is it better to wear your hair up or down?

It is actually better to sleep with your hair up than down. You can have your hair styled into a loose ponytail, bun, or braid as this will enable you to experience less breakage.

How do you make a space bun look cute on natural hair?

To create a cute bun space on natural hair, you will want to wrap the length of your hair around the base of your ponytail. Hold it in place while you secure it with bobby pins. Repeat on the other side.

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