26 Hairstyles For Curled Hair That Are Really Beautiful

beautiful hairstyles for curled hair

When it comes to curly hair, it’s important to embrace your natural hair texture especially if it’s naturally curly, you can find easy to make hairstyles that keep the frizz minimal, your natural hair can become more interesting with different hairstyles ranging from wavy, curly and kinky, whichever way you want it, curly hair.

Curly hair has become part of the normal trend and if you prefer it curly to straightened, we have the perfect hairstyle for you.

Straightened hairstyles are not such a bad idea but we find our celebrities swinging towards curly hair these days and we must say we love the fascinating looks they are recreating.

Don’t be afraid to go big with your curls and simplicity can be fun too, we have compiled 26 hairstyles to add some fun to your curls and spice up your look even more.

26 Cute Hairstyles For Curled Hair We Really Like

No reason to keep your curled hair under wrap, get inspired and go bold with your look, these hairstyles are definite;y worth trying.

1. Wavy Curly Hair To Give You An Elaborate Party Look

curled hairstyle
Source: Zendaya

Zendaya is one celebrity we can’t help but admire the way she keeps all her hair A-game on point, it is obvious that she loves her natural curls and makes sure to make the best of that frizz. You should definitely try taming that natural hair too and when it’s all this long and wavy, you can create this perfect hairstyle.

2. Half Up And Half Down Curls To Keep Your Curls Happy

Curled hair
Source: Jackson On Hair

Your natural hair will stay happy and well maintained if you adopt simple and beautiful hairstyles like this, nothing too dramatic here, you just need to style it moderately and an updo makes the length stay healthy without split ends.

3. Big Updo To Give You A Bold Face

Curled Hair
Source: Pinterest

Maintaining your natural hair would require protective hairstyle to prevent frizz and take care of the curls which in turn will retain your hair length.

4. High Bun With Blunt Bangs For Keeping It Low Key

curled hairstyle
Source: black hairstyles

Keep it sleek and top-notch with a simple curly hairstyle, it’s less dramatic and you can style it easily at the comfort of your home.

5. High Half Ponytail For A Classic Celebrity Look

curled hairstyle
Source: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopex surely knows how to keep it simple and classic with her hair and we must say we love what she has done with those curls.

6. Wet And Style Curls For A Simple Look

Curled hairstyle
Source: Unique natural hair

Another less drama hairstyle to add to your list of to-do hairstyles before the month ends.

7. Wrap Around Braid On Curled Natural Hair To Suit A Smokey Makeup

Curled hairstyle
Source: Pinterest

This is a pretty favourite hairstyle for African’s with naturally curly hair, you would definitely need an appointment with your stylist to recreate this look for you and also hair doesn’t really matter when making this hairstyle, just ensure your curls are neatly tucked it.

8. Tuck In Ponytail For A Casual Day Outdoor

Curled Hairstyle
Source: Naturally Curly

We are in love with this elegant hairstyle, you can rock any outfit with a curly hairstyle like that.

9. Messy Curls With Spike Bangs For A Flirty Look

Curled hairstyle
Source: Curly-hairstyles

Messy curls are quite in trend this days and the look that comes with this hairstyle is jaw-dropping and worth the big chop.

10. Side Bangs For A Breezy Day Outdoor

Curled Hairstyle
Source: Haircuts and Hairstyles

Another similar curly hairstyle that screams simple but adorable.

11. Parted Curly Hairstyle For A Fashionable Look

Source: Blake Lively

Blake Lively is another celebrity with an interesting taste in hairstyles, she always makes sure those curls are happy and beautiful.

12. Low Up Do With Simple Curls For A Classic Smile

Source: Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie should get an award for her beautiful hairstyle, we really find this trendy and gorgeous.

13. Kinky Curls For A Small Guest Party

Source: Jordin Sparks

Make those move towards those kinky hairstyle with Jordin Sparks hairstyle idea in mind, it’s less dramatic and requires low maintenance.

14. Just Out Of The Shower Curls

curly hairstyle
Source: Shakira

Keep it on a low just Like Shakira has done, just a quick toss with less drama.

15. Kinky 4a Curls To Keep Those Frizz At Bay

Curly hairstyle
Source: Hair Highlight

Give your curls a highlight, add some color to it and go bold with the styling, the hairstyle above is just the perfect hairstyle for your 4a natural hair.

16. Deep Parted Hairstyle For Your Curled Hair

Curled hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Go for this effortless look on days you can’t take the time for a makeup.

17. All Back Curly Hairstyle To Show Off Show Your Smile

Curled hair hairstyle
Source: Glamour.com

All back curly hairstyle is also referred to as sleek curly hairstyle and honestly, the look is sleek and worth a smile.

18. Add Some Bangs To Your Curls For Makeup-Free Face

Curled hair hairstyle
Source: The Independent

Add some bangs to it and you are good to attend a wedding, elaborate or casual you did still look fabulous.

19. Casual Fringe To Rock That Shimmery Makeup

Curled hairstyle
Source: Hazel Atoya

Simple hairstyles are not just trending and more comfortable but its maintenance is low and just like this hairstyle above, you do not need much to get it done.

20. Coiled Bangs For A Unique Look

Curled hairstyle
Source: Hd Hairstyles

Give your curls a break and just keep it on a low key with this easy to make hairstyle.

21. Spike Fringe For Some Outdoor Game

Curled hairstyle
Source: flawless hairstyle

Keep it simple with this hairstyle, you hairstylist only needs to style the fringe and maybe a trim or two to perch up the bangs.

22. Half Up Half Down For A Cool Calm Look

Curled hairstyle
Source: Rose Bertram

Another look curly hair ladies are rooting for, nothing too dramatic and you can practically go anywhere with an elegant hairstyle like this.

23. Double Bun With Side Bangs For A Street Style

Curled hairstyle
Source: Chimeedwards

Give your street outfits some upgrade with a classic curly hairstyle and you would be glad you did.

24. Type 4b Coily Hair With Emo Bangs

Curled hairstyle
Source: Tashmrod

Some bangs are just too desirable to ignore especially on curly hair, which makes it look more stunning with less effort.

25. Side Cornrow For A Quick Run To The Grocery Store

Curled hairstyle
Source: alliesilva

If you are planning to quickly run down to the grocery store and need to keep those curls under wrap then this is just the hairstyle you need, just a quick braid at the side to give you a half-shaved look.

26. Bun Updo With Side Bang To Look Super Adorable

Curled hairstyle
Source: Rosibel.hair

Curly-haired lady, here is just the perfect hairstyle you need to show off those curls and look adorable, it’s a look we find to always be in trend and low maintenance, which means you spend less and look effortless, you can easily add any kinds of bangs to the bun.

It doesn’t matter if you have permed or relaxed hair, you can easily get any of the above looks by taking a break from chemicals or heat styling but not to go excess with the heat tools to avoid breakages and also curls are easier to get with natural hair.

The transition from relaxed to natural can give you curls as well but that is usually a tough decision to make.

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