The Best Grease Products For Natural Hair (2024)

best hair grease products

Today we’re about hair grease and the best hair grease products for natural hair, this piece is fairly long so you might want to relax in other to be able to digest the wealth of knowledge contained in this article.

Being a naturalist doesn’t necessarily mean you need to experiment with all products designed for your natural hair but one vital product apart from a deep conditioner that can make your natural hair journey smooth is a product that tackles the dryness and coarseness in your hair.

Natural hair is more prone to dryness due to lack of moisture, in natural hair, the sebum has to work harder to get from our root to the ends of your hair due to all the curves along the strand.

It seems like hair grease is making a comeback in the natural hair community however it is important to use the best hair grease, it can be used in moderation to help as a sealant after you have thoroughly moisturized your scalp and strands.

Some naturalist does claim that grease helps their hair grow and makes it easier to style however this might not apply to everyone if you are using the wrong hair grease, the wrong hair grease would rather get your scalp dirty and clog it, below are some of the best hair grease products you can buy and also a bit of what you should know before using hair grease on your natural hair.

Is it okay to use hair grease on natural hair?

This is a highly controversial issue in the natural hair community as many claim natural hair does clog pores however the danger isn’t in using it on your hair but what it can do to your scalp if used in excess.

It is okay to use grease on your hair but it has to be used correctly and also go for hair grease that is specifically formulated for natural hair, hence, the reason we made this post.

Grease works wonderfully well if you have high porous hair, it is a great hair sealant. Natural hair with high porosity tends to struggle with maintaining moisture in their curls as it is highly notorious for giving up moisture just as quickly as it receives it but correct use of hair grease can effectively step up your moisture game.

Is greasy hair healthy?

Greasy hair might not be your favorite hair type in the world but it is not unhealthy, oil production on your scalp is natural and healthy, you might need to maintain a daily brushing though as this helps keep a healthy scalp, not brushing your hair daily lets the oil sits at the scalp area and clump it up making it appear greasy.

Adding grease to hair has always been something mothers do before styling their child’s hair but there seems to be a concern if it is still needed, if you have oily hair then it’s not necessary but dry hair needs it.

Sebum keeps your hair healthy and smooth, it keeps it from becoming dry and breaking however excess production of sebaceous glands can lead to oily skin and greasy hair.

Ingredients to avoid when looking for hair grease to buy

The danger does not lie in the use of hair grease itself but the ingredients it contained, most hair greases have been formulated with ingredients that can create a moisture barrier, it can clog the pores and basically suffocate the scalp which can lead to hair breakage and scalp damages.

Here are some of the hair-damaging ingredients in grease you should look out for and check out 10 Harmful Skincare Ingredients to Avoid.

  • Sulfates, prevents your hair from becoming healthy and having a defined curls
  • Formaldehyde
  • Paraben
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Alcohol
  • Dimethicone.

13 best hair grease products for natural hair to choose from

No natural hair journey is complete with some natural products, there is a slew of products your natural hair products need to get rid of ensuing dryness and breakage, it is time to stock on products that gives your hair some shine and bounce.

  • Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey- Best Overall
  • Cantu Shea Butter Hair Dressing Pomade- Best Budget
  • Blue Magic Originals Castor Oil- Best For Natural Hair
  • Dax Pressing Oil- Best Styling Grease
  • Scalp And Root Organic Pomade- Best For All Hair Types
  • Nature’s Blessings Hair Pomade- Best For Dry Hair
  • Africa’s Best Textures Moisturizing Butter Crème-Best Moisturizing Natural Hair Grease
  • Aspiiro Natural Organic Red Onion Hair Oil- Best Value
  • Softee Mango Butter Hair Dress- Best For Afro Hair
  • Pro-Line Original Hair Food- Best Lightweight Grease
  • Lockhart’s Hair Pomade- Stronghold
  • Tgin Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer For Natural Hair- Best Value
  • Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing Pomade- Runner Up

When using grease in your hair, it is vital to go for products that are healthy and below are 13 selected products for you to try.

1. Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey- Best Overall

Carol's Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey Shine Pomade For Dry Hair and Textured Hair, with Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter, Paraben Free Hair Pomade, 8 fl oz (Packaging May Vary)

Why we recommend it: For a daily product you can use with your kids, we recommend Carol’s daughter mimosa hair honey. This hair dress pomade has impressively hydrating properties, it contains citrus which provides your hair with shine and scent,  pomade moisturizes hair & scalp, smoothes edges, and controls frizz. It’s sure to become a part of your daily maintenance for beautiful, it is created for naturally curly and kinky hair and is also perfect for styling a short-cropped 4c curly hair to 1c waves. This product is exceptional and comes with a wonderful scent.

Carol’s daughter mimosa hair honey can be used on dry textured hair as well and this should be used just like every other hair grease and not to worry about it drying your hair out. It contains natural ingredients that soften and nourish your hair.

This hair pomade is specifically formulated for curly dry hair, it can be applied to damp or dry hair. All you need is to gently work into your hair and scalp or used it to lay your edges. It is packed with nourishing ingredients that prevent it from drying your hair out but ensure to have it washed properly from your hair.

2. Cantu Shea Butter Hair Dressing Pomade- Best Budget

Cantu Shea Butter Hair Dressing Pomade, 4 Ounce

Why we recommend it: This is the perfect product for adding texture and moisture to your hair, Cantu shea butter is highly recommended for thick coarse hair, this is mainly for dressing your hair and giving it a smooth and shiny texture. A little quantity of shea butter pomade is needed to work effectively well and knowing your hair textured type before using this product will work unique magic for your hair type.

This is regarded as very affordable and Cantu happens to be a common brand you can trust for its quality products. This hair pomade can be used on texturized, relaxed, colored, and permed hair which makes an essential hair pomade to invest in if you have color-damaged hair.

Cantu Shea Butter Hair Dressing Pomade prevents frizz for all hair types and it has been carefully formulated with ingredients that help you lay down your edges and embrace your curls. This is a must-have hair grease if you do twist your hair a lot.

3. Blue Magic Originals Castor Oil- Best For Natural Hair

Blue Magic Originals Castor Oil 12 Ounce Jar (354ml) (2 Pack)

Why we recommend it: Blue magic hair grease happens to be another really healthy hair pomade for natural hair. Its number one ingredient is original castor oil. It is made with 100% pure castor oil, shea butter, and aloe vera. A little of this can offer your hair the right amount of grease needed to make a twist out or other protective hairstyles. This is one awesome healthy hair grease you need for your dry and brittle hair, a little amount should be used to avoid oil build-up and scalp clogging.

Blue Magic Originals Castor Oil is specifically formulated to condition hair and scalp and as stated above, it contains ingredients that are lightweight and won’t cause product build-up on your hair. It may be a bit heavy for relaxed hair hence very little quantity should be used.

4. Dax Pressing Oil- Best Styling Grease

Dax Pressing Oil, 3.5 Ounce

Why we recommend it: If you are looking to increase your natural hair shine and keep it moisturized then Dax Pressing Oil is worth investing in. This hair grease is made with exotic coconut oil and natural castor oil which are both natural ingredients that help prevent dry and brittle hair. If used sparingly, it moisturizes your hair and gives you a medium hold that doesn’t pull at your hair strand.

This hair pomade is not just for giving your hair a firm hold but also can be used to prevent dryness and breakage on hair. One of the reasons it also stands out is the simple way it’s packed which allows you to use every drop of it without making a greasy mess.

Dax pressing oil for hair is an extraordinary blend of ingredients like coconut oil and castor oil designed to keep your hair beautiful, it straightens your natural hair superbly well, it is a clear product like regular vaseline but a healthier one, it manages kinky and curly hair.

5. Scalp And Root Organic Pomade- Best For All Hair Types

Organic Pomade - Hair Growth, Stops Itchy, Dry Scalp, Dandruff Relief, Contains Hemp Seed, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lavender Oil, Thick, Straight, Curly, Waves, Natural Grease, Women, Men, Kids, USDA, 8oz

Why we recommend it: This pomade is light and not heavy on the scalp like other hair greases for natural hair, it stops itchy and dry scalp, dandruff relief. This organic hair pomade helps with dry scalp, healthy hair growth, and scalp maintenance but just like every other hair pomade, little of this product is required to help your hair shine and maintain a healthy texture. This is also purely organic with no chemicals, no parabens, no petroleum, and no artificial coloring.

Your scalp and root need just as much treatment as your hair strand hence why this organic hair pomade is recommended.

Scalp And Root Organic Pomade are made with at least 95% percent of organic ingredients and it meets your natural hair requirement. The formula is quite light which means it won’t weigh your hair down and it shouldn’t have any effect on your sensitive scalp.

6. Nature’s Blessings Hair Pomade- Best For Dry Hair

Case of 6 Jars Nature's Blessings Hair Pomade 4 Oz Each

Why we recommend it: Nature’s Blessings hair pomade is great for restoring your hair texture, it is also great for dry and chapped skin, it is also perfect for a dry brittle, it soothes the ends and stops them from breakage, it contains a host of essential oils that promotes healthy hair growth, it is also perfect for restoring over-processed hair. This product can also be used on dry chapped lips and dry skin.

The smell of this hair pomade is simply wonderful and coupled with its ability to give your natural hair a vibrant bouncy look should be reasons to consider it. You only need a very small amount of this product and with the price it offers, it’s definitely worth buying.

The last ingredient in this hair grease is mineral oil and might make you want to reconsider but its’ actually hydrating and not drying. It can be used to hold your two-strand twist and prevent it from becoming itchy and it stimulates healthy growth as well.

7. Africa’s Best Textures Moisturizing Butter Crème-Best Moisturizing Natural Hair Grease

Africa's Best Textures Shea Butter Hair Curl Defining Crème, Reduces Frizzing, Seals and Repairs Hairs Split Ends, 15 Ounce Jar

Why we recommend it: If you are in search of hair grease with strong hold and hydrating properties then you should look towards Africa’s Best Textures Shea Butter Curls. It is a curl-defining cream that moisturizes your natural hair. Africa’s best texture is a moisturizing butter creme for all types of hair, it provides great moisture to your hair, reduces frizz makes your curls soft and defined.

This is an incredible product of hair grease and you can avoid dryness with it, it gives your natural hair long-lasting hydration, it seals butter in while on protective styling.

This hair curling grease works great for kids and adults. You can easily get rid of annoying frizz and get your natural hair styled with very little of this product.

8. Aspiiro Natural Organic Red Onion Hair Oil- Best Value

Aspiiro Natural Organic Red Onion Hair Oil for Hair Growth and Anti Hair Fall 6.7 Ounce | No Mineral Oil and Paraben

Why we recommend it: You don’t have to worry about sacrificing your hair’s health with the right grease. Natural hair is naturally dry hence you need a grease product that hydrates it. Aspiro Natural Organic Red Onion Hair Oil is a great oil for controlling hair fall. This powerful remedy help protects and nourishes your hair scalp in a gentle way that won’t dry out your hair or cause a knot to form.

Red onion is a great source of sulfur which is found within amino acids and provides lot’s of benefits to hair when added to hair and scalp, it reduces hair fall and rather promotes hair growth, this is not just a hair grease for natural hair but formulated to offer you hair other benefits like hair growth, treats color damaged hair provides you hair with mineral oil needed to grow strong.

Aspiiro Natural Organic Red Onion Oil is effective for both men and women and it is formulated with Red onion oil, castor oil, tea tree oil, and other essential ingredients for hair. The hair is completely free of sulfates, colors and other harmful hair ingredients hence it can be safely used by color-treated hair.

9. Softee Mango Butter Hair Dress- Best For Afro Hair

Softee Mango Butter Daily Hair Dress, 5 Ounce

Why we recommend it: Softee mango butter hair dress did get lots of reviews from a naturalist who finds it healthy for dressing hair and keeping protective hairstyle neat, it is ultra-rich hairdressing that seals in moisture and hydrates hair and scalp. It is enriched with real mango, shea butter, and coconut oil which are great for sealing its moisture, and little of this product is needed to style your hair. This is safe for daily use and the compact design also makes it easy to use which makes really easy and efficient to use.

Softee Mango butter hair dress is made with mango nut butter which easily conditions your hair and scalp. This grease is perfect for all hair types and it also helps minimize breakage which makes it a great essential product for natural hair.

10. Pro-Line Original Hair Food- Best Lightweight Grease

Pro-Line Original Hair Food, 4.5 Ounce

Why we recommend it: This is a really great hair food for natural hair and its’ pretty lightweight which is why we like it. This hair grease can be used sparingly and it helps strengthen and restore dry and damaged hair. Pro-line original hair food is another great hair grease you hair can rely on, it has been formulated specifically to help you help absorb oil but this should be used in moderation and you should make sure you are getting the original product.

This hair formula helps you get your natural hair sleek and bouncy without drying it out. However, it is important to use very little of this hair grease. This hair grease help strengthen dry and damaged hair and it also helps condition your hair.

11. Lockhart’s Hair Pomade- Stronghold

Lockhart's Hair Pomade Limited Edition Goon Grease, 4 Ounce by Lockhart's Authentic

Why we recommend it: Lockhart’s hair pomade is just the right hair grease you need to give your hair a high styling capacity, it comes with a sweet lemon scent and also a heavy hold to keep your hair intact through the day. This is just what you need to hold in protective styles like pompadours, jelly rolls, slick backs, and everything in between. This hair pomade does have a stronghold on any hair type hence it should be used in little quantity.

This hair pomade is a really unique hair product for all hair types and it gets the job done for any hair type. Less of this is needed for your hair to avoid the tug on your hair and this is also an extremely popular grease product.

12. Tgin Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer For Natural Hair- Best Value

tgin Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer For Natural Hair - Dry Hair - Curly Hair - 12 Oz

Why we recommend it: Tgin buttercream provides maximum hydration for natural, you can get to style your hair in amazing ways with this daily hair moisturizer, this everyday moisturizer has Vitamin E oil to encourage hair growth and stronger hair strand while also preventing hair loss, it does this by enabling better blood flow to the scalp. It is great for styling your hair and adding shine and softness to it. This moisturizing grease can be perfect for daily use without drying your hair out.

Tgin Butter Cream can be used as a daily hair moisturizer and is also perfect for laying your edges. If you do have a 4C hair type with high porosity then this is a grease moisturizer you should consider buying. This is a bit pricey compared to moisturizers but is definitely worth buying.

This hair grease is not just formulated for natural hair but it is paraben-free petrolatum and lanolin-free which makes it suitable for color-treated hair. It is quite rich and thick in consistency though so very little of it is needed.

13. Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing Pomade

Murray's Superior Hair Dressing Pomade

Why we recommend it: Murray’s superior hairdressing p[omade is one of the best hair pomades for giving you hair a smooth shiny style and it can be used for all hair types, it should be applied to dry hair with your fingers running from the bottom to the top of your hair and has earlier stated for other great hair products, it should be used in moderation. This pomade is perfect for styling your kid’s natural hair.

This is a hair pomade that is sure to do wonders for your natural hair. Murray’s Superior Hair Pomade has been around for a long while and is often recommended by experts for keeping hair well moisturized. It is a great alternative to edge control as well. However, it should be used sparingly.

How do I apply hair grease to my hair?

Do your best to keep the grease off your scalp and apply it just to your hair this would go a long way in keeping your hair healthy and here are a couple of ways you for apply grease to your hair.

  • Shampoo and condition your hair as you normally would before applying hair grease and ensure to have your hair rinsed thoroughly to remove any residue
  • Try to avoid terry cloths towel and avoid being rough with your hair when drying it as it can cause hair damage and breakage.
  • Apply a leave-in-conditioner or cream moisturizer over your hair
  • Separate your hair into smaller sections before applying grease
  • Scoop in a small amount of grease with your fingers and apply all over your hair, grease can weigh your hair down hence a small amount is required.
  • Follow up with your usual styling product and procedure
  • Remove the grease by using a clarifying shampoo.

How often should you grease your hair?

Dry hair requires moisture and greasing your hair might give it the moisture it needs providing you apply it the right way, this should be done to your hair and not your scalp.

The number of times you should oil your hair depends solely on the type of skin and hair you have if you have dry skin, it demands more oiling and that could be done 2-3 times in a week while the oily scalp is fine with oiling once a week.

Is Grease good for black hair?

The simple answer is no. Grease is known to harm or stunt black hair growth however it’s not going to harm your hair if you know how to use it. A lot of people use to grease the hair with the hope that it will moisturize it but it is likely to do the opposite.

Why is African American hair so dry?

Black hair is often dry due to its tight curl pattern which hinders natural oil from easily seeping down the hair shaft. If your hair seems drier than usual then it might be lacking in moisture and you can work to get moisture in by giving your hair some extra love.

How can I soften my coarse hair naturally?

The solution to dry coarse hair is moisturizing. You need moisture to keep your hair hydrated and understanding your hair type is also important to help you determine the best black hair products that work for it. Also, wash and deep condition your hair weekly.

Does greasing hair help it grow?

No, greasing hair won’t help it grow and too much will only clog your scalp pores thereby inhibiting new hair growth.

How often should you grease your hair?

Greasing your hair frequently should be avoided. 2 or 3 times per week should do just fine. Using as sparingly as possible gives your hair follicles enough time to absorb the oil before putting in another one.

Do grease and water grow your hair?

Yes! the two combinations can help stimulate hair growth. Using grease with water prevents clogging pores and deeply moisturizes your scalp and it’s best to choose light grease formula.

Can you grease your natural hair while it’s wet?

Yes, grease is best applied to your natural hair when it’s wet and not when it’s dry. If your hair is wet, it helps condition and hydrates your hair before applying grease which can create a barrier when used on dry hair.

Can I use Vaseline as hair grease?

Vaseline can be used to style but it has no moisturizing effect and too much of it can make your hair greasy. Applying Vaseline on your scalp as grease can also clog your hair pores.

Is greasing natural hair scalp good?

Yes, greasing natural hair scalp can help seal in moisture and protect your scalp from becoming dry. However it can only be used to seal in moisture, it will not moisturize your hair on its own.

How often should I oil my natural hair scalp?

The matter of how often you should oil your natural hair scalp depends on your hair type and some factors. If you do have an oily scalp, you may need to oil it only once a week but for dry scalp, you may need to oil your scalp every couple of days.

Grease might be highly sensitive to some scalp but it is vital to know that the danger in using grease doesn’t so much lie in using it but some grease hair products are formulated with ingredients mineral oil and petrolatum which causes build up in your natural hair and creates a moisture barrier hence your hair needs to be properly moisturized before applying any form of hair grease.

Hair grease isn’t necessarily for hair growth, mostly formulated to keep your natural hair shiny and make it easy to style.

Do you use grease in your hair care regimen? How do you use and what difference have you seen in your hair? We would love to see your reply in the comment box below.

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